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TV Review: The Vampire Diaries S3E22 Season Finale – The Departed

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on May 11, 2012

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Finale Episode 22: The Departed

Original air date: May 10, 2012

Elena wakes up and puts on her cheerleader outfit (placating the guy audience) and walks downstairs for breakfast. Her parents and aunt are there cooking in her kitchen.

I understand why they did all the flashbacks in this episode, but it was a little strange sometimes. Just my opinion.

Then Elena wakes up for real and is in the hospital. Jeremy called 911 when he found Elena passed out on the floor bleeding from her nose. Meredith tells Jeremy that Elena will be alright.

Jeremy calls Damon and Stefan to tell them what happened. They both agree that Jeremy has to get Elena out of the hospital ASAP. She’s a sitting duck in the hospital and anyone can get to her there.

When Meredith goes to her office, Alaric is sitting there. He claims that he’s Elena’s legal guardian and is surprised that he didn’t get a call when she was admitted to the hospital.

Alaric goes to Meredith’s personal fridge and dumps out her vampire blood that she was using to save lives. Alaric tells her that the mayor and sheriff are being relieved of their duties and he’s putting this town back in order. Alaric says that Meredith will release Elena into his custody and leaves her office. When he gets to Elena’s room, she’s already gone.

Jeremy, Caroline, Tyler and Matt bring Elena home and look after her. As Caroline gets Elena tea with vodka (cause that’s what high schoolers do!), Elena has another flashback.

Elena dreams of herself in her cheerleader outfit with Bonnie and Matt outside high school. Matt and Elena were still dating at the time, but Bonnie could tell that Elena didn’t really love Matt.

When Elena wakes up, Matt is watching her sleep (creepy!). Elena feels bad for stringing Matt along when they were dating, and knows that she is now doing the same to Stefan and Damon.

Jeremy goes to get Elena food at The Grill and Alaric shows up. Alaric demands to know where Klaus’s body is, but Jeremy doesn’t know. Alaric admits that he needs Jeremy’s help to kill all of the vampires. Jeremy admits that he will never help Alaric and leaves.

Elijah suddenly shows up at Elena’s. Elijah wants to discuss a plan on how to bring back Klaus so that he can kill him. Matt and Stefan are there and don’t like Elijah’s plan. Neither does Damon, who is hilarious on speakerphone. Elena has always trusted Elijah, and agrees to help him.

Jeremy and Matt want to take Elena away from Mystic Falls and never look back. Jeremy tells Matt that even if he wanted to help Alaric, he doesn’t know where Klaus’s body is. Matt admits that he does.

Jeremy calls Alaric and tells him where Damon is about to bury Klaus’s body. When Jeremy hangs up, we realize he’s lying just to throw Alaric off. All the crazy supernatural peeps are going to be there waiting to surprise Alaric. Stefan makes Elena feel better by saying there are safety in numbers and that they’ll all come back safe. Before leaving, he gives Elena a pretty steamy goodbye kiss “just in case there is no later.”

Caroline and Tyler go to visit their mothers. The mayor admits that the council knows what the two of them are and that the council is after them. Caroline doesn’t want to leave, but Tyler says that he can protect her. Caroline knows that, and will go anywhere with Tyler once she knows that their friends are safe. They agree to meet at the cave in 2 hours.

Bonnie and Damon go to a warehouse filled with storage lockers where Damon hid Klaus’s body. Klaus is immobile and half dead lying in a coffin bound in chains. Bonnie is going to perform a locator spell on Klaus so that everyone knows where his body is. Before she does, she asks Damon if she could have a minute alone with the man who ruined her life.

Damon coordinated with Rebecca to pick up Klaus’s body. As Damon is waiting for her to show, Alaric turns the corner and snaps Damon’s neck.

Alaric is opening every locker until he finds Klaus. He suddenly hears Rebecca calling for Damon, and turns heading towards her. Damon sneaks up behind Rebecca and covers her mouth silencing her.

Damon and Rebecca are wheeling Klaus’s body out of the warehouse when Alaric shows up and stabs Klaus with the white oak dagger. Klaus bursts into flames.

