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TV Review: Supernatural S8E1 “We Need To Talk About Kevin”

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on October 4, 2012

Review of Supernatural Season 8 Episode 1 “We Need To Talk About Kevin”

Air date: Wednesday, October 3, 2012

*jumps up and down* It’s finally back! It’s finally back! Sam and Dean are finally back! *cough* I mean, Supernatural season 8 episode 1 aired on tv…

Season 8 starts one year after last seasons finale. We see a bring light in a forest in Maine, and Dean shows up covered in blood and dirt scaring the shit out of a camping couple.

Four days later, Dean hitchhikes his way to Louisiana and ends up in a field. He counts off steps and starts digging (with classic rock playing in the background of course). He digs up a bunch of bones, then pulls back his sleeve. His arm is glowing orange and something is moving under his skin. Dean slices his arm open and orange goop oozes out onto the bones. The bones disappear, and a vampire is suddenly standing behind Dean. But rather than killing him, Dean embraces him.

Sam is in Texas with what appears to be his place, with a girlfriend and a dog. Sam accidentally hit the dog with his car and brought it to a vets office. The dog is going to be fine, and the vet talks Sam into taking the dog home (by being a bitch, I must admit). Which explains the dog, but not the girl…

Sam walks out of his place in the middle of the night in Dean’s old car and drives to their old cabin in Montana. Where he runs into Dean. [I’d like to know what made Sam drive from Texas to Montana. Anyways…]

We see flashbacks of Dean in purgatory chasing some guy who’s dressed in 1800’s clothing. Turns out he’s also a vampire. Dean asks him where’s the angel, but the vampire doesn’t know. Dean quickly kills him, but gets attacked by another vampire. Someone comes up behind Dean killing the vampire that attacked him. This mysterious man tells Dean that he knows a way for humans to get out of purgatory, but he won’t show Dean the door until he agrees to “hop a ride out” through Dean.

Dean explains that he’s been in purgatory for a year, but won’t tell Sam how he got out. He says Castiel didn’t make it; that something happened to him down there. But Dean won’t confirm that he’s dead.

During their heart-to-heart, Sam drops a bomb explaining that he doesn’t hunt anymore. Sam was left completely, utterly alone: their dad is dead, Bobby is dead, Jess is dead, Sam thought Dean was dead…

Dean yells at Sam for getting out of the family business, but Sam yells back, “The business that killed everyone I cared about?” Dean then asks Sam if he even bothered looking for him. At first Dean thought he had, but Sam’s silence gives him away. You can definitely feel the tension between the Winchester brothers (again!).

Annoyed with Sam, Dean starts checking the voicemails on their old cell phones and finds multiple messages from Kevin Tran asking for help. Dean says that Kevin was their responsibility, and Sam instantly feels guilty for leaving Kevin on his own. Sam separates the sound levels and finds out Kevin is at a bus station in Michigan.

Dean and Sam show up in Michigan to interview Kevin’s girlfriend, but she admits to not having seen Kevin in over a year. When they leave, Kevin’s girlfriend turns into her demon self and tells Crowly that Dean Winchester is back.

Crowly kidnapped Kevin and was keeping him in an abandoned warehouse. Crowly gave him another tablet to decode. It mentioned everything about demons, and how to open and close hellgates. Crowly’s men brought Kevin all the ingredients, but Kevin double crossed them and did a spell to kill Crowley’s men.

Sam did some digging and found out Kevin is in Iowa. They go to an abandoned church where someone said they saw Kevin hiding out. Dean wants to take Kevin to the tablet and have him close the hellgate, but Sam isn’t sure because he doesn’t think Kevin will make it through the process alive.

Kevin says he’ll help them close the hellgate when all of a sudden the church starts to shake. Two demons show up, and Sam and Dean quickly kill them. Crowly shows up with Kevin’s girlfriend and says that if Kevin shows him where the tablet is than he’ll let his girlfriend go.

Kevin goes to get his stuff, but sets a trap to hurt Crowly and his girlfriend. The demon leaves his girlfriends body, and Crowly snaps her neck in front of Kevin.

While at a truck stop, Dean says he’s going to the bathroom but calls his vampire friend instead. Dean tells him that they can’t talk for a while, but to call in case of an emergency.

What happened to Castiel in pergatory? I’m not buying that he’s really gone, everyone was too evasive. Who is this chick that Sam was hooked up with, and why did he leave her and randomly go to Montana? Who is this this mysterious vampire that used Dean to get out of purgatory? What happens when Sam finds out that Dean is friendly with a vampire?

Next episode please? I have not yet had my fill of Sam and Dean!

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TV Review: Dexter S7E1 “Are You…?”

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on October 2, 2012

Review of Dexter S7E1 “Are You…?”

Air date: Sunday, September 30, 2012

After last years season finale I absolutely could not wait for this years season. Then the theme song came on and I got all giddy and excited! And I must admit that this first episode was already better than all of last season.

This season starts literally the second where last season ended: with Deb holding a gun on Dexter asking, “What the fuck is going on?”

Dexter is shocked that Deb is there, and tries to come up with a lie to cover himself. He tells her that he was doing one last forensic sweep when Trevor attacked him. Deb isn’t exactly buying it, and wants to know how Trevor got wrapped in saran wrap and put on the alter. Dexter, still lying through his ass, says that he snapped from all the pent up rage he’s been feeling after Rita’s death.

Deb takes out her phone to call the station, but Dexter stops her. He suggests getting rid of the body, and Deb can’t believe what she’s hearing. Dexter tries getting through to her again and says they can make it look like he committed suicide, then burn the church to the ground getting rid of all evidence. Dexter feels like he must protect Deb and will do anything he can to make sure neither of them are implicated in this.

Deb goes to the gas station, and they burn the church to the ground. Before leaving, Dexter accidentally drops the blood slide with Trevor’s blood on it.

Dexter and Deb are together when they get a call about the church Trevor is at being burned down. When everyone clears out of the church, LaGuerta finds the blood slide and makes sure it gets logged into evidence.

Dexter goes home and finds his babysitter, Jamie, and her boyfriend, Louis, in his apartment. Dexter threatens Louis after finding out he was using his computer. He checks his AC unit to make sure his bloodslides are still there and realizes he left Trevor’s at the church.

