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TV Review: The Vampire Diaries S3E18 – The Murder of One

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on April 5, 2012

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 18: The Murder of One

Original air date: March 29, 2012

Elena stops by to see how Alaric is doing since his latest black out, but Damon won’t let her in the apartment. When she tries to push past him, Damon says Alaric is indisposed and she finally leaves.

Once Elena is out of ear shot, Alaric, Damon and Stefan begin cutting up the Wickery Bridge sign. They begin making stakes out of the remaining white oak to kill the originals.

When they’re finished making the stakes, Stefan texts Elena, Caroline and Matt to meet up in the woods. Stefan shows up him Damon and the stakes. They fill everyone else in on their plan to kill the originals.

Klaus finds Finn and tells him that he needs to go back to Mystic Falls to undo the spell their mother placed upon them. Rebecca sides with Klaus and they corner Finn and drag him back to Klaus’s mansion. Sage walks down the stairs and Finn runs right to her.

Damon is in the process of hiding the stakes at his house when Rebecca shows up. She throws Alaric down the stairs and stabs Damon in the stomach.

Rebecca takes Damon to Klaus’s mansion and hangs him by his wrists with animal traps. Rebecca tries to bleed Damon of vervain so that he can be compelled by her.

Once they realize Damon is missing, Elena and Stefan have an argument about what to do: Elena wants to save him, and Stefan wants to stay on point and kill one of the originals. They both know that Damon would want the originals dead even through his suffering, but Elena can’t help but want to save him.

While Damon is strung up bleeding out from Rebecca’s slashes, he hallucinates about Elena saving him and drinking from her vein. He is really falling for Elena and can’t get over her.

Sage and Finn are drinking at The Grill when Matt gives them two tequila’s and slips vervain into it. Stefan is also there and texts everyone: ‘Get Ready.’

Sage and Finn taste the vervain right away, and Stefan makes a show of leaving right in front of them to lure them outside. Elena and Matt are outside and shoot Finn with a crossbow. The arrow made of white ash hits him in the chest and he bursts into flames and dies.

Klaus kidnapped Bonnie and is forcing her to undo the spell Klaus’s mother put on their family. Klaus is blackmailing Bonnie into helping him or he’ll hurt Jeremy and her mother.

Bonnie casts the spell to undo the curse just before Finn dies, so he is the only one that actually dies; all of the other originals are still alive. Bonnie sees Damon hanging and bleeding out, but doesn’t help him because he turned her mother into a vampire.

Bonnie calls Elena and tells her what she did and that she saw Damon hanging in Klaus’s mansion. Bonnie is struggling with what she just did, and is tired of being out of control. She breaks down outside and doesn’t know what to do anymore.

Just as Stefan is about to leave and rescue Damon, Sage busts down the door and attacks him. Then just as suddenly she begins puking blood and dies.

Stefan figures out that once Finn died, everyone he turned will eventually die as well. That means that if they kill all of the originals, every vampire ever created would die out: Klaus, Rebecca, Elijah, Stefan, Damon, Caroline, Tyler, and so on. A very cool twist to the story, I must add!

Stefan finally goes to rescue Damon and runs into Klaus and Rebecca. Stefan offers to trade the remaining eight stakes of white ash for Damon. Only problem is Klaus compels Damon into telling him that there are eleven stakes left, not eight. Klaus gets pissed and demands the remaining stakes. Rebecca lets Damon go as a sign of good faith.

Before leaving, Stefan tells them that Finn is dead and Rebecca can’t get over it. Klaus is showing no remorse whatsoever. He claims that as soon as they get the rest of the stakes, he’s going to take Ehlena’s blood, leave Mystic Falls, and create a new family of hybrids. Rebecca says that she might stay, and Klaus tells her she’s just as pathetic as Finn was.

Stefan tells Elena that he won’t go after Klaus anymore because its not worth it. Stefan admits that he enjoyed being with Klaus because it was an excuse to ignore everything that was going on around him; especially his relationship with Elena.

Elena admits that she’s still in love with Stefan, even after everything he’s done. Stefan blames himself for pushing her away and for causing her to have feelings for Damon. Elena can’t deny those feelings.

Damon goes to Alaric to get the last stake and Alaric can’t find it. His “vampire-hating-alter-ego” hid the stake and no one knows where it is. From this we can assume that we are going to see Alaric’s alter ego at least once more this season, if not more. Can’t wait to see what happens!

I can’t believe that they gave up the white oak stakes so quickly. They could have used that story line for much longer if they wanted to since it was such a big deal.

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