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TV Review: The Walking Dead S2E11 – Judge, Jury, Executioner

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on March 4, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 11: Judge, Jury, Executioner

This episode starts off with Randall, the young kid that Rick saved from the walkers, being held in a barn. Daryl is torturing him for information about how he has survived this long. Randall admits to living with a group of 30 people that have heavy automatic weapons. The men go around scavenging whatever they can find. They even go so far as to rape women then leave them for dead.

Rick makes the decision to kill Randall. He knows about their location and could bring those 30 people after them if he’s let go. It’s too much of a risk.

Dale disagrees, and tries to talk Rick out of it. Rick tells Dale that they will get together as a group at sunset to make a final decision.

Dale talks to Andrea and she admits that Randall is a threat that must be taken care of. For now, she will watch Randall just to make sure that no one tries to kill him until their meeting later.

Shane stops by to talk to Andrea to make sure that she won’t change her mind about killing Randall. Shane than says that things need to change and he wants to be in control of the group. I can definitely see this becoming a problem in the next two episodes!

Carl sneaks into the barn to talk to Randall, and Randall begs Carl to let him out. Shane hears them talking and pulls Carl out of the barn. Carl is becoming a little mischievous guy. He’s pushing the limits to see what he can get away with, and I like it. I feel it’s what a kid would do in his situation if the world went to hell.

The next stop on Dale’s little journey is Daryl. Daryl says he could care less about what happens to Randall, and would much rather be on his own. He knows that the group is ‘broken,’ and some major changes are in the near future.

Dale then takes his turn talking to Hershel, and Hershel admits that he doesn’t want to know what happens with Randall. He is leaving the decision up to Rick. All Hershel cares about  is that his girls safe.

Dale makes his way over to Shane and tries to change his mind. Shane admits that if Dale can convince everyone else to keep Randall alive, Shane will stand by that. But if Randall ever kills anyone or does anything wrong, the blood is on Dale’s hands.

Needless to say, Dale is really starting to get on my nerves. We understand that he doesn’t want the kid to die, but the world has changed. Everyone knows that if they don’t kill Randall, Randall will probably kill them. Why is that so hard for Dale to see?

Lori approaches Rick and tells him that if he thinks it’s best to kill Randall than she supports his decision. However, she doesn’t say it’s the right thing to do; and that bothers Rick.

Carol is telling Carol that Sophia in a better place now. Carl talks back to her saying that heaven is stupid and if she believes in it than she’s stupid too. Carol talks to Rick and Lori and says that they need to control their disrespectful son.

Carl finds a motorcycle and goes through the storage area and finds a gun. He walks into the woods on his own and finds a walker stuck in the mud. Carl inches closer and starts messing with the walker by throwing rocks at it. He is fascinated with the walker.

Carl gets as close as he can and points the gun at the walker. Suddenly, the walkers leg comes lose and he lunges for Carl. Carl scrambles away before he can be hurt.

Hershel is tending to his daughter when Glenn shows up asking if there’s anything he can do. Hershel asks Glenn about his past, then starts talking about Maggie. Hershel basically gives Glenn permission to date his daughter.

All of the adults gather in Hershel’s living room at sunset to voice their opinion on what they should do with Randall. Dale is still trying to convince everyone to spare his life, but no one agrees.

The conversation moves on and they begin talking about how to kill Randall and what to do with his body. Dale speaks up again saying that it sounds like a decision has already been made. Dale convinces everyone that they need to talk for more than five minutes about a young mans life.

Rick gives everyone one last chance to have the floor, but no one speaks up. Dale tries (again!) to convince everyone that they need to hang on to civilization, the world that they use to have, do what’s right… blah, blah, blah. Dale has killed about 20 minutes of this episode and my life that I will never get back.

The decision is made, and Dale storms out. Shane and Daryl drag Randall to the main barn and blindfold him. Rick raises the gun to Randall’s head, when Carl walks into the barn. He says, “Do it, dad,” causes Rick to freeze. Rick quickly changes his mind and tells Daryl to take Randall away.

Rick talks to Lori and tells him that Carl wanted to watch Randall die. Rick admits that he couldn’t kill Randall in front of Carl, so he let him stay in custody. You can tell that Rick is really becoming concerned about Carl’s action, and he should after the way he’s been acting.

Dale is walking across a field when he finds a cow mutilated by a walker. He turns around and the walker attacks him. [Time out: throughout this entire show we’ve never seen walkers that sneaky. They’re always heard coming a long ways off because of their staggering walks and constant moaning.]

Daryl knocks the walker off Dale, but not before the walker tares Dale’s stomach open. Carl sees the walker and recognizes it as the one that was stuck in the mud. Hershel admits there is no way they can help Dale, and Andrea wants him to stop suffering. Rick points the gun at Dale, but can’t pull the trigger. Daryl takes the gun from him and puts Dale out of his misery.

Is it horrible to say that made me happy? Dale was annoying this entire episode, and had no story line lately anyway.

With only two episodes left, I’m really curious to see what happens on the farm… and when they finally leave!

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One Response to “TV Review: The Walking Dead S2E11 – Judge, Jury, Executioner”

  1. Emma said

    Only 2 eps left? Damn, I thought this season was getting a full 22 episode run. Hopefully the last 2 episodes will be more action packed.

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