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Archive for March, 2012

Giveaway: Drinking and Winning Hop

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on March 24, 2012

This giveaway has ended.

Congrats to Tina B. for winning and choosing Tantalize: Kieren’s Story by Cynthia Lietich Smith.

Be sure to enter the Drinking and Winning Giveaway Hop hosted by Reading Romances!

The winner of this blog will choose one of the following books:
– Chosen, PC & Kristin Cast
DreamWeaver, Rejean Giguere
End of Days, Robert Gleason
Falling Together, Marisa de los Santos
I am Half-Sick of Shadows, Alan Bradley
The Time In Between, Maria Duenas
Turn of Mind, Alice LaPlante
Tantalize: Kieren’s Story,  Cynthia Leitich Smith
– The Red Pyramid, Rick Riordan

Giveaway Entry

  • This giveaway will end March 28, 2012 at midnight EST
  • United States entries only
  • Click here for full giveaway and terms and conditions

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TV Review: The Vampire Diaries S3E17 – Break On Through

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on March 22, 2012

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 17: Break On Through

Original Air Date: March 22, 2012

Damon in the shower alert! Damon in the shower alert! Gotta love those episodes : ) With nothing as important to say, a lot happened in this episode… so bare with me:

What would Mystic Falls be without another town function? The entire town shows up for the rebuilding of Wickery Bridge… including Sage. While Damon is talking to her, Rebecca almost starts a cat fight.

Damon is curious how Sage and Rebecca even know each other, and Sage explains that she is in love with Finn (Rebecca’s brother). Sage offers to help Damon get inside Rebecca’s head to see why she’s still hanging around since all of her family left.

Damon and Sage dance while drunk on wine and Rebecca just watches from the sidelines. For attention, Rebecca bites a human Sage brought for dinner. Damon helps Rebecca drain the human. Damon then tells Rebecca he wants her, not Sage.

After Damon and Rebecca sleep together, Sage sneaks into the room and reads Rebecca’s thoughts. Sage ‘sees’ that Rebecca is looking for the second white oak tree. Damon finds out the remnants of the tree are part of the Wickery Bridge.

Now that Damon has a way of killing Rebecca and Klaus, Sage puts a stop to it. She doesn’t want anything happening to Finn because she truly believes they are soul mates. They make a deal: Damon will kill Rebecca and leave Finn unharmed. When Damon goes to change out of his towel (insert sad face here), Sage is gone from the house. And he’s got a good idea where she’s headed.

Damon rushes to Wickery Bridge and finds Rebecca burning the entire thing down. He turns around to find Sage standing by his car. Damon realizes that Sage set him up by getting inside his head to find out all of the originals are linked. If Damon kills Rebecca, Finn will die as well.

Meredith schedules Alaric for a cat-scan to see if there is anything wrong with his brain… ya know since he’s been having black outs and murdering people?

When Alaric first told Meredith about the ring, she suspected he was killing the council members. She covered it up and wants to help him because she doesn’t like seeing him hurt over something he can’t control.

All the results come back normal, so there is nothing physically wrong with Alaric’s brain. Before leaving the hospital, Alaric gives Elena the ring. He doesn’t want it anymore because it’s too much of a risk.

Meredith gives Alaric the paperwork she has been collecting on him: the police reports, medical records. He says that there’s something he needs to tell her that isn’t in the reports: he slayed her cousin, Logan Fell. Meredith admits that she stays out of the council vampire business since everyone else is so preoccupied with it.

Elena shows up at Stefan’s just as he’s about to have ‘lunch.’ She drops off a book with information from Samantha Gilbert that Stefan found. Turns out Samantha Gilbert was committed to a mental institution and killed herself by trying to perform a self-lobotomy.

When Damon gets home, he finds Stefan surrounded by empty blood bags on the basement floor. He’s “stress eating” over the confrontation he had with Elena, and gets mad at Damon because he spoke to Elena about him.

Caroline stole blood from a blood drive to help Bonnie’s mother, Abby, adjust to being a vampire. Bonnie made Abby a daylight ring and now she won’t do anything but stand in her garden.

Caroline tries to talk to Jamie, but he’s afraid of her and Abby because they’re both vampires. Caroline tells Jamie that this is when Abby needs him the most and he can’t turn his back on her.

Jamie comes back in the house to talk with Abby and show that he’s okay with her being a vampire. When he gives her a hug, she can’t stand being so close to a human and bites his neck. Abby freaks out and wants to take off, but Bonnie tells her that it would hurt her so much. Bonnie is there to help her mother and she doesn’t want her bailing again.

Bonnie agrees to undo the spell on the ring that Alaric wore. Since it was created by a Bennett witch, Elena figures a Bennett witch might be able to undo what it’s done to Alaric. Bonnie says that she needs something of Alaric’s before he ever started wearing the ring. He tells Elena to go to his loft and get his wedding ring.

When Elena goes to get the ring, Stefan shows up; Alaric told him she’d be there. Stefan informs Elena that he did some more digging on Samantha Gilbert: when she was in the mental institution she wasn’t allowed any personal affects… including jewelry. She killed an inmate and a guard when she wasn’t even wearing the ring.

Stefan and Elena go through Alaric’s things while at his loft and find pictures of all his previous victims. There is also a note to Jeremy about continuing Alaric’s ‘work’ if anything should happened to him. Alaric wrote that the counsel needs to be cleansed before the work can begin. There is a list of counsel members that Stefan believes is a hit list. Elena doesn’t want to believe this, so she just grabs the wedding ring and takes off.

Alaric is at the house alone with Meredith and asks her if she’s ever feels remorse. She is part of the council and ignoring her vampire responsibilities by turning her head the other way. As she’s about to answer, Alaric picks up a kitchen knife and stabs her with it. She pours hot coffee on him and tears off through the house locking herself in Elena’s bathroom.

That’s why I love this show! I figured Elena would show up and stop anything bad from happening… but nope! No one is safe in this show.

Stefan takes Elena home and he notices the broken coffee mug in the kitchen just as Alaric is walking down the stairs. Elena sees a bloody knife on the floor and just as Alaric goes to attack her, Stefan puts him in a sleeper hold until he’s out.