When Jamie and Louis get back to their place, Louis keeps going on and on about how big of a dick Dexter is. Jamie wants to know why she’s so fixed on Dexter, and what his deal his (little does she know he knows who Dexter truly is). She actually says, “The more I get to know you, the weirder you get.”  Um… big red flag, anyone? We then see Louis wipe out all of Dexter’s credit card numbers and cancels his accounts.

Deb gets a call from Mike wondering why Trevor’s car wasn’t in the area parked around the church. We can visibly see Deb struggling what to tell him. She still can’t accept what she saw.

On his way home, Mike stops on the side of the road to help a guy with a flat tire. Except when he opens the trunk to get a tire iron he finds a dead body. The driver shoots Mike and takes off in his police car, leaving Mike dead on the side of the road.

The next morning Deb shows up at Dexter’s apartment and can’t understand how Dexter was perfectly prepared to kill Travis. How did he have plastic wrap? Where did the knives come from? Where were his work clothes? Why he said, “I know what I’m doing” when he suggested getting rid of the body? Deb doesn’t feel right about keeping the murder quiet.

Deb receives a call that Mike was shot and is ready to walk out the door, but realizes Dexter isn’t following her. She asks him what he’s doing, and he says he still has to put his bag and stuff together. Deb, frustrated as all get out, takes off without him. Dexter breaks a hole in the wall in his bedroom and pulls out a bag. It’s a getaway bag with cellphones, cash, passports.

Dexter shows up to the crime scene and explains what he believes happened to the body found in the trunk. When he looks up, Deb is staring at him like she doesn’t believe him; Dexter is afraid she’ll never believe him again.

When Deb gets back to the office, she walks into the Evidence department and requests files from the Ice Truck Killer case. She looks through the photos of the crime scene and finds saran wrap on a table, just like in Travis’ murder. Deb had a flash back of when she was strapped down to the Ice Truck Killers table the same way Dexter strapped down Travis. She can’t help but think what Dexter had to do with it.

Dexter runs a print found at the crime scene and found it belonged to Viktor Baskov. Dexter goes to Viktor’s apartment and finds blood and gunshot residue on the clothes in his hamper. Dexter looks at Viktor’s computer and sees a recent purchase of a one way ticket out of the country.

Dexter goes to the airport after Viktor and stabs him with his trusty needle when he enters the bathroom. Dexter finds an empty room and straps Viktor to a table with luggage straps rather than his typical saran wrap. Dexter also crushes his head with a fire extinguisher instead of stabbing him with a knife to kill him. He then goes out on his boat and dumps the body.

I must interject here and ask, “Aren’t there security cameras at airports?” How is Dexter not caught doing this?! Anyways…

Deb calls Dexter’s place, but Jamie answers the phone saying that Dexter is at work. Deb just left the office and knows that Dexter isn’t working. Jamie admits that Dexter works late all the time. Deb knows that this is also a lie, and her mind wanders to what Dexter is doing at night.

LaGuerta talks to Masuka asking if blood slides are taken at crime scenes. Masuka admits the only person that ever did was Doakes. She steals the blood slide from the evidence box taking it with her when she leaves.

Dexter goes back to his apartment after dumping Viktor’s body and finds Deb sitting in his living room… with his blood slides, gun, and knives in front of her. Total holy shit moment! Deb asks if Dexter killed all these people, and he said yes.

How is Deb going to cope with finding out Dexter is a serial killer? Will she turn him in and get him the best lawyer in town? Will Louis admit to Dexter he knows his true identity? What will LaGuerta do now that she thinks Doakes is back?

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TV Review: Once Upon a Time S2E1 “Broken”

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on October 1, 2012

Once Upon a Time Review: Season 2 Episode 1 “Broken”

Air date: Sunday, September 20, 2012

I was so thoroughly surprised with the first season of Once Upon a Time and could not wait for season two to start.

I was a little confused when the episode started, because we’re following a guy walking through New York City. A white bird shows up at his apartment window with a post card from Storybrooke that has nothing but “Broken” written on it. We can assume that this is referring to the curse, but who sent it?

Next we see two people in the fairy tale world, Philip and Mulan, racing on horseback to a sleeping woman. He kisses her on the lips and she suddenly wakes up. He calls her Aurora, and we learn that she is Sleeping Beauty. Philip tells Aurora that their kingdom is destroyed and must be rebuilt. Suddenly a wraith come out of the ground in front of Philip and Aurora and drops a chain with a talisman on it.

In Storybrooke, the mysterious purple cloud finally lifts, and everyone gets their memory back. They all know that the curse is broken. Snow White says that she has to find her daughter, and tells Emma, “You found us [her parents].” There is then a really cute scene between Henry and Charming where he calls him “Grandpa.”

Emma mentions that she’s dreamed of meeting her parents her entire life, but out of all the scenarios she imaged this was never it. Henry tells Emma that she saved everyone, but that doesn’t explain why everyone is still in Storybrooke. The Blue Fairy admits that magic is now in Storybrooke, but it’s changed. Everyone in town is heading for Regina’s house to kill her because they think she broke the curse; when in fact it was Mr Gold.

Everyone shows up at Regina’s house claiming she took everything from them. Regina tries to attack them by using her magic, but soon realizes that she’s powerless. Charming asks why if the spell was broken they are still in Storybrooke. Regina tells him that there’s nothing to go back to. Snow says that Regina must be locked up for the towns safety as well as her own. Emma takes pleasure in locking up Regina in a jail cell at the station.

Belle and Mr Gold are now back together. Belle explains that Regina abducted her and has been keeping her locked up for the last twenty years. Gold is furious that Belle has been in Storybrooke all along. Belle sees the anger in his eyes and makes him promise not to get revenge on Regina so they can be together.

Belle walks with Gold back to his shop and says he is going to get her something to wear. When he goes in the back of his shop, he pulls out a gold trinket box. Inside is the same chain and talisman as the one the wraith dropped in the fairy tale world.

Gold visits Regina in jail, and confronts her about keeping Belle prisoner. When Regina tries to respond, Gold grabs her arm and presses the talisman into her hand. He says that her fate is now worse than death.

