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TV Review: The Walking Dead S2E12 – Better Angels

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on March 12, 2012

The Walking Dead season 2 episode 12: Better Angels

As the second to last episode of a season, The Walking Dead is still kicking it into gear! There were people dying, walkers dying, and a badass ending I don’t think anyone saw coming.

Andrea, Dale, T-Dog, and Shane patrol around the farm for walkers and stumble upon a small pack of them. I must admit that I loved this scene! Andrea shoving a pitchfork through two walkers heads? Gore at it’s finest.

With all of the danger around the farm, Hershel invites Rick and the rest to stay inside the house. They all pack up their things and move inside.

I was hoping that they would leave the farm sometime soon… *crickets* Guess that’s not happening now that they moved in!

Rick tells his camp what he wants them to do to help protect the farm, and Shane does not like getting orders. Especially from Rick.

Hershel tells Rick that he’s got no more patience for Shane, and you can tell Hershel doesn’t want Shane in his house. Rick asks Andrea to keep an eye on Shane when Rick’s not around because he doesn’t trust him.

Carl walks up to Shane and wants to tell him a secret; something he doesn’t want his parents knowing. Carl admits to Shane that he saw the walker that killed Dale earlier that day. He feels guilty for not telling anyone, and feels if he did say something Dale would still be alive. Carl also hands over the gun that he took from Daryl’s motorcycle, but Shane tells him to keep it. Carl insists that he’ll never touch another gun again and doesn’t want it.

Shane is making a lookout perch on Hershel’s windmill when Lori goes to talk to him. She starts getting all sentimental and thanks him for saving her and Carl’s lives. She reminisces about Shane getting them out of Atlanta when the entire town was burning, and everything he’s done for them in since. Lori apologizes for how things turned out between them, and can’t imagine how hard it is on Shane.

Shane tells Rick about Carl seeing the walker that killed Dale. Rick says that he’ll have Lori talk to Carl, but Shane insists that Rick focus more on his son and less on the farm. They argue, then quickly stop when Shane gives Rick the gun Carl handed him.

Rick finds Carl in the main barn and sits with him to talk. Rick hands him the gun back, and tells him that what happened to Dale and nothing to do with him. Rick admits that people are going to keep continuing to die so unfortunately Carl must accept that; it’s just the way their lives are now.

Side note: why is everyone insistent on a young kid having a loaded gun?! *irony*

Shane visits their prisoner, Randall,  in the barn and puts a gun to his head, but doesn’t pull the trigger. Something crazy flashes across Shane’s face, and he changes his mind.

T-Dog goes to the barn and discovers Randall missing. Turns out Shane let him lose and dragged him through the woods.

Shane tells Randall to take him back to his camp. They start walking, and suddenly Shane snaps Randall’s neck. Shane has this crazy look on his face, then runs face first into a tree. Shane is seriously losing it this episode!

He walks back to camp and hides his gun under the leaves before rejoining the others. Shane tells Rick that Randall smacked him in the face with a rock, stole his gun, and took of running in the woods.

Shane, Rick, Glenn and Daryl take off to look for Randall. Daryl is immediately suspicious saying that Randall weighs 125 pounds soaking wet; how could he have got the jump on Shane?

The group splits up to cover both sides of the farm: Shane and Rick going one way, Daryl and Glenn going another.

Daryl and Glenn finds two sets of footprints and knows that Shane followed Randall a lot longer than he admitted. They spot Shane’s blood on the tree, and know something different happened than what Shane admitted to.

Glenn and Daryl hear a noise, then see Randall stumble from behind a tree as a walker. They kill him, examine his body, and determine that he died from his neck being snapped. He has no bite marks on him… so how did he become a walker?

As Rick and Shane walk through the woods, Rick watches Shane the entire time. Rick keeps questioning him about what happened with Randall, and knows that Shane’s lying.

They stop in a field and Rick knows that Shane intends to kill him. Shane tells Rick that Lori and Carl got over him once, they’ll be able to do it again. Shane believes that he was a better father than Rick, and when Rick came back he destroyed everything.

Shane points his gun at Rick, and tells him to raise his own. Rick won’t do it and tells Shane to take his gun. Shane’s still all crazy eyed and starting to lose it more and more.

As Shane goes to reach for Rick’s gun, Rick stabs Shane in the stomach killing him.

Carl stumbles onto the field and sees Rick standing over Shane’s dead body. Carl raises the gun at Rick as he gets closer. Over Rick’s shoulder, we see Shane get up as a walker and head towards them. Carl shoots Shane in the head, killing him again.

The entire scene between Shane and Rick was extremely tense, and very well done. Part of you feels bad for Shane because he’s lonely and doesn’t have anyone, but the other part can see that he’s starting to fly off the handle.

The biggest question is how did Shane and Randall come back to life as walkers? Neither of them were ever scratched or bitten. I hope they answer this question next week, because the previous showed an entire field of walkers heading straight towards the farm.

I cannot wait for next weeks season finale!

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