Stefan smells blood coming from upstairs and knows that Meredith is hurt in the house. He asks Elena to go upstairs with him because he’s going to need her to keep him in check. He bangs the door open and finds Meredith bleeding all over the bathroom floor. Elena rushes to help her while Stefan stands in the doorway and starts to vamp out. Elena gets nervous, but Stefan only bites his wrist to feed Meredith and help her heal.

Alaric wakes up in the morning to find Damon sitting in a chair next to him. Alaric has no recollection of anything that happened the night before.

Bonnie gives Elena herbs that Alaric has to take twice a day that will make him better. Bonnie is going to stay with her mother and rebuild her garden. Elena apologizes for having her mother turned into a vampire because of her, and asks for Bonnie to forgive her.

Caroline stays with Jamie and Abby already helping rebuild the garden. Seems Caroline and Jamie are hitting it off pretty well! Future love interest there?

When Caroline goes into the house she sees Abby with packed bags and writing a note. Caroline freaks out on her and tells her that Bonnie grew up with out a mother and she can’t do that to her again. Abby ignores Caroline and walks out anyway.

Elena calls Jeremy and asks if she’s spoken with Alaric. He hasn’t, but we see him still wearing the other Gilbert ring.

Damon finds the Wickery Bridge sign that is also made of the same wood as the bridge: white oak. Damon and Stefan can now create an entire arsenal to kill the originals.

This episode was great: a lot of plot development and constant moving of the stories. Cannot wait until next week when the Salvatore’s take on the originals!

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TV Review: The Walking Dead S2E13 – Beside the Dying Fire, Season Finale

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on March 19, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 13: Beside the Dying Fire (Season Finale)

I must say that this entire episode was amazing. Everything was so well done, it was truly one of the best non-stop action season finales I’ve ever seen.

The episode starts with a shot of empty daytime Atlanta. No people, no cars. We suddenly see a flying helicopter and horde of walkers all heading in the same direction.

The walkers walk through the woods, plow down a wooden fence and keep on walking. They go throughout the night into a dark forest when they hear a gunshot.

Next we see Carl and Rick walking away in the distance, so we know that this was the shot that killed Shane. All we see is walkers coming at them from every direction.

Best. Opening. Scene. Ever.

The mood was set for the rest of the episode in those few opening minutes. Walkers are running out of places to go, and are now all heading for the farm.

Carl is walking back to the farm with Rick and wants to know how Shane died. There were no walkers around, and it was just the two of them. Just as Rick is about to explain, he sees the horde of walkers heading right for them. They can’t make it back to the house, so they head for the main barn. Rick pours gasoline all over the barn floor while leading all the walkers in after him. He slowly climbs up to the hay loft and has Carl drop a lighter on the spilled gasoline. The entire barn floor and all of the walkers are instantly set on fire.

This scene was so awesome to watch. This was a real barn that was built for the show, and eventually to burn it down. To view the entire thing collapsing was eerily beautiful.

Daryl and Glenn return to the main house and tell everyone that Shane lied about his encounter with Randall. When they realize neither Rick or Shane have returned, they go out to look for them. As soon as they walk onto the porch, they see walkers coming from every direction. Everyone goes back inside and turns off all lights.

Lori is freaking out because she just realized that Carl is missing. He left ten minutes ago and just walker-Shane in the forehead! How do you just now realize he’s missing? Didn’t you think to look for him when you heard the gunshot?

Andrea, Daryl, T-Dog, Glenn and Maggie take cars around the farm and go on a walker shooting spree. Anything that is shuffling along gets a bullet in the head.

Jimmy sees Rick and Carl on the edge of the burning barn and drives the Winnebago to where they are. Rick and Carl jump, but as soon as they do, walkers break down the door and attack Jimmy. Rick and Carl climb down the back ladder and take of running for the woods.

All across the farm the group is shooting at walkers and barely making a dent. They realize they have to leave the main house on the farm because that is where all the walkers are headed. However, Hershel won’t go. He wants to stand his ground and protect his farm.

A walker grabs Patricia as she runs for a car and gets attacked by three more. Leaving her behind, Lori, Maggie and Beth climb into a car and drive away.

Andrea sees Carol while killing walkers and goes to help her. They’re trying to fend off the walkers, but they won’t stop attacking. Daryl hears Carol scream and rides his motorcycle to the rescue, leaving Andrea behind.

Rick and Carl make it back to the house, and make Hershel leave with them. Hershel accepts the fact that the walkers have overtaken his farm, and there is no way to take them all down. When Rick drives away from the farm, Hershel stares back and watches his home become overrun with walkers.

The entire scene of everyone fighting for their lives to get off the farm was so intense. Every minute literally had me on the edge of my seat and I never wanted it to end.

Rick, Carl and Hershel go to the highway where they left supplies for Sophia, hoping that everyone else will head there as well. Carl is scared because his mom isn’t there like Rick said she would be. Hershel tries to get Rick to take Carl to safety, but Rick won’t split up.

All of a sudden, they hear engines and the entire rest of the group shows up! All at the same time! What are the odds of that!

They realize who’s missing and try to figure out what happened: Shane, Andrea, Jimmy and Patricia. They know most of them are dead, but no one can recall what happened to Andrea.

A walker shows up while they’re talking and they realize they need to stay off the main roads. The cars are running low on gas, and they need to find a place to stay the night. The whole group needs to rest, find food, gas, and then move on.

Everyone who wasn’t out looking for Randall still doesn’t know the whole story. Daryl admits that Randall died from Shane snapping his neck and had no bite marks. Everyone is guessing how he could have become a walker, when Rick speaks up and admits that they’re all infected; just like the Dr. Jenner told him during the season 1 finale.

This was a great tie back to the first season. I remember this happening and thought that was the reason why everyone was turning into walkers, but I was glad when they confirmed it on screen.

Everyone is pissed at Rick for keeping this information to himself for so long. He believes that he did the right thing and is tired of everyone getting on his case. He walks away from the group and Lori follows him to try and calm him down.

