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Posted by The Obscured Vixen on August 22, 2012

August 11, 2012

Had a late start this day due to the Masquerade Ball the night before   : )

I woke up just in time for lunch in the grand ballroom. I sat with Jeaniene Frost and Pamela Palmer. After we ate, I got Jeaniene Frost to sign my badass Chapter 32 shirt! It was so awesome  : )

That afternoon was the author signing, with all authors in attendance. I brought around an autograph sheet and got it signed by all the authors! It was definitely a hard feat tracking all of the authors down, but I finally did it and it was so worth it. I’m going to laminate it and hang it in my office  : )

It was awesome to meet authors that I’ve interviewed on my blog or spoke to on Twitter, but never had the pleasure of meeting in person. All of the authors were so friendly, and unbelievably down to earth.

After the author signing was the Samhain Reception where the Samhain authors were in attendance also giving away copies of their books. It was the first time I got a physical copy of one of Melissa Schroeder‘s Harmless series (I have them on my kindle), and I totally “squee-ed” in the middle of the ballroom!

Later that night, was the badass Author Pub Crawl! To view all my photos from the pub crawl, view my AADNOLA Pinterest Board.

Our first stop was the Bourbon Cowboy where authors Cat Johnson and Tilly Greene were hanging out. Cat Johnson was giving away awesome shot glasses with “Let’s Buck!” on them, as well as drink menus with cowboy style drinks.

The next stop was The Old Absinthe House with Sasha White and Cat Grant. It was awesome to see the inside of the bar, and all of the different memorabilia hanging on the walls. Sasha White was a riot and making people do crazy things for swag. The amazing Alisha, a blogger from My Need To Read, played air guitar to Heart. My friend Jewels got on a bar stool and sang her heart out to Michael Jackson. It was a blast!

Next we went to Voodoo Vibe where Jess Haines was passing out beads to throw off the second story balcony. Can’t get much more NOLA than that!

The last stop on our pub crawl was Pat O’Brien’s. It was an absolute blast hanging out with authors Kristen Painter, Stacey Kennedy, and Amanda Carlson. There were also a lot of bloggers hanging out as well: Julie from Yummy Men and Kick Ass Chicks, Marcela from The Bookaholic Cat, and Pam from Midnyte Reader.

The pub crawl was the best way to end AADNOLA. The event was absolutely incredible, and I had such a blast. I honestly could not have asked for more!

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7 Responses to “AADNOLA Day 5”

  1. Had such a blast, dude. We’ve gotta do it again next year! ^_^

  2. xaurianx said

    Great recap, thank you so much! It really is fun to read posts like this, and it makes me even more determined to go one year.

  3. Cat Grant said

    Thanks for stopping by on the pub crawl! Too bad you missed the cop riding his horse into the bar! 🙂

  4. Damn! A cop riding his horse into the bar? I’m bummed I missed that one, too! Great re-cap Monica. Brings me right back to those magical nights.

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