Mulan tells Aurora and Philip that wraiths suck souls from their victims and damn them for eternity. Suddenly the talisman imprint appears on Philip’s hand in the exact spot Mr Gold pressed it to Regina’s.

Mulan, Philip and Aurora make camp away from the palace and hide in the woods. Philip does not tell Aurora about the talisman imprint appearing on his hand. He tells her that he’s going to make a fire and he’ll be back in five minutes. Philip jumps on a horse and takes off leaving Aurora and Mulan behind.

Gold takes his Rumpelstiltskin knife, raises it in the air, and says, “The dark one summons thee.” He brings the knife down onto the talisman and Regina feels her hand burning. A wraith appears in front of Gold and takes off towards Regina.

Snow wants to talk to Emma about being her mother because Snow thinks that Emma isn’t happy about finding her parents. For Emma’s entire life she’s felt alone knowing her parents sent her away. Emma still feels anger towards them, even though she knows the reasoning why.

Emma, Snow and Charming walk into Mr Gold’s shop when Emma accuses him of double crossing her. Gold asks Emma if Henry survived, if the curse was broken, and if she found her parents. Gold feels he deserves a thank you from Emma. She asks him what the purple smoke was, but he won’t tell.

The ground suddenly shakes and all the lights dim. When they ask what that was, Gold says that it’s a gift that will take care of Regina. Belle overhears this comment and becomes angry with Gold for lying to her about getting revenge on Regina.

Mulan and Aurora hear a loud animal noise then look around to make sure Philip is alright. It’s then they realize Philip is gone. Mulan tells Aurora that he was marked, and that she has to find him before he gets hurt. Aurora accuses Mulan of loving Philip, but she denies it.

Aurora and Mulan meet up with Philip and he admits to being marked. He tells them to go away because there is no need for all of them to die. Mulan offers to take the talisman and mark herself so Philip can live, but he won’t let her. The wraith takes Philip’s soul and he collapses to the ground.

The wraith in Storybrooke soon finds its way to Regina’s jail cell and begins to steal her soul. Charming hits the wraith with a chair, and Snow attacks it with fire causing the wraith to take off. Regina admits that the wraith won’t stop or go away until the marked persons soul is gone. Regina breaks out the Mad Hatters Hat to send the wraith somewhere where it can’t hurt anyone; the fairy tale world they believe to be destroyed.

Regina tries to activate the hat the next time the wraith comes by, but nothing happens. Charming tries to distract the wraith, but even with more time the hat doesn’t work. Emma grabs Regina’s arm and suddenly the magical portal opens. The wraith falls into the portal, knocking Emma through with it. Snow forbids to leave her daughter again, and jumps in after her. Charming tries to follow, but the portal closes before he can get in.

Charming rushes Regina and asks where Snow and Emma disappeared to. Regina pushes him against the wall and holds him there with tree branches; her magic seems to be returning. Regina tells Charming that she should have killed him when she had the chance. Henry runs in seeing Regina in action and asks her what she’s doing.

Henry takes a step back, realizing that she really is that evil queen. He yells at her that he never wants to see her again. Regina says that she loves him, and Henry asks her to prove it by getting Emma back.

Not wanting to stay with Regina, Henry leaves with Grandpa Charming. They go to Snow and Emma’s apartment, and Charming makes a promise to Henry that he will find them.

Mulan tells Aurora everything that happened while she was asleep. She explains how Regina cursed the land and ripped everyone away to another world. However, the part of the land they lived on was untouched and no one knows why. They hear a noise close by, and find Snow and Emma under a pile of rubble. Mulan thinks that they are the ones that brought the wraith.

A hell of a lot happened in this one episode, and there’s still twenty-one more to go! I can’t wait to see what happens between Mulan and Emma; they seem fairly matched and could definitely give each other a run for their money. Also, Snow White is now back home in fairy tale land. What does that mean for her? And also Emma being her heir? Will Regina try and get revenge on Gold for branding her for the wraith? How does Gold still have so much magic at his disposal? Where does this leave Henry now that Emma is gone? What will Aurora do now that Philip is asleep?

So many questions and I NEED answers!

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Fall TV Shows

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on September 30, 2012

It’s Fall TV season!

I’m not a big TV person, but there are certain shows that I absolutely love. I cannot wait for The Vampire Diaries and The Walking Dead to return!

There are also new shows every season that I usually try out and see how they are. So far this year I’m enjoying Revolution and can’t wait to see where it goes.

Here is a list of shows that I will be watching, and most likely be blogging about this season. Let me know which are also on your list!

> Once Upon a Time
> The Walking Dead
> Dexter
> 666 Park Avenue
> Revolution
> Arrow
> Supernatural
> The Vampire Diaries
> Beauty and the Beast
> Grimm

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Once Upon a Time -vs- Grimm

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on September 6, 2012

Once Upon a Time -vs- Grimm

I am proud to say that I am a huge fan of both of these shows. Both shows are based on Grimm fairy tales, however they both have a very different take on them.

Grimm reminds me of a paranormal Law & Order. The main character Nick Burkhardt (played by David Diuntoli) is a police detective usually solving ‘unusual’ crimes. Each episode is a different case dealing with different creatures. There is a running story line of Nick trying to come to turns with just learning that he is a Grimm and is supposed to be killing these creatures.

Only a few months ago, Nick found out from his dying aunt that he was in fact a Grimm. He had no idea what that meant, or what went along with it. Nick visited his aunt’s trailer, which was left to him, and found all kinds of texts and scrolls explaining the role of a Grimm. There were also pretty crazy weapons and potions too.

Nick has to hide the fact that he is a Grimm from his detective partner, Hank Griffin (played by Russell Hornsby). This is extremely hard when they come across a case where the criminal is from the creature world and realizes what Nick is.

Juliette (played by Bitsie Tulloch), Nick’s girlfriend, also does not know that he is a Grimm. He’ll come home from ‘work’ sometimes with scratches all over him and has to lie about how he got them.

