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Movie Review – Resident Evil: Retribution

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on October 6, 2012

Movie Review of Resident Evil: Retribution

Review by The Crimson Cougar

I have a great deal of fun playing video games. I have a great deal of fun watching movies. I REALLY have a great deal of fun watching horror/thriller movies.

The ‘Resident Evil’ franchise by all means should be an absolute party for me to witness going by my standards. It’s a horror/action franchise based on a very successful video game. Their most recent effort, titled ‘Retribution’ picks up right where the last movie left off, with the villain Wesker mid-attempt on Alice’s (Milla Jovavich) life. She then wakes up, only to have Wesker help her escape the Umbrella headquarters? Um…

Right, something I will try and do is not give a negative review for a movie, because out there somebody thinks differently than you. So, with that I will point out what I found appealing about this movie. Early in the film, moments of shock value return to the series for the first time in a while, I actually jolted out of the chair a couple times.

Fans of the video game series will be pleased to see most characters from the games appear in this game like Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong. The infamous line from the very first Resident Evil game “Barry…where’s Barry?” can be answered – He’s HERE! In this movie!!! Action junkies should have a decent enough ride of a popcorn flick to carry you through the runtime.

If you felt the last film in the series was good, but just want to see it done a bit differently and don’t need to question what’s being placed in front of your eyes, you have an action movie that returns to its horror DNA for some good thrills. Just don’t expect any sort of closure.

I’d certainly say wait for a rental, unless you feel obligated to see it in 3D.


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