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TV Review: The Vampire Diaries S3E20 – Do Not Go Gentle

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on May 3, 2012

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 20: Do Not Go Gentle

Rebecca/Ester shows up at Klaus’ mansion with the final white oak stake she took from Alaric. Klaus throws it in the fire and is relieved that the final stake is burning.

Klaus is ready to leave Mystic Falls since there is nothing keeping him there. Rebecca convinces him to stay to go to a high school dance… cause, yeah, like that would really happen.

Alaric calls Damon and says that he keeps blacking out and has to get out of town until he knows that they can all be safe. He doesn’t want his alter ego killing anyone.

When Alaric hangs up, Rebecca/Ester walks into the room and tells Alaric that Klaus bought her lie about the stake she brought him being the last white oak stake. Alaric still has the real stake and stabs Rebecca/Ester in the chest it so that she could return to her original body.

Now back in her real body, Ester takes Alaric to the Salvatore crypt. Turns out this is where Klaus ripped her heart out and the ground is forever marked.

Ester needs Alaric’s ring to make the final white oak stake indestructible. She drops his ring in a chalice and chants a spell. The ring melts and she stirs the melted metal with the stake, creating the ultimate weapon: a stake made of white oak that cannot be destroyed.

Elena calls Stefan and asks him if he would like to go to the high school dance with her. He is surprised, and accepts her offer. Elena dresses for the dance and she just happens to have an outfit that resembles the 1920’s! How Mystic-Falls-ish of her.

Elena tries to talk to Stefan about what happened between her and Damon in Denver, but Stefan says he doesn’t want to know. His face says otherwise, but Elena doesn’t say any more.

Bonnie is at the dance with Jamie, and they both seem very happy. Jeremy sees them dancing and freezes. Bonnie sees him and freezes as well. She then realizes that Jeremy is still wearing his ring and becomes worried. Jeremy storms off and tells her not to worry about him.

Tyler shows up to the dance looking quite fabulous, if I don’t say so myself! Caroline is dancing with Tyler, when Klaus shows up and cuts in.

Klaus tells Caroline that he’s leaving town tomorrow and wants her to come with him, but knows she won’t. Klaus says that he knows that eventually the small town life will not be enough for Caroline, and she’ll come looking for him. This seems to really shake Caroline.

Damon shows up at the dance and tells Elena and Stefan that Alaric isn’t taking his herbal medication. They realize that his alter ego is able to appear at any time. Damon says that they should ‘put him out of his misery.’ Jeremy over hears and freaks out.

Elena follows after Jeremy when he walks away and runs into Ester. Elena tells Jeremy to go get Damon and Stefan, but there’s a problem. There is a spell surrounding the school so only humans can leave. Damon quickly finds Bonnie and asks her to break the boundary spell.

Ester takes Elena to the Salvatore crypt where Alaric is. Ester says she’s going to ‘recreate’ Alaric as a true vampire hunter that is as strong as her children. Alaric would become an original. Ester wants to do this because whenever Alaric ‘died’ while wearing the ring, Ester was on the other side looking out for him.

Ester also wants Alaric to kill all vampires and create a world where humans can live happily ever after. Alaric wants to become an original and embrace his darker side becoming the ultimate vampire hunter. He drinks Elena’s blood and Ester stabs him in the chest with the white oak stake to kill him.

Jeremy and Matt show up to the crypt with weapons that they aim on Ester. Ester mentally controls the weapons so they are pointed at each other. All of a sudden Alaric comes out of the crypt and stabs Ester with the white oak stake.

Alaric then asks everyone what happened. He doesn’t know where his ring is and can’t remember a thing.

Alaric decides not to go through with the transition to become a vampire. He doesn’t want to let his dark side out because he can’t control it. He wants them to lock him in the crypt and leave him to die.

Ester comes to Bonnie in a dream and tells her that she needs to finish what’s been started. Bonnie shows up to the crypt possessed by Ester and Damon cannot shake her out of it. Bonnie takes Damon to the ground and steals the white oak stake from him. She stabs herself in the hand and offers her blood to Alaric.

Alaric is not officially an original vampire.

Needless to say, next weeks episode is going to be badass! This season is getting even more awesome, and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

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2 Responses to “TV Review: The Vampire Diaries S3E20 – Do Not Go Gentle”

  1. Emma said

    Only 2 more episodes. How will we cope without The Vampire Diaries? 🙂

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