Nick becomes friends with Monroe (played by Silas Weir Mitchell), who Nick is supposed to kill. Monroe is a blutbad, which is pretty much a wolf shifter. Nick doesn’t kill Monroe, and it’s the first time there is a mutual friendship with a Grimm and a member of the creature world.

While Grimm is more story based, Once Upon a Time is character driven. Emma Swan (played by Jennifer Morrison) gets an unexpected visit from her son that she gave up for adoption ten years earlier. She drives him back to his home in a small town in Maine, called Storybrooke.

Emma’s son Henry (played by Jared Gilmore) wants to live with Emma. He doesn’t like his stepmother Regina (played by Lana Parrilla), and sneaks out to spend time with Emma. After some time, Emma sees Regina’s true colors and doesn’t like her either. Emma decides she wants custody of Henry.

While Emma is in Storybrooke, strange things start to happen. Emma is the only one that has ever ventured into Storybrooke, and is the only one that can leave. The clock tower which hasn’t worked in years starts ticking. People begin acting strange, and some even disappear for extended periods of time.

Once Upon a Time is lighter and more upbeat than Grimm. I prefer the darker more mysterious side of Grimm; it’s just more my taste. However, the story to Once Upon a Time is different from anything I’ve ever seen.

All of the characters, except for Henry, are also Grimm storybook characters. Emma is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. Regina is the Evil Queen from Snow White, and is often seen with red apples. The way the characters act in Storybrooke relate directly to how we see them act in the fairy tale world.

Comparing the cast of both shows, I would have to say that I prefer the cast of Once Upon a Time. The actors seem much more genuine, and not as stiff. I love to hate Lana Parrilla (Regina) and Robert Carlyle (Mr Gold). They just play the parts of evil characters so perfectly.

The touch chick attitude from Jennifer Morrison (Emma) is played perfectly and really makes you root for her. Jared Gillmore (Henry) also plays a great part for an actor his age (12).

Unfortunately, I think that my most favorite characters from Once Upon a Time are definitely underutilized: Eion Bailey (August W Booth) and Meghan Ory (Ruby). Eion’s character is so mysterious and seductive that you want more of him on screen. And Meghan Ory is such a fabulous Red Riding Hood that I always enjoy when she’s in an episode.

The actors on Grimm do not have as much of a personality. I actually prefer the supporting cast to some of the main characters. Sgt. Wu (played by Reggie Lee) is a uniformed officer with a great scence of humor. I really enjoyed Nick’s aunt in the first few episodes, but then she was killed off! They could have kept her around a lot longer, and I don’t think it really would have messed with the story line.

I will admit that Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) is my absolute character from both shows. He is so quirky and loveable I just want to give him a big hug : P I also loved him while he was on Prison Break, so I might be a bit biased.

In my opinion, both of these of great in their own way, and I will definitely be watching both this season!

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TV Review: The Vampire Diaries S3E22 Season Finale – The Departed

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on May 11, 2012

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Finale Episode 22: The Departed

Original air date: May 10, 2012

Elena wakes up and puts on her cheerleader outfit (placating the guy audience) and walks downstairs for breakfast. Her parents and aunt are there cooking in her kitchen.

I understand why they did all the flashbacks in this episode, but it was a little strange sometimes. Just my opinion.

Then Elena wakes up for real and is in the hospital. Jeremy called 911 when he found Elena passed out on the floor bleeding from her nose. Meredith tells Jeremy that Elena will be alright.

Jeremy calls Damon and Stefan to tell them what happened. They both agree that Jeremy has to get Elena out of the hospital ASAP. She’s a sitting duck in the hospital and anyone can get to her there.

When Meredith goes to her office, Alaric is sitting there. He claims that he’s Elena’s legal guardian and is surprised that he didn’t get a call when she was admitted to the hospital.

Alaric goes to Meredith’s personal fridge and dumps out her vampire blood that she was using to save lives. Alaric tells her that the mayor and sheriff are being relieved of their duties and he’s putting this town back in order. Alaric says that Meredith will release Elena into his custody and leaves her office. When he gets to Elena’s room, she’s already gone.

Jeremy, Caroline, Tyler and Matt bring Elena home and look after her. As Caroline gets Elena tea with vodka (cause that’s what high schoolers do!), Elena has another flashback.

Elena dreams of herself in her cheerleader outfit with Bonnie and Matt outside high school. Matt and Elena were still dating at the time, but Bonnie could tell that Elena didn’t really love Matt.

When Elena wakes up, Matt is watching her sleep (creepy!). Elena feels bad for stringing Matt along when they were dating, and knows that she is now doing the same to Stefan and Damon.

Jeremy goes to get Elena food at The Grill and Alaric shows up. Alaric demands to know where Klaus’s body is, but Jeremy doesn’t know. Alaric admits that he needs Jeremy’s help to kill all of the vampires. Jeremy admits that he will never help Alaric and leaves.

Elijah suddenly shows up at Elena’s. Elijah wants to discuss a plan on how to bring back Klaus so that he can kill him. Matt and Stefan are there and don’t like Elijah’s plan. Neither does Damon, who is hilarious on speakerphone. Elena has always trusted Elijah, and agrees to help him.

Jeremy and Matt want to take Elena away from Mystic Falls and never look back. Jeremy tells Matt that even if he wanted to help Alaric, he doesn’t know where Klaus’s body is. Matt admits that he does.

Jeremy calls Alaric and tells him where Damon is about to bury Klaus’s body. When Jeremy hangs up, we realize he’s lying just to throw Alaric off. All the crazy supernatural peeps are going to be there waiting to surprise Alaric. Stefan makes Elena feel better by saying there are safety in numbers and that they’ll all come back safe. Before leaving, he gives Elena a pretty steamy goodbye kiss “just in case there is no later.”

Caroline and Tyler go to visit their mothers. The mayor admits that the council knows what the two of them are and that the council is after them. Caroline doesn’t want to leave, but Tyler says that he can protect her. Caroline knows that, and will go anywhere with Tyler once she knows that their friends are safe. They agree to meet at the cave in 2 hours.

Bonnie and Damon go to a warehouse filled with storage lockers where Damon hid Klaus’s body. Klaus is immobile and half dead lying in a coffin bound in chains. Bonnie is going to perform a locator spell on Klaus so that everyone knows where his body is. Before she does, she asks Damon if she could have a minute alone with the man who ruined her life.

