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TV Review: The Walking Dead S2E8

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on February 12, 2012

The Walking Dead season 2 episode 8:

After a two month hiatus, The Walking Dead is back! This has been one of my absolutely favorite TV shows since it first aired, and I could not wait for this to come back.

In the last episode before the break, Rick and Shane killed the walkers that Hershel and his family were hiding in their barn. Along with their family members, Sofia was also in there.

After the slaughter, Hershel yells at Rick and Shane and kicks them off his land. He cannot stand what they just did and cannot stand the sight of them any longer.

Shane is still a hot head that yells at Hershel and accused him of knowing that Sofia was in the barn. Shane continues yelling at Rick, Dale and anyone else that gets in his way.

Dale tells Lori that Shane believes he sacrificed Otis. He said it’s only a matter of time before he kills someone else.

Maggie confronts Glenn and asks him if he’s going to stay if everyone else leaves. Glenn knows that he can’t stay because he has to stay with the rest of his crew. Maggie tells Glenn that she loves him and wants him to stay.

Rick is struggling with shooting Sofia. Knowing that he was sending people out looking for her endangering their lives, when she was in the barn the entire time.

Carol shuts down once she sees Sofia shot. She becomes quiet and distant, not wanting to interact with anyone. Carol claims that Sofia died a long time ago and doesn’t want to go to the burial ceremony that the others have planned for her.

Hershel disappears after the slaughter, and Rick and Glenn head into town to find him. Lori doesn’t want Rick to go, telling him that he doesn’t need to solve everyone else’s problems.

Rick knows that they need Hershel for when Lori’s baby is born. He knows there is no other way to successfully deliver this baby.

However, I really hope they’re still not on that farm when the baby is born because this storyline is really getting old. I need to see a new background and have new things going on.

Lori asks Daryl to go into town and get Rick and Hershel and bring them back. Daryl snaps and said that he is not spending anymore time looking for people. He spent every day looking for Sofia, even took a bullet and an arrow in the process.

Lori takes a gun, a map, and borrows a car and heads into town on her own to bring back her husband, Glenn and Hershel. When she looks at the map for directions, a walker steps in front of the car that Lori runs over. She looses control of the car and flips the car in a ditch.

When Rick and Glenn arrive in town, they find Hershel at a bar drinking his miseries away. Hershel is feeling guilty for keeping the walkers alive in his barn. He knew that there was no hope for them.

While in the bar, two men that none of them have seen before walk in. After talking, Rick and Hershel quickly determine that these two men are no good.

As men begin talking non stop saying about how they are going to go with Hershel back to his farm. They won’t give up and keep pushing. Rick’s had enough and knows that they can’t come back to the farm, so he shoots them in cold blood.

This scene was incredible. It was totally unexpected, and one of those scenes that you rewind and watch over again. One of the men that walk into the bar is Michael Raymond-James, who played Rene on True Blood. Poor guys always getting whacked!

I can’t wait to see where the rest of this season goes. I’m not sure what is in store for Andrea and T-Dog because they don’t have much of a story line. It seems that they’re just being strung along and doing whatever just to be in the scene. Carl is becoming colder as he grows up, and I hope the writers keep that up. It’s very realistic for a child to act that way if they’re growing up in that kind of atmosphere.

Excited for next week!

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