Rick admits exactly what happened with Shane: how Shane thought Rick was in the way of Lori and Carl; how Shane set Rick up by killing Randall; how Shane turned into a walker; how Carl shot Shane. Lori freaks out and won’t even let Rick touch her. She looks at him like she doesn’t know who he is anymore.

The poor guy didn’t have any other choice! And when he really needs someone to lean on, his wife walks away. *goes up to Rick and gives him a hug*

Poor Andrea has been running through the woods by herself this entire time followed by so many walkers she can’t even stop to catch her breath. She’s out of ammo and is fighting walkers with her bare hands or stabbing them. One of them takes her down and just as she’s about to get bit, the walkers head is chopped off. A hooded figure is standing over Andrea with two walkers on chained leashes.

The group is huddled around a fire when they hear a noise from the woods. Maggie says that they need to leave, and Rick says no. Carol begs Rick to do something, and Rick finally loses it. He tells everyone how he’s been protecting them this whole time, keeping them alive and together.

Rick give anyone who wants to leave a chance to go, but no one moves. He then says that if they’re going to stay, it’s not a democracy anymore. What Rick say’s goes.

The camera slowly pans up and we see a huge building complex in the background not far from where they are staying.

And that’s how season 2 ends… setting up season 3 beautifully.

After killing Shane, Rick is becoming this hard, ugly person. He knows that in order to protect the group, they all have to listen to him. He feels that he knows best, and I see huge problems with this come next season.

Biggest thing I would change for next season? Give Daryl a bigger role. He was one of my favorite characters at the end of the first season/beginning of this season, then slowly he got pushed to the sidelines. Daryl is such a complex character that they really could do a lot with, and I hope they do.

The biggest problem with this show? Next season isn’t until the fall! What am I going to do until then?!

Best part of this entire season? They finally left the farm!
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TV Review: The Vampire Diaries S3E16 – 1912

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on March 15, 2012

The Vampire Diaries season 3 episode 16: 1912

The Vampire Diaries is back! After a one month hiatus, my withdrawal is finally over.

The episode begins in Mystic Falls, 1912. We see a founding counsel member get murdered, but we have no idea who the killer is.

Stefan and Damon try and figure out who is framing Alaric, and end up discussing a similar serial killer that was in Mystic Falls in 1912. Their ‘uncle’ was murdered, and at the funeral is when Stefan and Damon see each other for the first time since they’ve turned. Damon is still furious with Stefan about turning him.

Mayor Lockwood meets with Rebecca because Rebecca is trying to find the location of the other white ash tree. Turns out the Salvatore family ran the logging mills back in the 1900’s when it was more than likely cut down.

Rebecca talks to Stefan and Damon about the logging mills, and hears them discussing the serial killer from 1912. They all assume that the murder is a vampire because of the number of bodies that turned up and the killer was never caught.

Liz is questioning Alaric in jail for the murders of Caroline’s father and Meredith’s ex. He can’t remember where he was on the night of the murders; he just assumes that he was at home. One of the nights in question he was on the phone with Meredith for an hour, but doesn’t remember ever talking to her.

Elena confronts Meredith about framing Alaric, and begs her to stop. Meredith asks Elena how well she really knows Alaric. Alaric was arrested four times before the age of 21, and had two restraining orders put out on him. Meredith tries to convince Elena that Alaric is the murderer, not her.

Elena is convinced that Meredith is guilty and breaks into her place with Matt to prove it. Being a member of one of the founding families, Elena knows that Meredith has to be hiding information somewhere just like everyone else. They find a false wall in the closet, with a box full of paperwork on everyone that was murdered… and Alaric.

After reading through the paperwork, Matt notices that the time of death for one of the murders is different from what Liz has on the official paperwork.

There is also a Gilbert journal in the box, but before they can look through the it, Meredith comes home.

Liz brings Elena and Matt to the police station for breaking and entering. When they mention the fact that they found false paperwork, Liz tells them she already had paperwork from the coroner stating that it was a mistake.

Under some mysterious circumstance, Matt and Elena are just allowed to leave without being charged! How convenient for them.

Matt stole the Gilbert journal from Meredith’s and gave it to Elena just as Alaric walks in the front door after being released from jail.

Stefan is having a hard time not drinking human blood, and is starting to crack. When they leave the Mystic Grill, Damon bites a female walking by and Stefan comes running at the smell of fresh blood. Damon says that if Stefan doesn’t drink, Rebecca will drain her.

Damon wants blood to stop controlling Stefan’s life. He wants to help ‘train’ Stefan how to control it. Stefan starts to drink and Damon stops him before he can kill her.

Then Matt and Elena show up. How does Elena always manage to be everywhere she’s not supposed to?!

Elena sees Stefan with blood all over his face and wants to know whats going on. Matt tells her that they need to go, and they leave together.

Now Stefan is really pissed at Damon. Damon tries his best to tell Stefan that he did a good with his restraint. Stefan starts to talk about Elena, but Damon cuts him off. They argue, and Stefan admits that he doesn’t need Damon’s help.

Apparently Damon tried to help Stefan once before in (guess what year?!) 1912 and that didn’t end very well. Damon wants to help Stefan now because he watched his brother slaughter dozens of innocent people can’t watch that happen again. Damon admits that Stefan is all he has left.

Stefan went into their ‘family archive’ (like every family just has one), and discovered that Samantha Gilbert was arrested for the murders in Mystic Falls in 1912. Damon doesn’t believe that because he thought he had killed her. They come to the conclusion that she was either a vampire, or had a Gilbert I’m-never-gonna-die-a-paranormal-death ring.

Meredith shows up to talk to Alaric, but he just about slams the door in her face. Meredith admits that she was the one that forged the fake paperwork from the coroners office to clear Alaric of murder. She begs him to trust her and says that she needs to talk to him.

Meredith suggests that Alaric is killing people and doesn’t remember it because of the ring he’s wearing. She claims that him dying so often is messing with his mind. Elena agrees, and finds evidence in the Gilbert journal that this happened once before in (yup, you guessed it!) 1912.

Alaric is beginning to lose his shit, and Meredith seems to be the sane one. Stefan is flying off the handle craving blood and wanting to kill people, and Damon is willing to help him through this tough time just because he’s his brother. What is Mystic Falls coming to?

