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TV Review: The Vampire Diaries S3E16 – 1912

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on March 15, 2012

The Vampire Diaries season 3 episode 16: 1912

The Vampire Diaries is back! After a one month hiatus, my withdrawal is finally over.

The episode begins in Mystic Falls, 1912. We see a founding counsel member get murdered, but we have no idea who the killer is.

Stefan and Damon try and figure out who is framing Alaric, and end up discussing a similar serial killer that was in Mystic Falls in 1912. Their ‘uncle’ was murdered, and at the funeral is when Stefan and Damon see each other for the first time since they’ve turned. Damon is still furious with Stefan about turning him.

Mayor Lockwood meets with Rebecca because Rebecca is trying to find the location of the other white ash tree. Turns out the Salvatore family ran the logging mills back in the 1900’s when it was more than likely cut down.

Rebecca talks to Stefan and Damon about the logging mills, and hears them discussing the serial killer from 1912. They all assume that the murder is a vampire because of the number of bodies that turned up and the killer was never caught.

Liz is questioning Alaric in jail for the murders of Caroline’s father and Meredith’s ex. He can’t remember where he was on the night of the murders; he just assumes that he was at home. One of the nights in question he was on the phone with Meredith for an hour, but doesn’t remember ever talking to her.

Elena confronts Meredith about framing Alaric, and begs her to stop. Meredith asks Elena how well she really knows Alaric. Alaric was arrested four times before the age of 21, and had two restraining orders put out on him. Meredith tries to convince Elena that Alaric is the murderer, not her.

Elena is convinced that Meredith is guilty and breaks into her place with Matt to prove it. Being a member of one of the founding families, Elena knows that Meredith has to be hiding information somewhere just like everyone else. They find a false wall in the closet, with a box full of paperwork on everyone that was murdered… and Alaric.

After reading through the paperwork, Matt notices that the time of death for one of the murders is different from what Liz has on the official paperwork.

There is also a Gilbert journal in the box, but before they can look through the it, Meredith comes home.

Liz brings Elena and Matt to the police station for breaking and entering. When they mention the fact that they found false paperwork, Liz tells them she already had paperwork from the coroner stating that it was a mistake.

Under some mysterious circumstance, Matt and Elena are just allowed to leave without being charged! How convenient for them.

Matt stole the Gilbert journal from Meredith’s and gave it to Elena just as Alaric walks in the front door after being released from jail.

Stefan is having a hard time not drinking human blood, and is starting to crack. When they leave the Mystic Grill, Damon bites a female walking by and Stefan comes running at the smell of fresh blood. Damon says that if Stefan doesn’t drink, Rebecca will drain her.

Damon wants blood to stop controlling Stefan’s life. He wants to help ‘train’ Stefan how to control it. Stefan starts to drink and Damon stops him before he can kill her.

Then Matt and Elena show up. How does Elena always manage to be everywhere she’s not supposed to?!

Elena sees Stefan with blood all over his face and wants to know whats going on. Matt tells her that they need to go, and they leave together.

Now Stefan is really pissed at Damon. Damon tries his best to tell Stefan that he did a good with his restraint. Stefan starts to talk about Elena, but Damon cuts him off. They argue, and Stefan admits that he doesn’t need Damon’s help.

Apparently Damon tried to help Stefan once before in (guess what year?!) 1912 and that didn’t end very well. Damon wants to help Stefan now because he watched his brother slaughter dozens of innocent people can’t watch that happen again. Damon admits that Stefan is all he has left.

Stefan went into their ‘family archive’ (like every family just has one), and discovered that Samantha Gilbert was arrested for the murders in Mystic Falls in 1912. Damon doesn’t believe that because he thought he had killed her. They come to the conclusion that she was either a vampire, or had a Gilbert I’m-never-gonna-die-a-paranormal-death ring.

Meredith shows up to talk to Alaric, but he just about slams the door in her face. Meredith admits that she was the one that forged the fake paperwork from the coroners office to clear Alaric of murder. She begs him to trust her and says that she needs to talk to him.

Meredith suggests that Alaric is killing people and doesn’t remember it because of the ring he’s wearing. She claims that him dying so often is messing with his mind. Elena agrees, and finds evidence in the Gilbert journal that this happened once before in (yup, you guessed it!) 1912.

Alaric is beginning to lose his shit, and Meredith seems to be the sane one. Stefan is flying off the handle craving blood and wanting to kill people, and Damon is willing to help him through this tough time just because he’s his brother. What is Mystic Falls coming to?

But more importantly… when is Jeremy coming back?!

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One Response to “TV Review: The Vampire Diaries S3E16 – 1912”

  1. Rhonda D said

    I love this show! I am so excited the new episodes are back! Yay!

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