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TV Review: Supernatural S8E1 “We Need To Talk About Kevin”

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on October 4, 2012

Review of Supernatural Season 8 Episode 1 “We Need To Talk About Kevin”

Air date: Wednesday, October 3, 2012

*jumps up and down* It’s finally back! It’s finally back! Sam and Dean are finally back! *cough* I mean, Supernatural season 8 episode 1 aired on tv…

Season 8 starts one year after last seasons finale. We see a bring light in a forest in Maine, and Dean shows up covered in blood and dirt scaring the shit out of a camping couple.

Four days later, Dean hitchhikes his way to Louisiana and ends up in a field. He counts off steps and starts digging (with classic rock playing in the background of course). He digs up a bunch of bones, then pulls back his sleeve. His arm is glowing orange and something is moving under his skin. Dean slices his arm open and orange goop oozes out onto the bones. The bones disappear, and a vampire is suddenly standing behind Dean. But rather than killing him, Dean embraces him.

Sam is in Texas with what appears to be his place, with a girlfriend and a dog. Sam accidentally hit the dog with his car and brought it to a vets office. The dog is going to be fine, and the vet talks Sam into taking the dog home (by being a bitch, I must admit). Which explains the dog, but not the girl…

Sam walks out of his place in the middle of the night in Dean’s old car and drives to their old cabin in Montana. Where he runs into Dean. [I’d like to know what made Sam drive from Texas to Montana. Anyways…]

We see flashbacks of Dean in purgatory chasing some guy who’s dressed in 1800’s clothing. Turns out he’s also a vampire. Dean asks him where’s the angel, but the vampire doesn’t know. Dean quickly kills him, but gets attacked by another vampire. Someone comes up behind Dean killing the vampire that attacked him. This mysterious man tells Dean that he knows a way for humans to get out of purgatory, but he won’t show Dean the door until he agrees to “hop a ride out” through Dean.

Dean explains that he’s been in purgatory for a year, but won’t tell Sam how he got out. He says Castiel didn’t make it; that something happened to him down there. But Dean won’t confirm that he’s dead.

During their heart-to-heart, Sam drops a bomb explaining that he doesn’t hunt anymore. Sam was left completely, utterly alone: their dad is dead, Bobby is dead, Jess is dead, Sam thought Dean was dead…

Dean yells at Sam for getting out of the family business, but Sam yells back, “The business that killed everyone I cared about?” Dean then asks Sam if he even bothered looking for him. At first Dean thought he had, but Sam’s silence gives him away. You can definitely feel the tension between the Winchester brothers (again!).

Annoyed with Sam, Dean starts checking the voicemails on their old cell phones and finds multiple messages from Kevin Tran asking for help. Dean says that Kevin was their responsibility, and Sam instantly feels guilty for leaving Kevin on his own. Sam separates the sound levels and finds out Kevin is at a bus station in Michigan.

Dean and Sam show up in Michigan to interview Kevin’s girlfriend, but she admits to not having seen Kevin in over a year. When they leave, Kevin’s girlfriend turns into her demon self and tells Crowly that Dean Winchester is back.

Crowly kidnapped Kevin and was keeping him in an abandoned warehouse. Crowly gave him another tablet to decode. It mentioned everything about demons, and how to open and close hellgates. Crowly’s men brought Kevin all the ingredients, but Kevin double crossed them and did a spell to kill Crowley’s men.

Sam did some digging and found out Kevin is in Iowa. They go to an abandoned church where someone said they saw Kevin hiding out. Dean wants to take Kevin to the tablet and have him close the hellgate, but Sam isn’t sure because he doesn’t think Kevin will make it through the process alive.

Kevin says he’ll help them close the hellgate when all of a sudden the church starts to shake. Two demons show up, and Sam and Dean quickly kill them. Crowly shows up with Kevin’s girlfriend and says that if Kevin shows him where the tablet is than he’ll let his girlfriend go.

Kevin goes to get his stuff, but sets a trap to hurt Crowly and his girlfriend. The demon leaves his girlfriends body, and Crowly snaps her neck in front of Kevin.

While at a truck stop, Dean says he’s going to the bathroom but calls his vampire friend instead. Dean tells him that they can’t talk for a while, but to call in case of an emergency.

What happened to Castiel in pergatory? I’m not buying that he’s really gone, everyone was too evasive. Who is this chick that Sam was hooked up with, and why did he leave her and randomly go to Montana? Who is this this mysterious vampire that used Dean to get out of purgatory? What happens when Sam finds out that Dean is friendly with a vampire?

Next episode please? I have not yet had my fill of Sam and Dean!

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