Damon coordinated with Rebecca to pick up Klaus’s body. As Damon is waiting for her to show, Alaric turns the corner and snaps Damon’s neck.

Alaric is opening every locker until he finds Klaus. He suddenly hears Rebecca calling for Damon, and turns heading towards her. Damon sneaks up behind Rebecca and covers her mouth silencing her.

Damon and Rebecca are wheeling Klaus’s body out of the warehouse when Alaric shows up and stabs Klaus with the white oak dagger. Klaus bursts into flames.

Damon calls Stefan and tells him that Klaus is dead. They both admit that they feel fine, but know it took Sage an hour before she started feeling the effects. They both don’t know whether or not they are part of Klaus’s bloodline or not.

Matt stays with Elena and they talk boys. Awkward! Elena admits that after the car accident with her parents, she didn’t know how to live anymore.

Then she met Stefan and he made her life have meaning. But Damon consumes her and makes her feel alive. She can’t choose one brother because she doesn’t want to lose the other.

This whole story line is getting old and way too sappy. Move it along!

Matt drugged Elena’s tea to get her out of the house. He puts her in his car and is driving her out of town when she has another flashback talking with her mother.

When she wakes up, Matt gets a call from Jeremy filling them in on what happened with Klaus. When Matt asks where Elena wants to go, back home to Stefan or to the storage locker to Damon, she chooses home. She tells herself that it’s because Caroline, Tyler, and everyone else is there too. Damon puts her on the spot and asks if it was just him and Stefan, who would she choose.

She chose Stefan.

Don’t worry Damon. I’ll comfort you, baby doll!

Caroline runs to the caves and tells Tyler that Klaus is dead. They both know that Tyler will be dead within the hour. Tyler asks Caroline to tell his mom that he left like he was supposed to. Tyler starts having bad chest pains and tells Caroline to leave. Tyler starts turning into a werewolf, and Caroline is forced to leave.

Rebecca escapes the warehouse and runs to Elijah in the woods. They’re trying to figure out how everyone is still alive since Klaus is dead. Rebecca knows she didn’t turn them, Elijah knows he didn’t. They have no explanation.

Bonnie shows up at the cave and speaks to Tyler. He’s not dead! Bonnie did some kind of spell that tricked everyone.

I was a little confused by this part, and wasn’t sure where they were going. So either one of two things happened with Bonnie, Klaus, and Tyler:
1) Bonnie placed a spell on Klaus so that he wouldn’t actually die. Alaric closes the lid of the coffin before we see Klaus die, so he very well could be alive.
2) Bonnie switched Klaus into Tyler’s body, just like Ester did with Rebecca.

It would have to be one of these scenarios because Damon and Stefan are still alive.

Matt is driving Elena over the bridge that her parents died at, and sees Rebecca standing in the middle of the road. He swerves and crashes the car plunging them right into the water.

Elena passes out and has another flashback. She’s back in the car the night of the car accident with her parents.

Somewhere outside of Mystic Falls, Alaric is kicking Damon’s ass at the warehouse. When Damon passes out, it’s his turn for a flashback. We learn that Damon actually met Elena before Stefan.

Damon sees Elena calling her parents after having a fight with Matt before the car accident. Damon walks up to Elena and calls her Katherine. They talk for a while, but Damon erases her memory. Elena has no recollection of ever meeting him that night.

Elena and Matt are in his flooded car on the bottom of the water, and Elena keeps flashing back to the night her parents died. Stefan shows up to save her, just like the did that night.

Matt is out cold so Elena tells Stefan to save Matt. Elena’s father did the same thing to her years before, saving her life.

What I cannot understand is why Elena didn’t climb out through the open door once Stefan pulls Matt out! She was still coherent for a while afterwards. Anyway…

Alaric suddenly starts to die, and Damon knows that Elena must be dying. Then Alaric is at Jeremy’s saying that he’ll always be around to look after him so that Jeremy will never have to be alone. Jeremy then realizes that Alaric is a ghost and realizes that Elena must be dead.

Elena is in the hospital morgue with Stefan watching over her. Damon shows up at the hospital and asks Meredith where Elena is. Meredith admits that when Elena was in the hospital earlier, Elena was more sick than Meredith let on. Elena was having a brain hemorrhage and the only way to save her was with vampire blood.

We then see Elena open her eyes in the morgue. Welcome vampire Elena!

I kinda figured at some point they would make Elena a vampire, but I definitely wasn’t expecting it then or like that! Total craziness.

I think Matt is literally the ONLY human left in all of Mystic Falls.

I really hope that Tyler and Alaric aren’t really ‘dead.’ I really liked their characters, and the actors are awesome!

Overall, a great season as usual… and now, as usual, I cannot wait until next season!

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TV Review: The Vampire Diaries S3E21 – Before Sunset

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on May 5, 2012

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 21: Before Sunset

Original Air date: May 3, 2012

This episode starts with Alaric undead and well in his classroom with the white oak stake.

Caroline is also at the school and finds Rebecca in the cafeteria cleaning up after the dance. Rebecca runs into Alaric on her way to the gym and he tries to stab her with the stake. Rebecca wrestles the stake away from him and knocks him into the wall. Caroline shows up and the two of them manage to stake Alaric in the stomach.

When Caroline runs out of the school and tries to get into her car, Alaric shows up behind her snapping her neck. As he’s burning from the sun, he grabs Caroline’s arm and drags her back inside.

Elena and Jeremy are painting Alaric’s old room when Stefan shows up. He asks how they are, and Jeremy snaps. He yells at Stefan telling him to leave because he wants one day without vampires in his life.

The doorbell rings and Damon shows up with Bonnie who is weak from blood loss after feeding Alaric. Bonnie is trying to figure out how to kill Alaric, but cannot think of a way.

Elena’s phone rings, and she’s confused when she sees Alaric’s name. She doesn’t believe it’s him until she hears him speak. Alaric claims that he has Caroline, and if Elena wants her to live she has to get to the school without telling anyone.

