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AADNOLA Day 4: Menage Panel

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on August 19, 2012

AADNOLA Day 4: Menage Panel
August 10, 2012

Authors on panel: Joey W Hill, Samantha Kane, Cat Johnson, Stephanie Julian, BA Tortuga

This panel was filled with authors that write menage stories, and their writing process. It was extremely entertaining  ; )

The authors opened the floor right up to questions from the crowd. The first question was if the author could play out the story of any one of their books, which would it be.

Cat Johnson would want to be in A Cowboy for Christmas. She mentioned how she cried the entire time while writing it. Impressively, she wrote the entire story, 53K words, in only three weeks!
BA Tortuga would want to be in one of her novels (unfortunately I didn’t catch the name!) that was “real shit.” It’s not a story with fantasized characters or story lines. She wanted something real and as true to life as possible.
Joey W Hill would want to be in both Ice Queen and Mirror of My Soul. She just loves those stories.
Samantha Kane would want to be in Cherry Pie.

I then got to ask a question (squee!), and asked how much of their stories come from their own real lives, or if it is research. BA Tortuga mentioned that she was in a threesome for over ten years! And that is where she pulls her stories from. She admitted that it is not nearly as romantic or glamorous as authors write in the books. “It’s a lot of hard work, and lots of laundry,” she said.
Joey W Hill raised her hand nice and proud, and admitted that she was a sub. She’s gone to BDSM clubs for more research to learn more about the lifestyle. Besides what she saw in clubs, she wanted to know what went on inside the participants minds. That was more integral for her while writing her books.

Another question was how authors come up with the names of their characters. Joey W Hill admits that she uses baby name websites. After so many books, no more names are jumping out at her and it’s so hard to come up with new names. All her male characters end up being “Thomas” for some reason.
BA Tortuga has a family of over 200 people, and that chooses her names from her family. She gets phone calls when certain books come out with family members commenting on their characters.
Samantha Kane uses a regency name generator for her characters. She mentioned it’s too hard to do the research, and found an awesome website that will randomize regency names for you.
Cat Johnson combines names of real rodeo riders for her characters. She’ll take the first name of one rider, and the last name of another. And done; character name!

The next question was how authors come up with their book titles. Most of the authors groaned admitting they hate coming up with book titles. Joey W Hill comes up with her own book titles, but it doesn’t matter because the publisher always changes them. Cat Johnson likes to have her titles first before writing the book, and they are usually based on terms from the rodeo world. Samantha Kane also said that she needs a title first before working on a story.

The last question was if there was anything “too taboo” for the authors to write about. All of the authors were pretty agreeable that nothing is really taboo for them, but others have different ideas.
Cat Johnson wrote a story about a threesome with two brothers, and admitted she will never do that again. She got flack from the public about how it was incest, and “how could you do something like that,” and how wrong certain individuals thought it was. Cat Johnson admitted that she didn’t see anything wrong with it since the two brothers were sharing a woman and not having sex with each other, but other people thought differently.
Joey W Hill had a similar situation when writing about Lady Lissa, and brothers Jacob and Gideon. There was no issue with the three of them having sex, but afterwards Joey W Hill had Jacob kissing Gideon on the forehead. Her editor said there was no way that could happen, and it had to be taken out. It wasn’t a sexual kiss, just a comforting brotherly kiss. Unfortunately her editor saw it otherwise.

This was such an awesome panel, and definitely the most interesting one that I attended. Good times!

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