But more importantly… when is Jeremy coming back?!

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TV Review: The Walking Dead S2E12 – Better Angels

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on March 12, 2012

The Walking Dead season 2 episode 12: Better Angels

As the second to last episode of a season, The Walking Dead is still kicking it into gear! There were people dying, walkers dying, and a badass ending I don’t think anyone saw coming.

Andrea, Dale, T-Dog, and Shane patrol around the farm for walkers and stumble upon a small pack of them. I must admit that I loved this scene! Andrea shoving a pitchfork through two walkers heads? Gore at it’s finest.

With all of the danger around the farm, Hershel invites Rick and the rest to stay inside the house. They all pack up their things and move inside.

I was hoping that they would leave the farm sometime soon… *crickets* Guess that’s not happening now that they moved in!

Rick tells his camp what he wants them to do to help protect the farm, and Shane does not like getting orders. Especially from Rick.

Hershel tells Rick that he’s got no more patience for Shane, and you can tell Hershel doesn’t want Shane in his house. Rick asks Andrea to keep an eye on Shane when Rick’s not around because he doesn’t trust him.

Carl walks up to Shane and wants to tell him a secret; something he doesn’t want his parents knowing. Carl admits to Shane that he saw the walker that killed Dale earlier that day. He feels guilty for not telling anyone, and feels if he did say something Dale would still be alive. Carl also hands over the gun that he took from Daryl’s motorcycle, but Shane tells him to keep it. Carl insists that he’ll never touch another gun again and doesn’t want it.

Shane is making a lookout perch on Hershel’s windmill when Lori goes to talk to him. She starts getting all sentimental and thanks him for saving her and Carl’s lives. She reminisces about Shane getting them out of Atlanta when the entire town was burning, and everything he’s done for them in since. Lori apologizes for how things turned out between them, and can’t imagine how hard it is on Shane.

Shane tells Rick about Carl seeing the walker that killed Dale. Rick says that he’ll have Lori talk to Carl, but Shane insists that Rick focus more on his son and less on the farm. They argue, then quickly stop when Shane gives Rick the gun Carl handed him.

Rick finds Carl in the main barn and sits with him to talk. Rick hands him the gun back, and tells him that what happened to Dale and nothing to do with him. Rick admits that people are going to keep continuing to die so unfortunately Carl must accept that; it’s just the way their lives are now.

Side note: why is everyone insistent on a young kid having a loaded gun?! *irony*

Shane visits their prisoner, Randall,  in the barn and puts a gun to his head, but doesn’t pull the trigger. Something crazy flashes across Shane’s face, and he changes his mind.

T-Dog goes to the barn and discovers Randall missing. Turns out Shane let him lose and dragged him through the woods.

Shane tells Randall to take him back to his camp. They start walking, and suddenly Shane snaps Randall’s neck. Shane has this crazy look on his face, then runs face first into a tree. Shane is seriously losing it this episode!

He walks back to camp and hides his gun under the leaves before rejoining the others. Shane tells Rick that Randall smacked him in the face with a rock, stole his gun, and took of running in the woods.

Shane, Rick, Glenn and Daryl take off to look for Randall. Daryl is immediately suspicious saying that Randall weighs 125 pounds soaking wet; how could he have got the jump on Shane?

The group splits up to cover both sides of the farm: Shane and Rick going one way, Daryl and Glenn going another.

Daryl and Glenn finds two sets of footprints and knows that Shane followed Randall a lot longer than he admitted. They spot Shane’s blood on the tree, and know something different happened than what Shane admitted to.

Glenn and Daryl hear a noise, then see Randall stumble from behind a tree as a walker. They kill him, examine his body, and determine that he died from his neck being snapped. He has no bite marks on him… so how did he become a walker?

As Rick and Shane walk through the woods, Rick watches Shane the entire time. Rick keeps questioning him about what happened with Randall, and knows that Shane’s lying.

They stop in a field and Rick knows that Shane intends to kill him. Shane tells Rick that Lori and Carl got over him once, they’ll be able to do it again. Shane believes that he was a better father than Rick, and when Rick came back he destroyed everything.

Shane points his gun at Rick, and tells him to raise his own. Rick won’t do it and tells Shane to take his gun. Shane’s still all crazy eyed and starting to lose it more and more.

As Shane goes to reach for Rick’s gun, Rick stabs Shane in the stomach killing him.

Carl stumbles onto the field and sees Rick standing over Shane’s dead body. Carl raises the gun at Rick as he gets closer. Over Rick’s shoulder, we see Shane get up as a walker and head towards them. Carl shoots Shane in the head, killing him again.

The entire scene between Shane and Rick was extremely tense, and very well done. Part of you feels bad for Shane because he’s lonely and doesn’t have anyone, but the other part can see that he’s starting to fly off the handle.

The biggest question is how did Shane and Randall come back to life as walkers? Neither of them were ever scratched or bitten. I hope they answer this question next week, because the previous showed an entire field of walkers heading straight towards the farm.

I cannot wait for next weeks season finale!

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March Mystery Envelope Giveaway

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on March 11, 2012

This giveaway has ended.

Congrats to Becky S. to winning!
The swag included The Twilight Companion by Lois H Gresh, The Mortal Instruments bookmark, and a Boy Wonder postcard

March Mystery Envelope Giveaway

It’s time for March’s Mystery Envelope Giveaway! The winner of this giveaway will choose one of the books listed below, as well as any other items added before the giveaway is over.

For every ten entries, I will add another mystery item to this giveaway. It could be another book, magnet, bookmark, swag, etc. Best of luck to all who enter!