Rebecca goes to Klaus and tells him that Alaric isn’t dead and is trapped in the school until night fall. Klaus says that he’s going to get Elena and get out of town. Rebecca yells at him for choosing more hybrids over his own family. Rebecca leaves town without him.

Klaus shows up at Elena’s to take her away, but Stefan and Damon slam the door in his face. Klaus throws a newspaper through the window to try and get them to let him in. When that doesn’t work, he throws a soccer ball through the front door and starts throwing fence posts at them. When Klaus shows up with a gas can and lit newspaper, Stefan steps outside to talk to him. I must say that I loved this scene because it was absolutely hilarious.

Stefan admits that he just got a call from Alaric saying that Alaric wants Klaus to show up at the school. When Klaus meets Alaric, he will turn over Caroline and Elena.

Bonnie remembers that her mom used a spell on the original vampire father that bound him for 15 years. If she can get the spell they can use it on Alaric, but she’s going to need everyone’s help.

Bonnie called her mother for the spell, but she is hesitant to help. Her mother says that its a dark spell and something she doesn’t want Bonnie dealing with this. The spell will stop a vampire heart, but a human heart must be stopped as payment.

Jeremy is going to be the human sacrifice since he can’t die while wearing his ring. Even if his heart stops, he’ll come back to life.

Alaric is torturing Caroline when Elena shows up at the school. Alaric wants Elena to kill Carline claiming this is what she wanted to learn: how to kill vampires. Alaric hands Elena the white oak stake and tells her to stab Caroline.

Elena tries to stab Alaric with the stake instead. He catches her hand, then she slams a bottle of vervain into his face. Caroline runs out of the room with Alaric distracted, and straight into Klaus. Klaus tells her to run straight home.

Alaric is holding Elena by the throat when Damon and Stefan grab his arms. Alaric quickly snaps both their necks. Klaus then shows up and tries to make the connection that Bonnie needs to perform the spell, but it quickly breaks.

Alaric has the stake to Klaus’ chest when Elena threatens to slit her own throat. Alaric stops immediately, and Elena realizes that Alaric needs her alive. He’s connected to her bloodline since he drank her blood when he turned. Elena begins to stab the scalpel into her neck and Alaric jumps up to stop her. Klaus grabs Elena and they disappear.

Klaus takes Elena back to his house and begins draining her of all her blood. Tyler walks in and Klaus demands he get more blood bags. Tyler is torn about what to do, but must make sure Klaus believes that the sire bond is still there.

When Klaus leaves, Tyler unties Elena and stops her blood from draining. Klaus shows up and realizes that the sire bond is broken.

Klaus is attacking Tyler when Stefan and Damon show up to help take Klaus down. Stefan makes the blood connection Bonnie needs for the spell since it didn’t work with Alaric.

Klaus’ heart stops the same time as Jeremy does. Jeremy comes back within a few moments because of his ring, but Klaus collapses to the floor frozen as a dead vampire.

Stefan and Damon walk Elena all the way to her front door just to make sure she gets there all right. Elena knows that she’s being selfish and feels like she’s stringing the two of them along. She feels that she can’t choose between the Salvatore brothers because she’ll lose whoever she doesn’t choose. Elena’s lost so many people that she doesn’t want to lose any more.

If it were up to me, they would just have a threesome and get out all of their sexual frustration. But I guess that would only happen if the show was on HBO.

Damon and Stefan leave Mystic Falls, and make a pact that whoever Elena ends up choosing, the other will leave town so the other can be happy.

Carol calls an emergency council meeting on behalf of Alaric. He outs the sheriff’s daughter as a vampire and the mayor’s son as a hybrid. Alaric claims that these women cannot be in control of the council anymore because they are protecting their children’s terrible actions. As the sheriff turns to leave, Alaric moves with his super vampire speed so that the entire council knows he’s a vampire.

When Elena is finishing painting Alaric’s bedroom, she collapses and starts bleeding from her nose. I have no clue what is wrong with her or why she collapsed, but I can’t wait to find out next week during the season finale.

It’s very bittersweet because I want to find out what happens, but I don’t want this season to end. I think this season has been the best by far.

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TV Review: The Vampire Diaries S3E20 – Do Not Go Gentle

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on May 3, 2012

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 20: Do Not Go Gentle

Rebecca/Ester shows up at Klaus’ mansion with the final white oak stake she took from Alaric. Klaus throws it in the fire and is relieved that the final stake is burning.

Klaus is ready to leave Mystic Falls since there is nothing keeping him there. Rebecca convinces him to stay to go to a high school dance… cause, yeah, like that would really happen.

Alaric calls Damon and says that he keeps blacking out and has to get out of town until he knows that they can all be safe. He doesn’t want his alter ego killing anyone.

When Alaric hangs up, Rebecca/Ester walks into the room and tells Alaric that Klaus bought her lie about the stake she brought him being the last white oak stake. Alaric still has the real stake and stabs Rebecca/Ester in the chest it so that she could return to her original body.

Now back in her real body, Ester takes Alaric to the Salvatore crypt. Turns out this is where Klaus ripped her heart out and the ground is forever marked.

Ester needs Alaric’s ring to make the final white oak stake indestructible. She drops his ring in a chalice and chants a spell. The ring melts and she stirs the melted metal with the stake, creating the ultimate weapon: a stake made of white oak that cannot be destroyed.

Elena calls Stefan and asks him if he would like to go to the high school dance with her. He is surprised, and accepts her offer. Elena dresses for the dance and she just happens to have an outfit that resembles the 1920’s! How Mystic-Falls-ish of her.

Elena tries to talk to Stefan about what happened between her and Damon in Denver, but Stefan says he doesn’t want to know. His face says otherwise, but Elena doesn’t say any more.

Bonnie is at the dance with Jamie, and they both seem very happy. Jeremy sees them dancing and freezes. Bonnie sees him and freezes as well. She then realizes that Jeremy is still wearing his ring and becomes worried. Jeremy storms off and tells her not to worry about him.

Tyler shows up to the dance looking quite fabulous, if I don’t say so myself! Caroline is dancing with Tyler, when Klaus shows up and cuts in.

