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TV Review: The Vampire Diaries S3E21 – Before Sunset

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on May 5, 2012

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 21: Before Sunset

Original Air date: May 3, 2012

This episode starts with Alaric undead and well in his classroom with the white oak stake.

Caroline is also at the school and finds Rebecca in the cafeteria cleaning up after the dance. Rebecca runs into Alaric on her way to the gym and he tries to stab her with the stake. Rebecca wrestles the stake away from him and knocks him into the wall. Caroline shows up and the two of them manage to stake Alaric in the stomach.

When Caroline runs out of the school and tries to get into her car, Alaric shows up behind her snapping her neck. As he’s burning from the sun, he grabs Caroline’s arm and drags her back inside.

Elena and Jeremy are painting Alaric’s old room when Stefan shows up. He asks how they are, and Jeremy snaps. He yells at Stefan telling him to leave because he wants one day without vampires in his life.

The doorbell rings and Damon shows up with Bonnie who is weak from blood loss after feeding Alaric. Bonnie is trying to figure out how to kill Alaric, but cannot think of a way.

Elena’s phone rings, and she’s confused when she sees Alaric’s name. She doesn’t believe it’s him until she hears him speak. Alaric claims that he has Caroline, and if Elena wants her to live she has to get to the school without telling anyone.

Rebecca goes to Klaus and tells him that Alaric isn’t dead and is trapped in the school until night fall. Klaus says that he’s going to get Elena and get out of town. Rebecca yells at him for choosing more hybrids over his own family. Rebecca leaves town without him.

Klaus shows up at Elena’s to take her away, but Stefan and Damon slam the door in his face. Klaus throws a newspaper through the window to try and get them to let him in. When that doesn’t work, he throws a soccer ball through the front door and starts throwing fence posts at them. When Klaus shows up with a gas can and lit newspaper, Stefan steps outside to talk to him. I must say that I loved this scene because it was absolutely hilarious.

Stefan admits that he just got a call from Alaric saying that Alaric wants Klaus to show up at the school. When Klaus meets Alaric, he will turn over Caroline and Elena.

Bonnie remembers that her mom used a spell on the original vampire father that bound him for 15 years. If she can get the spell they can use it on Alaric, but she’s going to need everyone’s help.

Bonnie called her mother for the spell, but she is hesitant to help. Her mother says that its a dark spell and something she doesn’t want Bonnie dealing with this. The spell will stop a vampire heart, but a human heart must be stopped as payment.

Jeremy is going to be the human sacrifice since he can’t die while wearing his ring. Even if his heart stops, he’ll come back to life.

Alaric is torturing Caroline when Elena shows up at the school. Alaric wants Elena to kill Carline claiming this is what she wanted to learn: how to kill vampires. Alaric hands Elena the white oak stake and tells her to stab Caroline.

Elena tries to stab Alaric with the stake instead. He catches her hand, then she slams a bottle of vervain into his face. Caroline runs out of the room with Alaric distracted, and straight into Klaus. Klaus tells her to run straight home.

Alaric is holding Elena by the throat when Damon and Stefan grab his arms. Alaric quickly snaps both their necks. Klaus then shows up and tries to make the connection that Bonnie needs to perform the spell, but it quickly breaks.

Alaric has the stake to Klaus’ chest when Elena threatens to slit her own throat. Alaric stops immediately, and Elena realizes that Alaric needs her alive. He’s connected to her bloodline since he drank her blood when he turned. Elena begins to stab the scalpel into her neck and Alaric jumps up to stop her. Klaus grabs Elena and they disappear.

Klaus takes Elena back to his house and begins draining her of all her blood. Tyler walks in and Klaus demands he get more blood bags. Tyler is torn about what to do, but must make sure Klaus believes that the sire bond is still there.

When Klaus leaves, Tyler unties Elena and stops her blood from draining. Klaus shows up and realizes that the sire bond is broken.

Klaus is attacking Tyler when Stefan and Damon show up to help take Klaus down. Stefan makes the blood connection Bonnie needs for the spell since it didn’t work with Alaric.

Klaus’ heart stops the same time as Jeremy does. Jeremy comes back within a few moments because of his ring, but Klaus collapses to the floor frozen as a dead vampire.

Stefan and Damon walk Elena all the way to her front door just to make sure she gets there all right. Elena knows that she’s being selfish and feels like she’s stringing the two of them along. She feels that she can’t choose between the Salvatore brothers because she’ll lose whoever she doesn’t choose. Elena’s lost so many people that she doesn’t want to lose any more.

If it were up to me, they would just have a threesome and get out all of their sexual frustration. But I guess that would only happen if the show was on HBO.

Damon and Stefan leave Mystic Falls, and make a pact that whoever Elena ends up choosing, the other will leave town so the other can be happy.

Carol calls an emergency council meeting on behalf of Alaric. He outs the sheriff’s daughter as a vampire and the mayor’s son as a hybrid. Alaric claims that these women cannot be in control of the council anymore because they are protecting their children’s terrible actions. As the sheriff turns to leave, Alaric moves with his super vampire speed so that the entire council knows he’s a vampire.

When Elena is finishing painting Alaric’s bedroom, she collapses and starts bleeding from her nose. I have no clue what is wrong with her or why she collapsed, but I can’t wait to find out next week during the season finale.

It’s very bittersweet because I want to find out what happens, but I don’t want this season to end. I think this season has been the best by far.

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