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Author Etiquette: How you react can make or break you

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on July 2, 2012

Author Etiquette:
How you react to your fans can make or break you

Disclaimer: I usually don’t blog about my personal opinions, but I felt this was necessary to voice my opinion on. And I’m sure there are other fans out there that will agree with me. All author names have been left out of this blog post to protect the innocent.

I’ve met dozens of authors over the years, and author reactions have a very huge impact on me. It’s amazing how meeting an author can change my opinion of them and their work.

If I meet an author that is genuine and down right awesome, it makes me want to read their books more. Same thing goes for authors I’ve met but never heard of before. I will tell everyone that will listen how badass a great author is. That authors reaction can make or break potential fans.

Opposite side of that same topic, if I meet an author that is very cold and standoffish, it is such a turn off and makes me not want to read their books anymore. I understand at signings and events authors are extremely busy, but if you’re not going to take the time to talk to your fans, don’t even bother doing the event. The way your fans perceive you directly effects your book sales and reputation.

We are your fans, and we LOVE your work. Taking thirty seconds to say thank you at an event or simple replying with a short tweet or like on Facebook can mean the world to us.

Have you ever met authors and feel the same way I do? To view a list of authors I’ve met, click here.


2 Responses to “Author Etiquette: How you react can make or break you”

  1. This is totally true! I understand 100% when people are tired, or over worked – but at least an attempted smile or “Gosh I’m so sorry, only 2 hours of sleep” – you know some kind of dialogue that at least makes me feel like I’m not annoying them to no end….that’s what would help me out. I don’t want to feel like I’m irritating them when I’m at an event for them, that is the worst feeling ever!!!

    Oh and just an example here of why you should be able to smile and enjoy a signing….., Maggie Stiefvater is shuffled all over the world, runs on little to no sleep from time to time, always on the go go go: but I have never seen her with out a gracious smile and perky hello for her fans. If she can be in Indonesia one day and Wisconsin 48 hours later and still look like she thinks you’re the best fan in the world, whilst doodling a photo in EACH AND EVERY BOOK she signs…every one can slap on a smile for the day, when all they had to do was travel 5 hours to the signing or roll out of bed that morning….

  2. xaurianx said

    Yes, totally agree with you! I’ve met some nice ladies who write erotica, and I am really sorry, and I have tried to read their books, I just don’t like erotica.

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