Damon calls Stefan and tells him that Klaus is dead. They both admit that they feel fine, but know it took Sage an hour before she started feeling the effects. They both don’t know whether or not they are part of Klaus’s bloodline or not.

Matt stays with Elena and they talk boys. Awkward! Elena admits that after the car accident with her parents, she didn’t know how to live anymore.

Then she met Stefan and he made her life have meaning. But Damon consumes her and makes her feel alive. She can’t choose one brother because she doesn’t want to lose the other.

This whole story line is getting old and way too sappy. Move it along!

Matt drugged Elena’s tea to get her out of the house. He puts her in his car and is driving her out of town when she has another flashback talking with her mother.

When she wakes up, Matt gets a call from Jeremy filling them in on what happened with Klaus. When Matt asks where Elena wants to go, back home to Stefan or to the storage locker to Damon, she chooses home. She tells herself that it’s because Caroline, Tyler, and everyone else is there too. Damon puts her on the spot and asks if it was just him and Stefan, who would she choose.

She chose Stefan.

Don’t worry Damon. I’ll comfort you, baby doll!

Caroline runs to the caves and tells Tyler that Klaus is dead. They both know that Tyler will be dead within the hour. Tyler asks Caroline to tell his mom that he left like he was supposed to. Tyler starts having bad chest pains and tells Caroline to leave. Tyler starts turning into a werewolf, and Caroline is forced to leave.

Rebecca escapes the warehouse and runs to Elijah in the woods. They’re trying to figure out how everyone is still alive since Klaus is dead. Rebecca knows she didn’t turn them, Elijah knows he didn’t. They have no explanation.

Bonnie shows up at the cave and speaks to Tyler. He’s not dead! Bonnie did some kind of spell that tricked everyone.

I was a little confused by this part, and wasn’t sure where they were going. So either one of two things happened with Bonnie, Klaus, and Tyler:
1) Bonnie placed a spell on Klaus so that he wouldn’t actually die. Alaric closes the lid of the coffin before we see Klaus die, so he very well could be alive.
2) Bonnie switched Klaus into Tyler’s body, just like Ester did with Rebecca.

It would have to be one of these scenarios because Damon and Stefan are still alive.

Matt is driving Elena over the bridge that her parents died at, and sees Rebecca standing in the middle of the road. He swerves and crashes the car plunging them right into the water.

Elena passes out and has another flashback. She’s back in the car the night of the car accident with her parents.

Somewhere outside of Mystic Falls, Alaric is kicking Damon’s ass at the warehouse. When Damon passes out, it’s his turn for a flashback. We learn that Damon actually met Elena before Stefan.

Damon sees Elena calling her parents after having a fight with Matt before the car accident. Damon walks up to Elena and calls her Katherine. They talk for a while, but Damon erases her memory. Elena has no recollection of ever meeting him that night.

Elena and Matt are in his flooded car on the bottom of the water, and Elena keeps flashing back to the night her parents died. Stefan shows up to save her, just like the did that night.

Matt is out cold so Elena tells Stefan to save Matt. Elena’s father did the same thing to her years before, saving her life.

What I cannot understand is why Elena didn’t climb out through the open door once Stefan pulls Matt out! She was still coherent for a while afterwards. Anyway…

Alaric suddenly starts to die, and Damon knows that Elena must be dying. Then Alaric is at Jeremy’s saying that he’ll always be around to look after him so that Jeremy will never have to be alone. Jeremy then realizes that Alaric is a ghost and realizes that Elena must be dead.

Elena is in the hospital morgue with Stefan watching over her. Damon shows up at the hospital and asks Meredith where Elena is. Meredith admits that when Elena was in the hospital earlier, Elena was more sick than Meredith let on. Elena was having a brain hemorrhage and the only way to save her was with vampire blood.

We then see Elena open her eyes in the morgue. Welcome vampire Elena!

I kinda figured at some point they would make Elena a vampire, but I definitely wasn’t expecting it then or like that! Total craziness.

I think Matt is literally the ONLY human left in all of Mystic Falls.

I really hope that Tyler and Alaric aren’t really ‘dead.’ I really liked their characters, and the actors are awesome!

Overall, a great season as usual… and now, as usual, I cannot wait until next season!

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