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TV Review: The Vampire Diaries S3E19 – Heart of Darkness

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on April 19, 2012

The Vampire Diaries season 3 episode 19: Heart of Darkness

After a two week hiatus, it’s finally back! I hate when The Vampire Diaries isn’t on, but I sooo love when it returns : )

Alaric locked himself in the Salvatore’s basement so that he can’t hurt anyone with the white oak stake that his vampire-hating-alter-ego hid. He doesn’t know where he hid it, and doesn’t want to kill anyone; especially Damon and Stefan.

Now that Klaus knows where Jeremy is, Jeremy is no longer safe. Elena is going with Damon to Denver to make sure Jeremy is alright.

It was Stefan’s idea for the two of them to go on this trip together. He knows Elena has unresolved feelings for Damon, and is hoping this trip will make her feelings clear either way. Stefan believes that it doesn’t matter what he has to go through to get Elena back if she still has feelings for Damon.

Damon and Elena find Jeremy at the batting cages. Damon wants Jeremy to talk to Rose since she’s dead, and Jeremy “sees dead people” : )

Cole shows up while they’re talking and cracks a bat over Damon’s head. As Cole turns around to get another bat, Damon sticks the broken bat through Cole’s chest. It doesn’t kill him, but it does slow him down a hell of a lot. Jeremy, Damon and Elena stay at a motel to hide from Cole and try to contact Rose.

After some trying, Rose finally shows up and tells Jeremy that she was sired by Mary Porter, not an original. Rose is going to try to find out where Mary is and will let them know when she finds her.

Stefan calls Damon to catch up and tell each other what they’ve been up to. Damon tells Stefan that they’re staying in a motel and just hangs up, causing his brothers thoughts to run wild.

Jeremy asks Elena what the deal is with her and Damon. She claims nothing, but Jeremy knows otherwise. He admits that even Rose said something about the two of them.

Later on, Damon gets out of the shower and sits at a table drinking thinking Elena is asleep. Meanwhile, she’s just admiring the view. Who wouldn’t be?

Damon finally catches her looking at him, and crosses the room and lays in bed next to her. He reaches for her hand, causing Elena to become flustered. She gets out of bed and leaves the room. Damon follows her, and Elena ends up kissing him. Then Damon pushes her against the wall for a full on make out session. Jeremy comes out and finds the two of them, interrupting because Rose is back and knows where Mary is. You twat blocker, Jeremy!

The three of them show up at Mary’s and sneak into her house. They find Mary staked to the wall, and Cole sitting next to her. Cole takes a bat to Damon (again) and begins wailing on him. Elena tries to run away, but Cole stopped her. He mentions that she’s off limits according to Klaus, but not to push him.

Once Damon is down, Cole takes off leaving them alone. Damon slowly gets up, and notices a cut on Elena’s head. He gets close to look at it, but Elena pulls back. Damon confronts her and asks her what she’s doing: why she came on the trip, why she kissed him. He accuses her of waiting for him to screw things up between them so she won’t have to make a decision between him and Stefan. Damon claims that he won’t make it so easy for her this time.

When they get in the car and leave, Rose shows up in the back seat next to Jeremy. She warns Jeremy not to say anything. Rose admits that Damon and Elena bring each other to life, and asks Jeremy not to be mad if they ever get together.

And there is another event going on in Mystic Falls! There’s a decade dance going on at the high school and Caroline and Rebecca are fighting over the theme. Umm… when did Rebecca enroll in high school?

When Rebecca gets home from school, her mother is there. She tells Rebecca that she’s dying. Her mother was created from the Bennett bloodline, and when Abby died she  started dying too.

Tyler’s back! Caroline meets him in the woods and they go into the cave where he turns for a little reunion sex. Jeremy broke his sire bond with Klaus, and wants to test that it is really broken. Caroline fills Tyler in on everything that he missed, and that Tyler will die if Klaus is killed.

Tyler is going to stay at Caroline’s until they hear back from Damon and Stefan about what to do with Klaus. Tyler finds the drawing that Klaus made of Caroline, and he gets protective and defensive. He wants to know what’s really going on between Caroling and Klaus. When she says nothing happened, he doesn’t believe her and leaves.

Stefan visits Alaric in the basement and mentions the road trip. Alaric asks Stefan why he would ever send Elena and Damon off together. As they’re talking, Klaus shows up and is pissed that Stefan doesn’t know where the other stake is yet. Klaus kills Alaric to try and get his other side to show up once the ring brings him back to life.

Alaric is out cold for half the night and wakes up as himself. He’s sick and tired of waiting for his ‘other side’ to appear, and begs Stefan to torture the information out of him.

Alaric takes his ring off and Stefan punches him in the face. Stefan hits Alaric’s nose and it instantly begins bleeding. Stefan vamps out and begins to freak. Alaric begs him not to back off because they need this information.

Stefan throws Alaric against the wall, and bam! Alaric’s alter ego appears! It’s like he knew exactly what to do. Stefan’s so magical.

Alaric is teasing and tempting Stefan, so Stefan beats the shit out of him. As Stefan threatens to snap Alaric’s neck, Alaric’s alter ego admits that the stake is in the cave where no vampire can get it.

When Stefan locks Alaric in the basement and comes upstairs, Klaus and Rebecca are standing there listening. Rebecca drags Alaric to the caves to get the stake. When he finds it, he wants to know what she wants for it. Alaric tries to bargain with Rebecca, but she’s not buying it.

Then all of a sudden, Rebecca crosses into the cave where vampires shouldn’t be allowed to go. He asks her what the hell is going on. She says that her name is Ester, that her son used Alaric’s body at some point, and that they have a lot in common.

Side note: if I was gay I would totally fuck Rebecca. She’s gorgeous and has an amazing accent. That is all!

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