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TV Review: The Walking Dead S2E9

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on February 20, 2012

The Walking Dead S2E9

Last weeks episode was awesome! I couldn’t wait to watch this week.

Lori wakes up on the side of the road after crashing her car. There is a walker trying to get into the car through the broken window that she stabs in the face with the car shifter.

I loved how when the walker was pressing his face through the broken window, his skin was peeling off. What else can I say  : )  It looked awesome.

Hershel, Glenn and Rick try to leave the bar and the dead bodies when a car stops in front. There are men outside looking for the two men Rick killed. The men yell into the bar and ask if their friends are inside. Rick, like a dumbass, says that he had no choice because his friends pulled their guns on them!

Why did he open his mouth? Just keep your mouth shut and they probably would have left without an issue.

They begin to argue, and the men outside open fire on the bar. Glenn tries to sneak out the back and sees the doorknob beginning to turn. He raises his gun and fires. Hershel meets up with Glenn and goes out back to cover Glenn while he goes to get the car.

When Glenn walks out the back of the bar into the alley, one of the men shoots at him. Hershel takes him down, making it possible for Glenn and Rick to sneak behind a dumpster. When they try to go for the car, there’s more gunfire.

They hear a car skid to a stop in the middle of the street, and it’s the getaway driver for the other men. He’s screaming at them to hurry up, but one is being attacked by walkers and another is staked on a fence post. The getaway driver takes off leaving his friends behind.

Rick’s conscience gets the better of him and tries to save the man that is stuck on the fence. Hershel tries to amputate his leg, but the walkers are getting too close and there’s no time. Hershel and Glenn take off towards their car, but Rick feels like he has to help this man. Rick pulled his leg back through the fence post and carries him back to their car. A total oh-my-god-that-must-have-hurt-like-hell moment.

Back on the farm, the rest of the crew is sitting down to dinner wondering where everyone is. No one knew that Lori left to go into town, so they look around the farm for her. Carol asks Daryl if he’s seen Lori, and he admits that Lori asked him to go into town and find Rick, Hershel and Glenn. Everyone comes to the conclusion that Lori must have gone into town herself.

I really miss Daryl’s character, and wish that they would give him more screen time. He was awesome in the beginning of this season.

Shane takes a car and goes to look for Lori. He finds her car empty on the side of the road with the two dead walkers she killed. Shane eventually finds her and tells her that she has to come back to the farm. Lori won’t go back until she knows that Rick is safe. Shane lies and says that that everyone returned safely earlier that day.

When they get back to the farm and Lori finds out Rick still isn’t back, Lori turns to Shane for an explanation. Shane says that he had to make sure her and the baby are safe. He makes this exclamation in front of everyone, and none of them knew she was pregnant.

Shane apologizes, but I think he made the announcement on purpose. He wants everyone to know that Lori is pregnant, and that he believes the baby is his.

Shane tries to also apologize for lying to her about Rick being back at the farm, and they begin to argue. Lori confronts him about what happened with Otis because he’s never been the same since that night. Shane evades the question by saying he’ll do whatever it takes to protect Lori because he loves her. Lori admits to Shane that she told Rick about their affair. Shane becomes very angry and almost territorial over Lori and Carl saying they belong together. He gets very controlling and it makes Lori uncomfortable.

Lori tells Rick about her conversation with Shane said, and how she’s scared of him. She says that Rick has to talk to Shane and convince him to back off. Lori knows that no matter what the situation, the baby is Rick’s.

The episode started off amazing… and then just slowed to a stop. There was just too much drama involved in this episode. I hope next weeks episode is better.

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