Item 1:
Book of winners choice:
Shaedes of Gray, Amanda Bonilla
Audrey and the Maverick, Elaine Levine
Bloodlines, Richelle Mead
Shadow’s Lure, Jon Sprunk
Marked, PC & Kristen Cast
Dead Reckoning, Charlaine Harris
The Visions of Ransom Lake, Marcia Lynn McClure
Only Time Will Tell, Jeffrey Archer
The Twilight Companion, Lois H Gresh
The Fox Inheritance, Mary E Pearson
The Last Olympian, Rick Riordan
Another Broken Wizard, Colin Dodds

Item 2: (10 entries)
The Mortal Instruments ____________

Item 3: (20 entires)
___________ postcard

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Book Review: Forged in Fire, by Trish McCallan

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on March 8, 2012

Forged in Fire, by Trish McCallan

Beth Brown doesn’t believe in premonitions until she dreams a sexy stranger is gunned down during the brutal hijacking of a commercial airliner. When events in her dream start coming true, she heads to the flight’s departure gate. To her shock, she recognizes the man she’d watched die the night before.

Lieutenant Commander Zane Winters comes from a bloodline of elite warriors with psychic abilities. When Zane and two of his platoon buddies arrive at Sea-Tac Airport, he has a vision of his teammates’ corpses. Then she arrives—a leggy blonde who sets off a different kind of alarm.

As Beth teams up with Zane, they discover the hijacking is the first step in a secret cartel’s deadly global agenda and that key personnel within the FBI are compromised. To survive the forces mobilizing against them, Beth will need to open herself to a psychic connection with the sexy SEAL who claims to be her soul mate.

I. Absolutely. Love. This. Book.

It has everything that I enjoy in a book: fast paced story, danger, action, suspense, hot SEAL’s, and even hotter sex. Plus a shout out to JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and couldn’t put it down. I read it faster than I had anticipated, and was disappointed when it was over!  I already can’t wait for the sequel.

The main reason why I enjoyed this book so much is because it is extremely well written. The story plays out in ‘real time’ so you feel you are on the journey with these characters. There is no skipping through nights or days; this story literally plays out minute by minute.

Something else that was really cool was seeing the same scene from two different characters perspectives. We see a scene from the ‘good guys’ point of view, and then right afterwards the ‘bad guys’ points of view. The reader knows what the bad guys are thinking heightening the suspense a great deal.

The action in this story starts on the second page when Lieutenant Commander Zane Winters has a premonition of his fellow soldiers dying on the plane they are about to board. As he finishes telling his team (who know about his premonitions) about what he had just ‘seen,’ an unknown woman approaches them. She looks nervous and says that she needs to talk to them because they are all about to die.

Zane stares at Beth like she is out of her mind. He has never met anyone that has the same capabilities as him, and is unsure what to do. Zane also doesn’t no how to handle the fact that he gets aroused just from hearing her voice. As Beth moves closer, his arousal grows stronger. Zane, however, is not alone in these intense feelings. Beth also has an extremely strong attraction to Zane and does not know why.

Beth tells the three men about a dream she had about terrorists taking over a plane and shooting everyone in coach… including them. The SEAL’s look at each other, since this is more information than what Zane had seen. Beth glances around the people at the terminal, and recognizes a few of the terrorists from her dream. She tells the SEAL’s and they go after them.

All hell breaks loose and only some of the terrorists are contained. The rest of the book (which you’ll have to read for the awesome details!) are the SEAL’s working to take down the rest of terrorists, and save the hostages that they learn are being held. You’ll also see why Beth and Zane have such a strong intimate connection.

They say when writing a book you have to lure your readers in the first chapter. This book definitely succeeded in doing that! There were mentions of Zane’s cock going rock hard and Beth’s nipples tightening within the first few pages. The sizzling sexual tension between these two only builds throughout the story. And when they finally corner each other in a closet? *fans self* Well, you’ll just have to read it for yourself.

I highly recommend everyone reading this book!

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TV Review: The Walking Dead S2E11 – Judge, Jury, Executioner

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on March 4, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 11: Judge, Jury, Executioner

This episode starts off with Randall, the young kid that Rick saved from the walkers, being held in a barn. Daryl is torturing him for information about how he has survived this long. Randall admits to living with a group of 30 people that have heavy automatic weapons. The men go around scavenging whatever they can find. They even go so far as to rape women then leave them for dead.

Rick makes the decision to kill Randall. He knows about their location and could bring those 30 people after them if he’s let go. It’s too much of a risk.

Dale disagrees, and tries to talk Rick out of it. Rick tells Dale that they will get together as a group at sunset to make a final decision.

Dale talks to Andrea and she admits that Randall is a threat that must be taken care of. For now, she will watch Randall just to make sure that no one tries to kill him until their meeting later.

Shane stops by to talk to Andrea to make sure that she won’t change her mind about killing Randall. Shane than says that things need to change and he wants to be in control of the group. I can definitely see this becoming a problem in the next two episodes!

Carl sneaks into the barn to talk to Randall, and Randall begs Carl to let him out. Shane hears them talking and pulls Carl out of the barn. Carl is becoming a little mischievous guy. He’s pushing the limits to see what he can get away with, and I like it. I feel it’s what a kid would do in his situation if the world went to hell.

The next stop on Dale’s little journey is Daryl. Daryl says he could care less about what happens to Randall, and would much rather be on his own. He knows that the group is ‘broken,’ and some major changes are in the near future.

Dale then takes his turn talking to Hershel, and Hershel admits that he doesn’t want to know what happens with Randall. He is leaving the decision up to Rick. All Hershel cares about  is that his girls safe.

Dale makes his way over to Shane and tries to change his mind. Shane admits that if Dale can convince everyone else to keep Randall alive, Shane will stand by that. But if Randall ever kills anyone or does anything wrong, the blood is on Dale’s hands.

Needless to say, Dale is really starting to get on my nerves. We understand that he doesn’t want the kid to die, but the world has changed. Everyone knows that if they don’t kill Randall, Randall will probably kill them. Why is that so hard for Dale to see?

Lori approaches Rick and tells him that if he thinks it’s best to kill Randall than she supports his decision. However, she doesn’t say it’s the right thing to do; and that bothers Rick.

Carol is telling Carol that Sophia in a better place now. Carl talks back to her saying that heaven is stupid and if she believes in it than she’s stupid too. Carol talks to Rick and Lori and says that they need to control their disrespectful son.

Carl finds a motorcycle and goes through the storage area and finds a gun. He walks into the woods on his own and finds a walker stuck in the mud. Carl inches closer and starts messing with the walker by throwing rocks at it. He is fascinated with the walker.

