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TV Review: The Vampire Diaries S3E17 – Break On Through

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on March 22, 2012

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 17: Break On Through

Original Air Date: March 22, 2012

Damon in the shower alert! Damon in the shower alert! Gotta love those episodes : ) With nothing as important to say, a lot happened in this episode… so bare with me:

What would Mystic Falls be without another town function? The entire town shows up for the rebuilding of Wickery Bridge… including Sage. While Damon is talking to her, Rebecca almost starts a cat fight.

Damon is curious how Sage and Rebecca even know each other, and Sage explains that she is in love with Finn (Rebecca’s brother). Sage offers to help Damon get inside Rebecca’s head to see why she’s still hanging around since all of her family left.

Damon and Sage dance while drunk on wine and Rebecca just watches from the sidelines. For attention, Rebecca bites a human Sage brought for dinner. Damon helps Rebecca drain the human. Damon then tells Rebecca he wants her, not Sage.

After Damon and Rebecca sleep together, Sage sneaks into the room and reads Rebecca’s thoughts. Sage ‘sees’ that Rebecca is looking for the second white oak tree. Damon finds out the remnants of the tree are part of the Wickery Bridge.

Now that Damon has a way of killing Rebecca and Klaus, Sage puts a stop to it. She doesn’t want anything happening to Finn because she truly believes they are soul mates. They make a deal: Damon will kill Rebecca and leave Finn unharmed. When Damon goes to change out of his towel (insert sad face here), Sage is gone from the house. And he’s got a good idea where she’s headed.

Damon rushes to Wickery Bridge and finds Rebecca burning the entire thing down. He turns around to find Sage standing by his car. Damon realizes that Sage set him up by getting inside his head to find out all of the originals are linked. If Damon kills Rebecca, Finn will die as well.

Meredith schedules Alaric for a cat-scan to see if there is anything wrong with his brain… ya know since he’s been having black outs and murdering people?

When Alaric first told Meredith about the ring, she suspected he was killing the council members. She covered it up and wants to help him because she doesn’t like seeing him hurt over something he can’t control.

All the results come back normal, so there is nothing physically wrong with Alaric’s brain. Before leaving the hospital, Alaric gives Elena the ring. He doesn’t want it anymore because it’s too much of a risk.

Meredith gives Alaric the paperwork she has been collecting on him: the police reports, medical records. He says that there’s something he needs to tell her that isn’t in the reports: he slayed her cousin, Logan Fell. Meredith admits that she stays out of the council vampire business since everyone else is so preoccupied with it.

Elena shows up at Stefan’s just as he’s about to have ‘lunch.’ She drops off a book with information from Samantha Gilbert that Stefan found. Turns out Samantha Gilbert was committed to a mental institution and killed herself by trying to perform a self-lobotomy.

When Damon gets home, he finds Stefan surrounded by empty blood bags on the basement floor. He’s “stress eating” over the confrontation he had with Elena, and gets mad at Damon because he spoke to Elena about him.

Caroline stole blood from a blood drive to help Bonnie’s mother, Abby, adjust to being a vampire. Bonnie made Abby a daylight ring and now she won’t do anything but stand in her garden.

Caroline tries to talk to Jamie, but he’s afraid of her and Abby because they’re both vampires. Caroline tells Jamie that this is when Abby needs him the most and he can’t turn his back on her.

Jamie comes back in the house to talk with Abby and show that he’s okay with her being a vampire. When he gives her a hug, she can’t stand being so close to a human and bites his neck. Abby freaks out and wants to take off, but Bonnie tells her that it would hurt her so much. Bonnie is there to help her mother and she doesn’t want her bailing again.

Bonnie agrees to undo the spell on the ring that Alaric wore. Since it was created by a Bennett witch, Elena figures a Bennett witch might be able to undo what it’s done to Alaric. Bonnie says that she needs something of Alaric’s before he ever started wearing the ring. He tells Elena to go to his loft and get his wedding ring.

When Elena goes to get the ring, Stefan shows up; Alaric told him she’d be there. Stefan informs Elena that he did some more digging on Samantha Gilbert: when she was in the mental institution she wasn’t allowed any personal affects… including jewelry. She killed an inmate and a guard when she wasn’t even wearing the ring.

Stefan and Elena go through Alaric’s things while at his loft and find pictures of all his previous victims. There is also a note to Jeremy about continuing Alaric’s ‘work’ if anything should happened to him. Alaric wrote that the counsel needs to be cleansed before the work can begin. There is a list of counsel members that Stefan believes is a hit list. Elena doesn’t want to believe this, so she just grabs the wedding ring and takes off.

Alaric is at the house alone with Meredith and asks her if she’s ever feels remorse. She is part of the council and ignoring her vampire responsibilities by turning her head the other way. As she’s about to answer, Alaric picks up a kitchen knife and stabs her with it. She pours hot coffee on him and tears off through the house locking herself in Elena’s bathroom.

That’s why I love this show! I figured Elena would show up and stop anything bad from happening… but nope! No one is safe in this show.

Stefan takes Elena home and he notices the broken coffee mug in the kitchen just as Alaric is walking down the stairs. Elena sees a bloody knife on the floor and just as Alaric goes to attack her, Stefan puts him in a sleeper hold until he’s out.

Stefan smells blood coming from upstairs and knows that Meredith is hurt in the house. He asks Elena to go upstairs with him because he’s going to need her to keep him in check. He bangs the door open and finds Meredith bleeding all over the bathroom floor. Elena rushes to help her while Stefan stands in the doorway and starts to vamp out. Elena gets nervous, but Stefan only bites his wrist to feed Meredith and help her heal.

Alaric wakes up in the morning to find Damon sitting in a chair next to him. Alaric has no recollection of anything that happened the night before.

Bonnie gives Elena herbs that Alaric has to take twice a day that will make him better. Bonnie is going to stay with her mother and rebuild her garden. Elena apologizes for having her mother turned into a vampire because of her, and asks for Bonnie to forgive her.

Caroline stays with Jamie and Abby already helping rebuild the garden. Seems Caroline and Jamie are hitting it off pretty well! Future love interest there?

When Caroline goes into the house she sees Abby with packed bags and writing a note. Caroline freaks out on her and tells her that Bonnie grew up with out a mother and she can’t do that to her again. Abby ignores Caroline and walks out anyway.

Elena calls Jeremy and asks if she’s spoken with Alaric. He hasn’t, but we see him still wearing the other Gilbert ring.

Damon finds the Wickery Bridge sign that is also made of the same wood as the bridge: white oak. Damon and Stefan can now create an entire arsenal to kill the originals.

This episode was great: a lot of plot development and constant moving of the stories. Cannot wait until next week when the Salvatore’s take on the originals!

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