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TV Review: The Vampire Diaries S3E13

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on February 3, 2012

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 13
“Bringing Out the Dead”

We finally find out what is in the sealed coffin! I never thought this moment would come.

Stefan leads Bonnie and her mother to the sealed coffin at the end of a cave. Bonnie’s mom complains that she doesn’t have any powers left, but Stefan says that she will stay down there until she opens it.

I think this is the 15th time I’ve said this, but Stefan is such a horrible bad guy! He just needs to give up the bad boy routine.

After Bonnie and her mother try for an hour, the coffin begins to open. Bonnie runs out of the cave to text Damon letting him know.

When she leaves, Bonnie’s mother reaches for the casket and it swings open. [insert stupid commercial break here]

Caroline goes to the hospital to see her father, and Meredith says he was already released. Caroline calls him to find out where he went, and hears his cell phone ringing from within the hospital supply closet. Caroline walks into the closet and sees a knife through her fathers chest.

When Caroline pulls the knife out, her father jolts up. Turns out he was fed vampire blood before he died, and is on his way of becoming a vampire. Once he realizes this, he refuses to drink blood to finish the transition. Caroline begs her father to drink blood so he won’t die, but he continues to refuse. She waits by his bedside until he finally passes away.

Elena takes the knife that Caroline’s father was stabbed with to Alaric. He identifies it as one of his. The stake that was through the medical examiners chest from the forest was his also. Alaric thinks Meredith is responsible and got close to him to steal his weapons. Elena goes to Caroline’s to tell the sheriff.

Matt walks Elena home from Caroline’s and they find a trail of blood leading from the kitchen, upstairs, and into Alaric’s bedroom. Alaric is in the doorway with a knife through his stomach, but he’s alive. Alaric tells Elena to kill him so he can survive. Since she’s the doppelganger, he’ll die a supernatural death and come back to life because of his ring.

Elena asks Matt to stay with her until Alaric wakes up because she doesn’t want to be alone. Is there something sparking back up there between those two?  ; )

Stefan and Damon visit Klaus and Elijah’s home for dinner. Elijah tells Stefan and Damon about Tatia, a vampire that both Elijah and Klaus loved; the love they had for the same woman ruined their lives. This causes Stefan and Damon to reflect on their own situation with Elena.

Damon proposes that if he gives Klaus the final coffin, Klaus and his entire family must leave Mystic Falls and leave them alone. Damon is supposed to bring Elijah to the sealed coffin, except Elijah frees his family from the other three coffins instead. They confront Klaus and things start to get hairy. Damon and Stefan leave, giving the family time for a reunion.

Damon and Stefan leave and go to see the sealed coffin and find Bonnie and her mother unconscious on the cave floor. With an empty coffin.

As Rebecca is telling Klaus how they’re going to stake him and kill Elena, their mother comes walking in the front door. Alive and well. Cliffhanger!

This season is really picking up speed now and I cannot wait to see what happens with the original family. The previews for the next episode showed the original family throwing a ball.  Can only imagine what will happen there!


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