Klaus tells Caroline that he’s leaving town tomorrow and wants her to come with him, but knows she won’t. Klaus says that he knows that eventually the small town life will not be enough for Caroline, and she’ll come looking for him. This seems to really shake Caroline.

Damon shows up at the dance and tells Elena and Stefan that Alaric isn’t taking his herbal medication. They realize that his alter ego is able to appear at any time. Damon says that they should ‘put him out of his misery.’ Jeremy over hears and freaks out.

Elena follows after Jeremy when he walks away and runs into Ester. Elena tells Jeremy to go get Damon and Stefan, but there’s a problem. There is a spell surrounding the school so only humans can leave. Damon quickly finds Bonnie and asks her to break the boundary spell.

Ester takes Elena to the Salvatore crypt where Alaric is. Ester says she’s going to ‘recreate’ Alaric as a true vampire hunter that is as strong as her children. Alaric would become an original. Ester wants to do this because whenever Alaric ‘died’ while wearing the ring, Ester was on the other side looking out for him.

Ester also wants Alaric to kill all vampires and create a world where humans can live happily ever after. Alaric wants to become an original and embrace his darker side becoming the ultimate vampire hunter. He drinks Elena’s blood and Ester stabs him in the chest with the white oak stake to kill him.

Jeremy and Matt show up to the crypt with weapons that they aim on Ester. Ester mentally controls the weapons so they are pointed at each other. All of a sudden Alaric comes out of the crypt and stabs Ester with the white oak stake.

Alaric then asks everyone what happened. He doesn’t know where his ring is and can’t remember a thing.

Alaric decides not to go through with the transition to become a vampire. He doesn’t want to let his dark side out because he can’t control it. He wants them to lock him in the crypt and leave him to die.

Ester comes to Bonnie in a dream and tells her that she needs to finish what’s been started. Bonnie shows up to the crypt possessed by Ester and Damon cannot shake her out of it. Bonnie takes Damon to the ground and steals the white oak stake from him. She stabs herself in the hand and offers her blood to Alaric.

Alaric is not officially an original vampire.

Needless to say, next weeks episode is going to be badass! This season is getting even more awesome, and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

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TV Review: The Vampire Diaries S3E19 – Heart of Darkness

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on April 19, 2012

The Vampire Diaries season 3 episode 19: Heart of Darkness

After a two week hiatus, it’s finally back! I hate when The Vampire Diaries isn’t on, but I sooo love when it returns : )

Alaric locked himself in the Salvatore’s basement so that he can’t hurt anyone with the white oak stake that his vampire-hating-alter-ego hid. He doesn’t know where he hid it, and doesn’t want to kill anyone; especially Damon and Stefan.

Now that Klaus knows where Jeremy is, Jeremy is no longer safe. Elena is going with Damon to Denver to make sure Jeremy is alright.

It was Stefan’s idea for the two of them to go on this trip together. He knows Elena has unresolved feelings for Damon, and is hoping this trip will make her feelings clear either way. Stefan believes that it doesn’t matter what he has to go through to get Elena back if she still has feelings for Damon.

Damon and Elena find Jeremy at the batting cages. Damon wants Jeremy to talk to Rose since she’s dead, and Jeremy “sees dead people” : )

Cole shows up while they’re talking and cracks a bat over Damon’s head. As Cole turns around to get another bat, Damon sticks the broken bat through Cole’s chest. It doesn’t kill him, but it does slow him down a hell of a lot. Jeremy, Damon and Elena stay at a motel to hide from Cole and try to contact Rose.

After some trying, Rose finally shows up and tells Jeremy that she was sired by Mary Porter, not an original. Rose is going to try to find out where Mary is and will let them know when she finds her.

Stefan calls Damon to catch up and tell each other what they’ve been up to. Damon tells Stefan that they’re staying in a motel and just hangs up, causing his brothers thoughts to run wild.

Jeremy asks Elena what the deal is with her and Damon. She claims nothing, but Jeremy knows otherwise. He admits that even Rose said something about the two of them.

Later on, Damon gets out of the shower and sits at a table drinking thinking Elena is asleep. Meanwhile, she’s just admiring the view. Who wouldn’t be?

Damon finally catches her looking at him, and crosses the room and lays in bed next to her. He reaches for her hand, causing Elena to become flustered. She gets out of bed and leaves the room. Damon follows her, and Elena ends up kissing him. Then Damon pushes her against the wall for a full on make out session. Jeremy comes out and finds the two of them, interrupting because Rose is back and knows where Mary is. You twat blocker, Jeremy!

The three of them show up at Mary’s and sneak into her house. They find Mary staked to the wall, and Cole sitting next to her. Cole takes a bat to Damon (again) and begins wailing on him. Elena tries to run away, but Cole stopped her. He mentions that she’s off limits according to Klaus, but not to push him.

Once Damon is down, Cole takes off leaving them alone. Damon slowly gets up, and notices a cut on Elena’s head. He gets close to look at it, but Elena pulls back. Damon confronts her and asks her what she’s doing: why she came on the trip, why she kissed him. He accuses her of waiting for him to screw things up between them so she won’t have to make a decision between him and Stefan. Damon claims that he won’t make it so easy for her this time.

When they get in the car and leave, Rose shows up in the back seat next to Jeremy. She warns Jeremy not to say anything. Rose admits that Damon and Elena bring each other to life, and asks Jeremy not to be mad if they ever get together.

And there is another event going on in Mystic Falls! There’s a decade dance going on at the high school and Caroline and Rebecca are fighting over the theme. Umm… when did Rebecca enroll in high school?

When Rebecca gets home from school, her mother is there. She tells Rebecca that she’s dying. Her mother was created from the Bennett bloodline, and when Abby died she  started dying too.

Tyler’s back! Caroline meets him in the woods and they go into the cave where he turns for a little reunion sex. Jeremy broke his sire bond with Klaus, and wants to test that it is really broken. Caroline fills Tyler in on everything that he missed, and that Tyler will die if Klaus is killed.

Tyler is going to stay at Caroline’s until they hear back from Damon and Stefan about what to do with Klaus. Tyler finds the drawing that Klaus made of Caroline, and he gets protective and defensive. He wants to know what’s really going on between Caroling and Klaus. When she says nothing happened, he doesn’t believe her and leaves.

