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TV Review: Dexter S7E1 “Are You…?”

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on October 2, 2012

Review of Dexter S7E1 “Are You…?”

Air date: Sunday, September 30, 2012

After last years season finale I absolutely could not wait for this years season. Then the theme song came on and I got all giddy and excited! And I must admit that this first episode was already better than all of last season.

This season starts literally the second where last season ended: with Deb holding a gun on Dexter asking, “What the fuck is going on?”

Dexter is shocked that Deb is there, and tries to come up with a lie to cover himself. He tells her that he was doing one last forensic sweep when Trevor attacked him. Deb isn’t exactly buying it, and wants to know how Trevor got wrapped in saran wrap and put on the alter. Dexter, still lying through his ass, says that he snapped from all the pent up rage he’s been feeling after Rita’s death.

Deb takes out her phone to call the station, but Dexter stops her. He suggests getting rid of the body, and Deb can’t believe what she’s hearing. Dexter tries getting through to her again and says they can make it look like he committed suicide, then burn the church to the ground getting rid of all evidence. Dexter feels like he must protect Deb and will do anything he can to make sure neither of them are implicated in this.

Deb goes to the gas station, and they burn the church to the ground. Before leaving, Dexter accidentally drops the blood slide with Trevor’s blood on it.

Dexter and Deb are together when they get a call about the church Trevor is at being burned down. When everyone clears out of the church, LaGuerta finds the blood slide and makes sure it gets logged into evidence.

Dexter goes home and finds his babysitter, Jamie, and her boyfriend, Louis, in his apartment. Dexter threatens Louis after finding out he was using his computer. He checks his AC unit to make sure his bloodslides are still there and realizes he left Trevor’s at the church.

When Jamie and Louis get back to their place, Louis keeps going on and on about how big of a dick Dexter is. Jamie wants to know why she’s so fixed on Dexter, and what his deal his (little does she know he knows who Dexter truly is). She actually says, “The more I get to know you, the weirder you get.”¬† Um… big red flag, anyone? We then see Louis wipe out all of Dexter’s credit card numbers and cancels his accounts.

Deb gets a call from Mike wondering why Trevor’s car wasn’t in the area parked around the church. We can visibly see Deb struggling what to tell him. She still can’t accept what she saw.

On his way home, Mike stops on the side of the road to help a guy with a flat tire. Except when he opens the trunk to get a tire iron he finds a dead body. The driver shoots Mike and takes off in his police car, leaving Mike dead on the side of the road.

The next morning Deb shows up at Dexter’s apartment and can’t understand how Dexter was perfectly prepared to kill Travis. How did he have plastic wrap? Where did the knives come from? Where were his work clothes? Why he said, “I know what I’m doing” when he suggested getting rid of the body? Deb doesn’t feel right about keeping the murder quiet.

Deb receives a call that Mike was shot and is ready to walk out the door, but realizes Dexter isn’t following her. She asks him what he’s doing, and he says he still has to put his bag and stuff together. Deb, frustrated as all get out, takes off without him. Dexter breaks a hole in the wall in his bedroom and pulls out a bag. It’s a getaway bag with cellphones, cash, passports.

Dexter shows up to the crime scene and explains what he believes happened to the body found in the trunk. When he looks up, Deb is staring at him like she doesn’t believe him; Dexter is afraid she’ll never believe him again.

When Deb gets back to the office, she walks into the Evidence department and requests files from the Ice Truck Killer case. She looks through the photos of the crime scene and finds saran wrap on a table, just like in Travis’ murder. Deb had a flash back of when she was strapped down to the Ice Truck Killers table the same way Dexter strapped down Travis. She can’t help but think what Dexter had to do with it.

Dexter runs a print found at the crime scene and found it belonged to Viktor Baskov. Dexter goes to Viktor’s apartment and finds blood and gunshot residue on the clothes in his hamper. Dexter looks at Viktor’s computer and sees a recent purchase of a one way ticket out of the country.

Dexter goes to the airport after Viktor and stabs him with his trusty needle when he enters the bathroom. Dexter finds an empty room and straps Viktor to a table with luggage straps rather than his typical saran wrap. Dexter also crushes his head with a fire extinguisher instead of stabbing him with a knife to kill him. He then goes out on his boat and dumps the body.

I must interject here and ask, “Aren’t there security cameras at airports?” How is Dexter not caught doing this?! Anyways…

Deb calls Dexter’s place, but Jamie answers the phone saying that Dexter is at work. Deb just left the office and knows that Dexter isn’t working. Jamie admits that Dexter works late all the time. Deb knows that this is also a lie, and her mind wanders to what Dexter is doing at night.

LaGuerta talks to Masuka asking if blood slides are taken at crime scenes. Masuka admits the only person that ever did was Doakes. She steals the blood slide from the evidence box taking it with her when she leaves.

Dexter goes back to his apartment after dumping Viktor’s body and finds Deb sitting in his living room… with his blood slides, gun, and knives in front of her. Total holy shit moment! Deb asks if Dexter killed all these people, and he said yes.

How is Deb going to cope with finding out Dexter is a serial killer? Will she turn him in and get him the best lawyer in town? Will Louis admit to Dexter he knows his true identity? What will LaGuerta do now that she thinks Doakes is back?

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