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TV Review: The Vampire Diaries S3E15

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on February 16, 2012

The Vampire Diaries S3E15
All My Children

Talk about another action packed episode. And holy cliffhanger ending, Batman!

Elena tells Damon about the spell that she helped Ester cast on the original children. Elena feels guilty because she knows Elijah doesn’t deserve to die. Damon tells her that she’ll have to get over it because they all need Klaus dead.

Elijah stops by Elena’s and asks her if she would go somewhere with him. He takes her to where he grew up over 1,000 years ago. Elijah is being all reminiscent, then suddenly turns on Elena. He accuses her of lying to him about what his mother did and demands to know the truth. Eventually, Elena tells Elijah about Ester’s plan to kill all of her children.

Elijah grabs Elena and takes her into the caves he used to play in as a child. Elena can’t get out, and has no signal to call for help. She’s trapped.

Elijah sends Rebecca to the caves to use Elena as a hostage. Elena tries talking some sense into Rebecca, but she’s just not having it. Rebecca claims that they’re not girlfriends and she doesn’t care what she has to say.

I LOVED when Rebecca tells Elena to shut the hell up. I didn’t care for her at first, but her character is really growing on me.

Elijah blackmails Stefan and Damon to stop Ester from killing her children if they want to see Elena again. Elijah wants them to kill Bonnie and her mother so Ester cannot complete the ritual. If they are not dead by the rise of the full moon, Rebecca will kill Elena.

Stefan and Damon are trying to find another way to get Elena back without having to kill Bonnie and her mother.

Ester visits Bonnie and her mother because she needs to channel their bloodline for power to kill her children. Ester is going to harness the power of the full moon and asked Bonnie and her mother to help her for extra umph.

Alaric and Meredith are together at The Grill when Alaric gets a call from Damon. They form a plan to trap the originals, but need Meredith’s help.

Kol begins to hit on Meredith while she’s playing pool, and she does her best to keep him distracted. Alaric sneaks up behind Kol and stabs him with the stake and ash from the white oak tree to put him out of commission. Kol and the rest of his siblings begin to collapse… except Klaus.

Klaus finds Alaric and Damon bringing Kol’s body out of The Grill and shoves them out of the way, causing Alaric to crash into the side of the building. Klaus pulls the stake out of Kol causing them all to come back to life.

When Rebecca collapses, Elena runs away through the caves. When Rebecca comes back to life, she chases after Elena. Just as Rebecca is about to catch up to Elena, Elena runs into the part of the caves where the sealed coffin is placed. Bonnie case a spell that no vampire can pass the threshold so Rebecca cannot enter.

Because Rebecca can’t cross the threshold, she finds a can of gasoline and throws it all over Elena and the cave. The only choices Elena has is to stay and burn, or leave the cave.

Stefan confronts Bonnie and says that he has to kill Ester and stop the ritual. Bonnie knows that Ester is channeling her and her mother’s power and she can’t be stopped. Stefan warns Bonnie that Ester can only channel their power while her and her mother are still human. Damon forces his blood on Bonnie’s mother then snaps her neck causing her to begin her transition into a vampire. This breaks the connection between Ester and the witches power, stopping the ritual.

Later when Damon and Stefan get home, Damon accuses Stefan of not drinking human blood anymore. He knows that Stefan is still in love with Elena and wants her back. Damon admits that he tried to win Elena’s love but she just didn’t want him. Damon says that he’s better as the bad guy anyway.

Yes you are, Damon! Welcome back evil Damon, we’ve all missed you  : )  I was so not a fan of evil Stefan.

While in the cave, Rebecca reads the marks on the wall and realizes that 300 years after they brunt down the original white oak tree a new one grew. They are no longer safe because there is more ash that can be created to immobilize them.

Alaric has a cracked rib and a concussion from stabbing Kol, and Meredith says she’ll take care of him. They go back to her place and she patches him up. Later when he wakes up, Meredith is still asleep. Alaric goes through her things and finds police case files on Caroline’s father and her ex-boyfriend, along with the murder weapon. Meredith walks in while Alaric is snooping, pulls a gun on him, and shoots him.

How can you end an episode like that?!  And now we have to wait four more weeks for another episode. *sigh* I’m so hooked on this show.

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7 Responses to “TV Review: The Vampire Diaries S3E15”

  1. Emma said

    Another Hiatus. Hope the next episode is epic!

  2. menna said

    this episode is incredibly amazing

  3. menna said

    do anyone have a prediction for next episode

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