Carl gets as close as he can and points the gun at the walker. Suddenly, the walkers leg comes lose and he lunges for Carl. Carl scrambles away before he can be hurt.

Hershel is tending to his daughter when Glenn shows up asking if there’s anything he can do. Hershel asks Glenn about his past, then starts talking about Maggie. Hershel basically gives Glenn permission to date his daughter.

All of the adults gather in Hershel’s living room at sunset to voice their opinion on what they should do with Randall. Dale is still trying to convince everyone to spare his life, but no one agrees.

The conversation moves on and they begin talking about how to kill Randall and what to do with his body. Dale speaks up again saying that it sounds like a decision has already been made. Dale convinces everyone that they need to talk for more than five minutes about a young mans life.

Rick gives everyone one last chance to have the floor, but no one speaks up. Dale tries (again!) to convince everyone that they need to hang on to civilization, the world that they use to have, do what’s right… blah, blah, blah. Dale has killed about 20 minutes of this episode and my life that I will never get back.

The decision is made, and Dale storms out. Shane and Daryl drag Randall to the main barn and blindfold him. Rick raises the gun to Randall’s head, when Carl walks into the barn. He says, “Do it, dad,” causes Rick to freeze. Rick quickly changes his mind and tells Daryl to take Randall away.

Rick talks to Lori and tells him that Carl wanted to watch Randall die. Rick admits that he couldn’t kill Randall in front of Carl, so he let him stay in custody. You can tell that Rick is really becoming concerned about Carl’s action, and he should after the way he’s been acting.

Dale is walking across a field when he finds a cow mutilated by a walker. He turns around and the walker attacks him. [Time out: throughout this entire show we’ve never seen walkers that sneaky. They’re always heard coming a long ways off because of their staggering walks and constant moaning.]

Daryl knocks the walker off Dale, but not before the walker tares Dale’s stomach open. Carl sees the walker and recognizes it as the one that was stuck in the mud. Hershel admits there is no way they can help Dale, and Andrea wants him to stop suffering. Rick points the gun at Dale, but can’t pull the trigger. Daryl takes the gun from him and puts Dale out of his misery.

Is it horrible to say that made me happy? Dale was annoying this entire episode, and had no story line lately anyway.

With only two episodes left, I’m really curious to see what happens on the farm… and when they finally leave!

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Author Interview & Book Review: Xavier’s Loving Arms, by KT Grant

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on March 4, 2012

Author Interview & Book Review: Xavier’s Loving Arms, by KT Grant

Xavier Marks has the looks, great job, and more than enough money to throw around. The only thing missing is a woman by his side. He hasn’t had much luck in love since he caught his fiancée cheating on him, and isn’t too happy about his current bachelor status. But that may all change when a cute barista from a coffee shop catches his eye. Perhaps she can help him lick his wounds?

Life hasn’t always been too kind to Rebecca Price. With a grandmother suffering from dementia, and the threat of foreclosure on her childhood home, she may have no choice but to turn to a possessive ex-boyfriend who won’t settle for anything less than marriage. She hides a shameful secret that still threatens to destroy her. She’s ready to give up all hope when a suave, yet seemingly kind-hearted man enters her life and comes to her rescue.

Rebecca is wary of placing her trust in Xavier, who wants to be more than a shoulder for her to lean on. But as the two grow close, Rebecca’s guilt over her past discretions continue to haunt her. Xavier wants to show Rebecca that the one place she can feel whole and at peace is in his loving arms.

This book was a refreshing love story. I usually do not read romance novels because I do not like when a female swoons over a guy that she feels she can’t have (which happens to be most of the romance novels I read). KT Grant’s characters are real, and act the way I would imagine people would.

Before work every day, Xavier visits the coffee shop across the street from where he works to see the cute woman that works there, Rebecca. For the longest time he just talks to her and never lets her know about his true feelings.

One day Xavier can see that Rebecca is having a bad day and stops to talk to her to try and make her feel better. Rebecca thanks him for his kindness, and Xavier says he can repay him later.

Although Rebecca is attracted to Xavier, she has no place in her life for a boyfriend. She works two jobs to pay the bills so the bank will not foreclose on her house and so she can pay the medical bills for her grandmothers dementia care.

Not to mention Rebecca’s possessive ex-boyfriend, Devdan, that will not leave her alone. While they were dating, he continued to made comments about her weight. Rebecca became extremely self conscious and developed an eating disorder. It became so severe that she was hospitalized. It is something that she still struggles with.

Devdan wants to help Rebecca and pay off all her debts, but she has to marry him first. He wants total control over Rebecca, but she’s not willing to give up her independence or go back to him. However, she can’t seem to stay away him from.

One Friday after work, Xavier and the rest of his department decide to go to a bar and watch a local band play. While there, he notices Rebecca sitting at a table with some friends. Xavier goes over to say hello, and Devdan stands up to introduce himself and Rebecca. Xavier gets the ‘back-off-my-property’ vibe from Devdan, and goes back to his own table.

Rebecca has enough of Devdan and his antics and needs some fresh air. She sits outside on a bench to take a moment to herself. Shortly after, Xavier notices that Rebecca is missing and goes to find her. They begin to talk and really hit it off.

Xavier asks if Rebecca wants to go across the street for some ice cream. At first she doesn’t want to because of her eating disorder, but she really wants to spend time with Xavier. They are at the ice cream shop longer than expected, and Devdan comes in to find where Rebecca disappeared to. Devdan immediately makes Rebecca leave with him, but not before Xavier slips Rebecca his business card.

After a rough day, Rebecca isn’t sure who to turns to. After a long debate she calls Xavier. They go on wonderful dates, spend lots of time together, and really begin to fall for each other.

Xavier decides to take the next step and invite Rebecca to his house to meet his family. Rebecca is extremely nervous, but Xavier’s family accepts her with open arms. She couldn’t feel more welcome… until Devdan finds out where she is and decides to crash the party. Devdan makes a scene and fights with Xavier. Rebecca is so embarrassed that she runs out of the house and takes off.

