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TV Review: The Walking Dead S2E13 – Beside the Dying Fire, Season Finale

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on March 19, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 13: Beside the Dying Fire (Season Finale)

I must say that this entire episode was amazing. Everything was so well done, it was truly one of the best non-stop action season finales I’ve ever seen.

The episode starts with a shot of empty daytime Atlanta. No people, no cars. We suddenly see a flying helicopter and horde of walkers all heading in the same direction.

The walkers walk through the woods, plow down a wooden fence and keep on walking. They go throughout the night into a dark forest when they hear a gunshot.

Next we see Carl and Rick walking away in the distance, so we know that this was the shot that killed Shane. All we see is walkers coming at them from every direction.

Best. Opening. Scene. Ever.

The mood was set for the rest of the episode in those few opening minutes. Walkers are running out of places to go, and are now all heading for the farm.

Carl is walking back to the farm with Rick and wants to know how Shane died. There were no walkers around, and it was just the two of them. Just as Rick is about to explain, he sees the horde of walkers heading right for them. They can’t make it back to the house, so they head for the main barn. Rick pours gasoline all over the barn floor while leading all the walkers in after him. He slowly climbs up to the hay loft and has Carl drop a lighter on the spilled gasoline. The entire barn floor and all of the walkers are instantly set on fire.

This scene was so awesome to watch. This was a real barn that was built for the show, and eventually to burn it down. To view the entire thing collapsing was eerily beautiful.

Daryl and Glenn return to the main house and tell everyone that Shane lied about his encounter with Randall. When they realize neither Rick or Shane have returned, they go out to look for them. As soon as they walk onto the porch, they see walkers coming from every direction. Everyone goes back inside and turns off all lights.

Lori is freaking out because she just realized that Carl is missing. He left ten minutes ago and just walker-Shane in the forehead! How do you just now realize he’s missing? Didn’t you think to look for him when you heard the gunshot?

Andrea, Daryl, T-Dog, Glenn and Maggie take cars around the farm and go on a walker shooting spree. Anything that is shuffling along gets a bullet in the head.

Jimmy sees Rick and Carl on the edge of the burning barn and drives the Winnebago to where they are. Rick and Carl jump, but as soon as they do, walkers break down the door and attack Jimmy. Rick and Carl climb down the back ladder and take of running for the woods.

All across the farm the group is shooting at walkers and barely making a dent. They realize they have to leave the main house on the farm because that is where all the walkers are headed. However, Hershel won’t go. He wants to stand his ground and protect his farm.

A walker grabs Patricia as she runs for a car and gets attacked by three more. Leaving her behind, Lori, Maggie and Beth climb into a car and drive away.

Andrea sees Carol while killing walkers and goes to help her. They’re trying to fend off the walkers, but they won’t stop attacking. Daryl hears Carol scream and rides his motorcycle to the rescue, leaving Andrea behind.

Rick and Carl make it back to the house, and make Hershel leave with them. Hershel accepts the fact that the walkers have overtaken his farm, and there is no way to take them all down. When Rick drives away from the farm, Hershel stares back and watches his home become overrun with walkers.

The entire scene of everyone fighting for their lives to get off the farm was so intense. Every minute literally had me on the edge of my seat and I never wanted it to end.

Rick, Carl and Hershel go to the highway where they left supplies for Sophia, hoping that everyone else will head there as well. Carl is scared because his mom isn’t there like Rick said she would be. Hershel tries to get Rick to take Carl to safety, but Rick won’t split up.

All of a sudden, they hear engines and the entire rest of the group shows up! All at the same time! What are the odds of that!

They realize who’s missing and try to figure out what happened: Shane, Andrea, Jimmy and Patricia. They know most of them are dead, but no one can recall what happened to Andrea.

A walker shows up while they’re talking and they realize they need to stay off the main roads. The cars are running low on gas, and they need to find a place to stay the night. The whole group needs to rest, find food, gas, and then move on.

Everyone who wasn’t out looking for Randall still doesn’t know the whole story. Daryl admits that Randall died from Shane snapping his neck and had no bite marks. Everyone is guessing how he could have become a walker, when Rick speaks up and admits that they’re all infected; just like the Dr. Jenner told him during the season 1 finale.

This was a great tie back to the first season. I remember this happening and thought that was the reason why everyone was turning into walkers, but I was glad when they confirmed it on screen.

Everyone is pissed at Rick for keeping this information to himself for so long. He believes that he did the right thing and is tired of everyone getting on his case. He walks away from the group and Lori follows him to try and calm him down.

Rick admits exactly what happened with Shane: how Shane thought Rick was in the way of Lori and Carl; how Shane set Rick up by killing Randall; how Shane turned into a walker; how Carl shot Shane. Lori freaks out and won’t even let Rick touch her. She looks at him like she doesn’t know who he is anymore.

The poor guy didn’t have any other choice! And when he really needs someone to lean on, his wife walks away. *goes up to Rick and gives him a hug*

Poor Andrea has been running through the woods by herself this entire time followed by so many walkers she can’t even stop to catch her breath. She’s out of ammo and is fighting walkers with her bare hands or stabbing them. One of them takes her down and just as she’s about to get bit, the walkers head is chopped off. A hooded figure is standing over Andrea with two walkers on chained leashes.

The group is huddled around a fire when they hear a noise from the woods. Maggie says that they need to leave, and Rick says no. Carol begs Rick to do something, and Rick finally loses it. He tells everyone how he’s been protecting them this whole time, keeping them alive and together.

Rick give anyone who wants to leave a chance to go, but no one moves. He then says that if they’re going to stay, it’s not a democracy anymore. What Rick say’s goes.

The camera slowly pans up and we see a huge building complex in the background not far from where they are staying.

And that’s how season 2 ends… setting up season 3 beautifully.

After killing Shane, Rick is becoming this hard, ugly person. He knows that in order to protect the group, they all have to listen to him. He feels that he knows best, and I see huge problems with this come next season.

Biggest thing I would change for next season? Give Daryl a bigger role. He was one of my favorite characters at the end of the first season/beginning of this season, then slowly he got pushed to the sidelines. Daryl is such a complex character that they really could do a lot with, and I hope they do.

The biggest problem with this show? Next season isn’t until the fall! What am I going to do until then?!

Best part of this entire season? They finally left the farm!
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2 Responses to “TV Review: The Walking Dead S2E13 – Beside the Dying Fire, Season Finale”

  1. Emma said

    I hope they give Daryl a bigger role too, but I don’t think Rick is becoming a hard, ugly person. He’s a leader and he’s the only one, apart from Daryl capable of keeping the group safe. So glad they’ve finally left the farm!!

  2. Gerard said

    I really felt for Andrea after getting abandoned in the rush to escape the farm. It was total pandemonium, and I guess no-one could know for sure that she hadn’t either already escaped or been eaten. Still, what I loved about her character was that she battled hard to stay alive – she was literally on the point of collapse when the samurai lady came to her rescue!

    A bit disappointed with Rick, whose extended new-dictator rant could have been replaced with a reasonable “We suspected Shane of killing Otis for a while, he killed Randall in the forest and was planning to shoot me as well. He had to be neutralized.” Simples.

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