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TV Review: The Vampire Diaries S3E14

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on February 10, 2012

The Vampire Diaries season 3 episode 14: Dangerous Liaisons

After a two week hiatus, The Vampire Diaries is back with a vengeance!

Elena gets a letter on her doorstep from Ester, the original mother, inviting her to a ball to celebrate the reunion of her family.

Tyler calls Caroline and apologizes for everything that he did and says that he loves her. When she’s done listening to the voicemail, there is a knock on her door and nothing but a box on the doorstep. There’s an invitation from Klaus with a ball gown asking her to save a dance for him.

Seems everyone in Mystic Falls is invited to this ball when Rebecca shows up at The Grill and invites Matt to the ball. Caroline and Elena think Rebecca does this just to piss them off, but later it seems Rebecca’s got a soft spot for Matt.

Elena shows up in a gorgeous ball gown. Guess she just happened to have it in her closet? *cough* bullshit *cough* Although it was a stunning dress that I would kill to wear.

And amazingly everyone at the ball knows a century year old waltz! Guess they just didn’t show episode when they learned that in high school…

Klaus cleans up nicely looking stunning in his tux. The more I watch this show the more attractive he gets. Must be the accent  ; )

Elena sneaks away from the party with Stefan to ask for his help. She wants to get near Ester, but Ester is surrounded by bodyguards. Also, Damon won’t let Elena anywhere near Ester.

Stefan agrees to help Elena by distracting Damon so he can’t go after her. Turns out that means Stefan snapping Damon’s spine, although I doubt that is what Elena had in mind.

With Damon down, Elena makes her way to Ester.

Elena has so many questions for Ester, and asks her how she’s alive. Before Ester ‘died,’ a witch cast a spell on her so that when she ‘died’ she would be forced to spend time on “the other side.” The witch did this as a punishment for turning her entire family into vampires. Since the coffin Klaus buried her in was sealed, she’s been on the other side for thousands of years.

Ester asks Elena for her help. Ester admits that the ball is a cover for a ritual she has planned. In order to kill Klaus, Ester needs blood from the doppelganger. Elena freely gives her blood to Ester since it will help kill Klaus.

Ester is casting a spell that creates a link between her children. If one of her children dies, they will all die. She admits that when she turned her family, she created abominations. She feels they are horrible and do not deserve to be alive.

Later, Ester proposes a toast to everyone at the ball. Elena watches all of Ester’s children drink the champagne that has been tainted with her blood.

Damon and Elena argue over how she went behind her back, and in the heat of the argument Damon tells Elena that he loves her. Elena says that that’s a problem, and immediately regrets it.

Klaus has been coming on to Caroline all night, and she finally confronts him about it. She tells him she is dating Tyler and to back off. Caroline yells at Klaus to give Tyler his life back. She throws the bracelet he gave her for her birthday in his face.

Klaus wants to run after her, but knows that everything she said to him is right. It seems he truly likes her, but doesn’t know how to show it.

Rebecca and Kol, another one of Ester’s children, have a plan to kill a human outside. Rebecca asks Matt to go outside for fresh air and they take a walk. He is kind to her and now she doesn’t want to kill him. She quickly ushers him back inside and leaves Kol waiting.

This makes Kol angry and he wants to get back at Rebecca. He lures Matt onto a balcony and is determined to kill him. Damon shows up, pulls Matt away, and throws Kol off the balcony causing a scene at the party.

When Caroline gets home and walks into her bedroom, there is a black velvet box on the bed. She quickly assumes Klaus is showering her with more gifts. When she opens it, it’s a drawing Klaus made of Caroline.

Still not sure how I feel about Caroline and Klaus getting together. That’s obviously where their relationship is going… but it still feels forced for me.

Stefan walks Elena home after the ball and she tells him about the spell she helped Ester cast. Elena admits that she feels guilty about it.

Stefan is starting to show the loving boyfriend that he used to be and admits that he hates himself for how he’s treated her. Elena begs him to show that he cares for her, but Stefan says he doesn’t want to feel the pain. He walks away leaving Elena alone on her porch.

Later that night Rebecca approaches Matt at the bar while he’s having a drink. He tells her that he’s had enough, and to leave him alone. Damon shows up and pours her a drink and tells her she needs someone more durable. They end up tearing each others clothes off and what I’m assuming is steamy vampire sex before the credits kick in.

This was the best The Vampire Diaries episode I’ve seen in a long time. Lots of juicy stuff going on! Can’t wait for next week. Hopefully Jeremy will be back…

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