Xavier tries calling Rebecca, but she ignores his calls. She knew that she was right and should not have a boyfriend at this time in her life, and has come to accept that. She swears off all men, and focuses on her grandmother and trying to save her house.

While visiting her grandmother at the hospital, Devdan shows up. He apologizes for his actions, but Rebecca doesn’t know whether to believe him or not. She’s heard him apologize so many times that she’s stopped believing him. This time he genuinely seems sincere, and admits that he has moved on. Rebecca is truly happy for him, and hope that Devdan has in fact turned over a new leaf.

When Rebecca needs to get away, she walks around her neighborhood… and this day runs into Xavier. He was waiting for her to take a walk and couldn’t stand her ignoring him any longer. She can’t deny it either, and jumps into his arms.

What makes a good book for me are strong characters that are relateable. KT Grant does a fantastic job of developing Rebecca and Xavier: solid back stories, admirable qualities, and loving people. You’re rooting for them to get together the entire time, but understand that there are outside circumstances that prevent this at first. Rebecca and Xavier prove they can overcome these obstacles and live happily ever after.


KT Grant is an amazing woman, and was kind enough to do an interview to go along with this blog post.  Enjoy!

KT Grant is a self-proclaimed eccentric redhead who not only loves to read a wide variety of romances, but also loves writing it. Under her alter-ego, she is a well- known book reviewer and blogger who doesn’t shy away from voicing her opinion. A proud native of New Jersey, KT is multi-published and known for writing “out of the box” romances. KT has been mentioned in the Guardian.UK, Publisher’s Weekly’s Beyond the Book and at KT is a top ten best-selling author at Amazon, as well as being a multiple All Romance Ebooks best seller and a Night Owl Reviews Top Author Pick.

Check out KT Grant here:
> website:
> blog:
> Twitter:
> Facebook:

Obscured Vixen: How long have you been writing?
KT Grant:
I’ve been writing since I was a teenager where I started by writing poems and short stories. Eventually I would write longer stories but never thought I would publish any. Then around 2009 I decided to write a full length book, a Lesbian Contemporary Romance titled Lovestruck. A year later Lovestruck was published in June 2010 with Noble Romance ( and since then I’ve published eleven more books and short stories.

OV: In Xavier’s Loving Arms, Rebecca suffers from an eating disorder. As someone who has struggled with an eating disorder yourself, was this story difficult for you to write?
Writing Xavier’s Loving Arms was very emotional for me because Rebecca’s issues with food and her weight, and how she deals with her disease is something I’ve gone through for most of my life and still deal with everyday. I hoped to show how a disease like anorexia or bulimia can nearly destroy a person not just physically, but also emotionally and damage their self esteem. But I also wanted to show that there’s hope and a way to overcome this struggle. Xavier Marks is Rebecca’s hope.

One of the hardest scenes for me to write was the one where Rebecca is in the bathroom, hanging her head over a toilet, deciding if she should stick her finger down her throat. She just had a horrible confrontation with her ex-boyfriend and the only way she knows how to find calm down and find a balance is to make herself vomit. I had to decide whether to have her induce vomiting or to stop herself and have her take a moment to think about her actions that could cause a major setback for her. Writing a character like Rebecca was a therapeutic experience for me.

OV: This story is the third in the ‘Sweet & Sinful’ series. Do you have any characters that have been your favorite?
Xavier is my favorite. Conner from For the Love of Mollie holds a special place in my heart because he’s based on my big actor crush- Ryan Reynolds. I also adore Suzie from The Claiming of Suzie because Suzy is everything I would like to be. She’s one awesome chick.

OV: Have you ever written something, reread it and thought, “Wow! That was great!”
When I’m writing a first draft I always think it’s horrible and hate it. But then I end up surprising myself when I will start editing and revising and think what I’ve written isn’t as bad as I first thought. Usually this happens when I re-read my love scenes. I love writing hot sex scenes.

OV: And I love your hot sex scenes! Which of your works are you most proud of?
Xavier’s Loving Arms is the one I’m most proud of. I’m also very proud of The Prince’s Groom, a historical M/M romance I have with Ravenous Romance ( I was thrilled I could write a middle-aged bald pirate who finds love with a younger, somewhat shy gentleman.

OV: You write a steamy scene with popsicles and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Are these scenes from personal experience? If so, details please! : )
I have experience eating popsicles and ice cream! I love coffee ice cream, but not a big fan of mint chocolate chip. As for eating ice cream in bed and with a hot man like Xavier, well that’s where my imagination is used ; )

OV: Rebecca’s ‘safe place’ seems to be her bright blue Snuggie. Do you own one? I have a leopard print one!
I had a baby blue snuggie and love it. I was given one as a gift a few years ago. I wear it more like a robe though. I bet there are many people out there who have their own Snuggie.

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Book Review & Author Interview: Seduced by Crimson, by Jade Lee

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on March 1, 2012

Book Review & Author Interview: Seduced by Crimson by Jade Lee

Long ago Los Angeles became Crimson City, a glittering metropolis and sometime-battleground-onetime-home for humans, werewolves, and vampires. Before that, demons ruled. And with the Crimson Veil now torn asunder, those demons are on their way back.

There exist those who oppose the Dark Ones: mystics attuned to the earth, the druids. From San Bernardino they come, sending one of their mightiest–their Draig-Uisge. He can shape energy, twist it to harm or heal. But he must have something to bend, and the power can be summoned by one method alone… and from one source: the beauty Xiao Fei, the Phoenix Tear. Her blood is the key, along with her ecstasy; her union with Patrick means salvation. Yet in a world of vampires, werewolves and evil untamed, even a kiss can be deadly. Opposition lurks in every shadow, peril in every caress… and both redemption and oblivion lie in one woman being SEDUCED BY CRIMSON.

This book has everything: passion, action, engaging characters, a loveable story.

Xaio Fei is the last female Phoenix Tear with special elements to her blood. There is a demon gate that has been opened in Crimson City and her blood is the key for the ritual to close it.

Patrick, the druid Draig-Uisge, has been tasked with closing the demon gate before more evil can cross through. He must find Xaio Fei to complete the ritual… but isn’t sure he is able to go through with it. For closing the gate means Xaio Fei may not survive from loss of blood.