Stefan visits Alaric in the basement and mentions the road trip. Alaric asks Stefan why he would ever send Elena and Damon off together. As they’re talking, Klaus shows up and is pissed that Stefan doesn’t know where the other stake is yet. Klaus kills Alaric to try and get his other side to show up once the ring brings him back to life.

Alaric is out cold for half the night and wakes up as himself. He’s sick and tired of waiting for his ‘other side’ to appear, and begs Stefan to torture the information out of him.

Alaric takes his ring off and Stefan punches him in the face. Stefan hits Alaric’s nose and it instantly begins bleeding. Stefan vamps out and begins to freak. Alaric begs him not to back off because they need this information.

Stefan throws Alaric against the wall, and bam! Alaric’s alter ego appears! It’s like he knew exactly what to do. Stefan’s so magical.

Alaric is teasing and tempting Stefan, so Stefan beats the shit out of him. As Stefan threatens to snap Alaric’s neck, Alaric’s alter ego admits that the stake is in the cave where no vampire can get it.

When Stefan locks Alaric in the basement and comes upstairs, Klaus and Rebecca are standing there listening. Rebecca drags Alaric to the caves to get the stake. When he finds it, he wants to know what she wants for it. Alaric tries to bargain with Rebecca, but she’s not buying it.

Then all of a sudden, Rebecca crosses into the cave where vampires shouldn’t be allowed to go. He asks her what the hell is going on. She says that her name is Ester, that her son used Alaric’s body at some point, and that they have a lot in common.

Side note: if I was gay I would totally fuck Rebecca. She’s gorgeous and has an amazing accent. That is all!

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TV Review: The Vampire Diaries S3E18 – The Murder of One

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on April 5, 2012

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 18: The Murder of One

Original air date: March 29, 2012

Elena stops by to see how Alaric is doing since his latest black out, but Damon won’t let her in the apartment. When she tries to push past him, Damon says Alaric is indisposed and she finally leaves.

Once Elena is out of ear shot, Alaric, Damon and Stefan begin cutting up the Wickery Bridge sign. They begin making stakes out of the remaining white oak to kill the originals.

When they’re finished making the stakes, Stefan texts Elena, Caroline and Matt to meet up in the woods. Stefan shows up him Damon and the stakes. They fill everyone else in on their plan to kill the originals.

Klaus finds Finn and tells him that he needs to go back to Mystic Falls to undo the spell their mother placed upon them. Rebecca sides with Klaus and they corner Finn and drag him back to Klaus’s mansion. Sage walks down the stairs and Finn runs right to her.

Damon is in the process of hiding the stakes at his house when Rebecca shows up. She throws Alaric down the stairs and stabs Damon in the stomach.

Rebecca takes Damon to Klaus’s mansion and hangs him by his wrists with animal traps. Rebecca tries to bleed Damon of vervain so that he can be compelled by her.

Once they realize Damon is missing, Elena and Stefan have an argument about what to do: Elena wants to save him, and Stefan wants to stay on point and kill one of the originals. They both know that Damon would want the originals dead even through his suffering, but Elena can’t help but want to save him.

While Damon is strung up bleeding out from Rebecca’s slashes, he hallucinates about Elena saving him and drinking from her vein. He is really falling for Elena and can’t get over her.

Sage and Finn are drinking at The Grill when Matt gives them two tequila’s and slips vervain into it. Stefan is also there and texts everyone: ‘Get Ready.’

Sage and Finn taste the vervain right away, and Stefan makes a show of leaving right in front of them to lure them outside. Elena and Matt are outside and shoot Finn with a crossbow. The arrow made of white ash hits him in the chest and he bursts into flames and dies.

Klaus kidnapped Bonnie and is forcing her to undo the spell Klaus’s mother put on their family. Klaus is blackmailing Bonnie into helping him or he’ll hurt Jeremy and her mother.

Bonnie casts the spell to undo the curse just before Finn dies, so he is the only one that actually dies; all of the other originals are still alive. Bonnie sees Damon hanging and bleeding out, but doesn’t help him because he turned her mother into a vampire.

Bonnie calls Elena and tells her what she did and that she saw Damon hanging in Klaus’s mansion. Bonnie is struggling with what she just did, and is tired of being out of control. She breaks down outside and doesn’t know what to do anymore.

Just as Stefan is about to leave and rescue Damon, Sage busts down the door and attacks him. Then just as suddenly she begins puking blood and dies.

Stefan figures out that once Finn died, everyone he turned will eventually die as well. That means that if they kill all of the originals, every vampire ever created would die out: Klaus, Rebecca, Elijah, Stefan, Damon, Caroline, Tyler, and so on. A very cool twist to the story, I must add!

Stefan finally goes to rescue Damon and runs into Klaus and Rebecca. Stefan offers to trade the remaining eight stakes of white ash for Damon. Only problem is Klaus compels Damon into telling him that there are eleven stakes left, not eight. Klaus gets pissed and demands the remaining stakes. Rebecca lets Damon go as a sign of good faith.

Before leaving, Stefan tells them that Finn is dead and Rebecca can’t get over it. Klaus is showing no remorse whatsoever. He claims that as soon as they get the rest of the stakes, he’s going to take Ehlena’s blood, leave Mystic Falls, and create a new family of hybrids. Rebecca says that she might stay, and Klaus tells her she’s just as pathetic as Finn was.

Stefan tells Elena that he won’t go after Klaus anymore because its not worth it. Stefan admits that he enjoyed being with Klaus because it was an excuse to ignore everything that was going on around him; especially his relationship with Elena.

Elena admits that she’s still in love with Stefan, even after everything he’s done. Stefan blames himself for pushing her away and for causing her to have feelings for Damon. Elena can’t deny those feelings.

Damon goes to Alaric to get the last stake and Alaric can’t find it. His “vampire-hating-alter-ego” hid the stake and no one knows where it is. From this we can assume that we are going to see Alaric’s alter ego at least once more this season, if not more. Can’t wait to see what happens!

I can’t believe that they gave up the white oak stakes so quickly. They could have used that story line for much longer if they wanted to since it was such a big deal.

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