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AADNOLA Day 3: Contemporary Panel

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on August 15, 2012

AADNOLA Day 3: Contemporary Panel
August 9, 2012

Authors on panel: Joey W Hill, Tilly Greene, Lissa Matthews, Cat Grant, Sophie Oak, LA Witt

This panel was a discussion about authors writing contemporary novels. It was very interesting to hear the hardships and fun times these authors have. All of these women were so awesome, and were literally willing to answer any question that we asked of them.

In contemporary novels, reference to pop culture gets out dated before the book is usually published. Brands that are usually ‘hot’ at the time are also usually avoided as well. A lot of authors will deliberately not write any references so that the book is never ‘dated.’

Another topic that gets outdated very quickly is technology. Everything from cellphones to cars, iPod’s and computers date the story of the book. Usually authors will only use these references when trying to designate a certain time period.

Some contemporary authors are jealous of paranormal authors because in a paranormal world all world rules are thrown out the window. An author can do and make up whatever they’d like! With contemporary, every detail has to be relate-able. It’s harder for the reader to suspend belief. Also in a paranormal world, the world itself becomes a character taking on it’s own role. In contemporary, it’s just a backdrop.

However, some authors that write contemporary novels also write paranormal or other genres. They explained that just like readers, authors also like to change genres. If they write on one topic for too long, sometime it gets boring or hard to come up with new material.

Most of these authors agreed that it is very hard to read books in the genre that they are currently writing in. It is impossible to turn their internal editor off, and they keep thinking what they would do or how they would have changed the story. All these authors agreed that when they need a good book, they go back to their “comfort reads”; usually books they fell in love with before becoming published.

And the best part of the panel? When writing sex scenes with more than three people, some authors draw diagram or pose dolls to make sure they get all the details correct. Or “all the limbs in the right places.” ; )

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