Patrick and Xaio Fei end up falling for each other on this crazy journey, complicating the ritual even more. But I didn’t mind that part since there were some hot and heavy sex scenes! The pent up energy that Jade Lee causes between these two is electric and jumps off the page. My kind of story ; )

Along the way, Patrick runs into complications with the other druids that question his ability as the Draig-Uisge. He must go against his own kind to do what is right to close the demon gate and follow his love for Xaio Fei.

If you enjoy paranormal books, I definitely recommend this story! Jade Lee’s constant action without too much detail is definitely worth the read (love authors who write like that!). The story kept going and I could barely put it down.


I reached out to Jade Lee and she was an absolute sweetheart! She was nice enough to do an interview to go along with this post about Seduced by Crimson. Being able to interview authors is a definite highlight of my blogging career. Especially authors that I will be meeting at AAD NOLA!

Jade Lee has also been kind enough to include a link to a FREE download of her novella Engaged in Wickedness. Hope you enjoy this interview with Jade Lee!

Obscured Vixen: How long have you been writing?
Jade Lee:
I started out thinking I would be a great screenwriter. Got an MPW (Master of Professional Writing) at USC (Univ. of Southern California) specializing in screenwriting. That was in 1988. Let’s just say Hollywood wasn’t very receptive to me at the time! So I switched into my first love—romance novels—originally to make myself feel better about all the rejections I was getting on my screenplays. And frankly, that’s when I really learned how to write. So, there you go. I’ve been seriously writing since the mid eighties when I had big plans. Delusional plans, but they were big!

OV: In Seduced by Crimson, a Draige-Uisge and a Phoenix Tear are trying to seal a demon gate. Where did you get this idea from?
The demon gate concept was Liz Maverick’s idea. She is the one who conceived of Crimson City, the Series. And it was a great idea! I was fortunate enough to be brought into the multi-author series and was told I had to write the invasion from the demon world into Earth. At the end, I had to seal the gate—almost—because her follow up book Crimson Rogue had to deal with the last 1% of the gate that was open.

As for the druid concepts and the Phoenix Tear, um… well, who knows where my brain goes. I had a tight deadline on this book and I just went into a frenzy of GET AN IDEA! Eventually I landed on those, and I think it worked out pretty well! I love Seduced by Crimson and think it’s one of my best!

OV: I definitely think so! Xiao Fei is Cambodian, and a lot of her actions revolve around this. Are you Cambodian? Did you write this from life experience?
JL: I am not Cambodian, but I had just taken a wonderful trip with my Chinese mother through the South China sea. We spent a fabulous time in Cambodia at Angkor Wat. It’s a temple that used to be Hindu, but now houses Buddhist monks. I was fascinated. I started researching the legends portrayed on the walls and eventually that led to the pieces you see in Seduced by Crimson. I have to tell you that originally (in my mythology) the Khmer Rouge was led by a demon, but my editor was very nervous about putting something like that in print even though this was a fictional book. So, we ended up taking out that aspect of the mythology.

OV: You also write as Kathy Lyons and Katherine Greyle.
JL: Katherine Greyle was my first penname, and the name I thought I was going to write under forever. (My real name is VERY unromantic sounding). But Kathy Greyle wrote traditional, sweet regencies. Can you say, behind the curve? Yeah, turns out that sex sells. Who knew? And even more surprising, I have a talent for writing very sexy, sensual stories. [OV: that she does, folks!] So when I tried out my hand at writing sexy, my editor loved it. He bought Devil’s Bargain immediately (still one of my bestselling books), and then told me to take a new name. Anyone who loved Kathy Greyle would be shocked by Jade Lee. So, I became Jade Lee (I was preparing to write the tigress series, set in Shanghai, China, so he encouraged me to take an Asian name. I didn’t that Jade Lee is also the name of the lead Asian porn star. Oops).

Anyway, Jade Lee was born and Kathy Greyle faded away. Eventually I started writing for Harlequin, but my editor there suggested that for my non-Asian Blaze books, I should take a non-Asian name. So Kathy Lyons was born and she writes Harlequin Blaze books—sexy, contemporary FUN!

OV: Have you ever written anything, then reread it and thought, “Wow! That was great!”
JL: Sometimes. I have to get some real distance from the book. Like years. Then I’ll pick up the story for some reason or another and surprise myself. “Oh look at that!” I’ll say. “I was clever here!” But it’s rare. Usually—especially during the galley stage—I read the manuscript and think, OMG, this book is going to tank my career. It’s awful!

OV: Which of your works are you most proud of and why?
JL: That’s a hard question to answer. I love and hate each book in different ways. My newest Bridal Favors series is so much fun because I’m finally bringing my sense of humor into the regency period. The first book is Wedded in Scandal and if you want to see a funny excerpt, check it out on my website – It was a real joy going back to my regency roots and mixing that Kathy Greyle humor with the Jade Lee sensuality.

The sequel book Wedded in Sin is a favorite because of the hero. I wanted to write Sherlock Holmes being flattened by love. So I created Samuel who lives completely in his very brilliant mind. And then he starts falling in love and hasn’t a clue what to do. The challenge with this book is that I suck at mysteries. Seriously, I’m terrible at them. Mostly because I don’t care about the mystery. I wanted to see Sherlock fall in love. So I kept pulling out the mystery elements because I was terrible at writing them. It ended up being very simple, and I had to swear to my best friend Elizabeth Hoyt that I would never write a mystery again! So don’t look to me if you want a mystery! But if you want to see Sherlock Holmes, flattened by love, then Wedded in Sin is your book!

And as an extra enticement, your readers can pick up the prequel novella Engaged in Wickedness for FREE! Yes, FREE! Just click on this link, read and follow the directions (they’re pretty simple), and bam, you’ll get the novella!

OV: Thanks so much for that! As an Author After Dark featured author, what are you most looking to?
JL: Fun! I’ve never been to AAD, and I hear it’s a hoot! So come find me! I’ll have special giveaways for anyone who wants one. And frankly, I just want to hang out, gab, and have a ton of fun! Seriously, come find me! Tell me you read this interview and see if I can’t find something special just for you!

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