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Book Review: Forged in Fire, by Trish McCallan

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on March 8, 2012

Forged in Fire, by Trish McCallan

Beth Brown doesn’t believe in premonitions until she dreams a sexy stranger is gunned down during the brutal hijacking of a commercial airliner. When events in her dream start coming true, she heads to the flight’s departure gate. To her shock, she recognizes the man she’d watched die the night before.

Lieutenant Commander Zane Winters comes from a bloodline of elite warriors with psychic abilities. When Zane and two of his platoon buddies arrive at Sea-Tac Airport, he has a vision of his teammates’ corpses. Then she arrives—a leggy blonde who sets off a different kind of alarm.

As Beth teams up with Zane, they discover the hijacking is the first step in a secret cartel’s deadly global agenda and that key personnel within the FBI are compromised. To survive the forces mobilizing against them, Beth will need to open herself to a psychic connection with the sexy SEAL who claims to be her soul mate.

I. Absolutely. Love. This. Book.

It has everything that I enjoy in a book: fast paced story, danger, action, suspense, hot SEAL’s, and even hotter sex. Plus a shout out to JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and couldn’t put it down. I read it faster than I had anticipated, and was disappointed when it was over!  I already can’t wait for the sequel.

The main reason why I enjoyed this book so much is because it is extremely well written. The story plays out in ‘real time’ so you feel you are on the journey with these characters. There is no skipping through nights or days; this story literally plays out minute by minute.

Something else that was really cool was seeing the same scene from two different characters perspectives. We see a scene from the ‘good guys’ point of view, and then right afterwards the ‘bad guys’ points of view. The reader knows what the bad guys are thinking heightening the suspense a great deal.

The action in this story starts on the second page when Lieutenant Commander Zane Winters has a premonition of his fellow soldiers dying on the plane they are about to board. As he finishes telling his team (who know about his premonitions) about what he had just ‘seen,’ an unknown woman approaches them. She looks nervous and says that she needs to talk to them because they are all about to die.

Zane stares at Beth like she is out of her mind. He has never met anyone that has the same capabilities as him, and is unsure what to do. Zane also doesn’t no how to handle the fact that he gets aroused just from hearing her voice. As Beth moves closer, his arousal grows stronger. Zane, however, is not alone in these intense feelings. Beth also has an extremely strong attraction to Zane and does not know why.

Beth tells the three men about a dream she had about terrorists taking over a plane and shooting everyone in coach… including them. The SEAL’s look at each other, since this is more information than what Zane had seen. Beth glances around the people at the terminal, and recognizes a few of the terrorists from her dream. She tells the SEAL’s and they go after them.

All hell breaks loose and only some of the terrorists are contained. The rest of the book (which you’ll have to read for the awesome details!) are the SEAL’s working to take down the rest of terrorists, and save the hostages that they learn are being held. You’ll also see why Beth and Zane have such a strong intimate connection.

They say when writing a book you have to lure your readers in the first chapter. This book definitely succeeded in doing that! There were mentions of Zane’s cock going rock hard and Beth’s nipples tightening within the first few pages. The sizzling sexual tension between these two only builds throughout the story. And when they finally corner each other in a closet? *fans self* Well, you’ll just have to read it for yourself.

I highly recommend everyone reading this book!

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7 Responses to “Book Review: Forged in Fire, by Trish McCallan”

  1. melissa portillo said

    is this in a series?? it looks awesome!!

  2. Glad you loved it Monica! 🙂

  3. Aurian said

    Great review, I have put this on my wishlist! Thanks.

  4. Hi Monica,

    I’m so thrilled you like it! And thanks for the great review!

    This is going to be at least a four book series. Right now Montlake has them scheduled for release every six months. They will be re-releasing Forged in Fire July 1st and then Forged in Ice comes out December 1st, followed by Forged in Fury July first of 2013, and Forged in Betrayal December 1st of 2013.

    The plan is to keep the series open ended, with a spin off series about Zane’s brothers. But the release dates should remain about 6 months apart.

    • Thanks for letting me be part of this blog tour! I really enjoyed this book, and am SO happy that there will be at least four more!

      I would LOVE to read a spin off series about Zane’s brothers! That’s such a brilliant idea.

      Only bad thing is 6 months is such a long time to wait : ) but totally worth it

      • I’m hoping I can write them faster.

        I’m writing full time now, so that is a possibility. But I also have a paranormal series I’m itching to write. lol
        So many stories and so little time!

        There have been two requests I get constantly from readers. One is to see more of Beth and Zane, which readers will get to see in the next book. But I also get a ton of email from readers wanting Zane’s brothers stories. Luckily, I’ve always intended to do that too! 🙂

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