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That bitch, Sandy

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on November 4, 2012

Not sure if you guys heard of this bitch Sandy, but she single handedly ruined by week.

First I want to thank everyone for their concerns and warm wishes that were being emailed and tweeted to me. It meant so much to me!  All in all, we were extremely lucky. We have friends that had trees fall on their house or cars, fires in their yard from down wires, and someone who lost their house : (

We lost power on Monday, which we knew would happen with 70 MPH winds. At first it was fine because we still had gas on the stove and hot water. I kept going out to the car to charge my phone, only to find out there was no cell or 4G reception.

Tuesday we still had no power, and had to start going through all of the food that would be going bad in the fridge. We hard boiled all the eggs, ate cereal, and had cold cuts.

Guess what? On Wednesday we still had no power. Time to go through the freezer. We cooked what we could, but had to throw everything else out. Although we did get cell and spotty 4G service back. The storm had passed, so we went outside to asses the damage to our house. Luckily there was nothing seriously wrong, just leaves and debris everywhere.

Thursday, sigh, still no power. It hadn’t been that bad up until this point, except for the fact that it started getting really cold (down into the 40’s at night).

Friday there was still no power, and that was the final straw. We went and stayed with my parents who did have power. I was finally able to warm up, catch up on all the TV shows I’ve missed all week, charge my laptop, access the internet, and eat cooked food (no more fast food places that had power).

Come Saturday afternoon, POWER! Our neighbor let us know that we had power back and we raced home to find our house warm and bright : )

The only thing that is still an issue for us is finding gas. Hubs got gas the other night at 1am and had to wait an hour and 15 minutes to fill up. My car is low, so we’re down to one car which will definitely be a problem trying to get us to work tomorrow.

Things are still pretty bad, and I hope that everything will get back to normal soon.  Send all your happy thoughts to the people in New York and New Jersey that need it!


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