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Author Spotlight: Cameron Dane

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on February 25, 2012

Author Spotlight: Cameron Dane

2008, 2010 & 2011 CAPA nominee for Favorite Erotic Author

Anyone who has ventured into the world of erotica gets sucked in and never turns back.

My favorite erotica story of all time is Fallen by Cameron Dane. Here’s a blurb:
Cain Hawkins is a master at suppressing his desires. After all, he’s been doing it for over one hundred years. Cain is a Naverto demon, and to desire another man is more than forbidden, it is an act that will bring about his execution. Luke Forrester dreams of a place where he can work with the horses that he loves so much. The fact that he’s had a crush on Cain Hawkins for more than two years threatens everything. But Luke’s determined not to screw things up. He will do the work and prove to Cain that it wasn’t a mistake to hire him, and he won’t allow the fact that he desires something more with Cain to interfere with his work one bit. But working and living in such close proximity can test the best of intentions, and when one kiss leads to something much, much more, Cain must open himself in a way that he never has before.

Dane is by far one of my favorite erotica authors. I’ve spent many nights staying up much later than I should with Dane’s amazing books. Her erotic romances stand out above others because of the amazing character stories. You immediately feel for and fall in love with Dane’s characters, and can’t help put become addicted to these books.

Dane’s Hawkins Ranch/Quinten, Montana series is my favorite. The Hawkins brothers are Naverto demons and start a ranch in Quinten, Montana to try and live a normal life. Each book in the series is about a different Hawkins brother or a member of their ranch and their quest for romance. The characters are complex and amazing, and the sex scenes are off the charts! If you enjoy erotica, I highly recommend this series.

Dane’s m/m stories are my favorites. M/M stories are my guilty pleasure, and I just can’t get enough!

I’ve read dozens of m/m stories by different authors, and none compare to hers. The relationships are realistic and not forced, like most m/m stories I’ve read. They’re genuine, pull you in, and you can’t help but devour these books.

For any erotica junkie out there, check out Cameron Dane’s books at

Click here to check me out in my Hawkins Ranch tshirt! I’m Monica from New York : )


Cameron Dane was nice enough to do an interview to go along with this post. Being able to interview one of my favorite authors was a definite highlight in my blogging career! Dane is so sweet, and an all around awesome person.

Any reader that loves erotica or authors that writes erotica, you need to read this interview!

Hope you enjoy this interview with Cameron Dane!

Obscured Vixen: How long have you been writing?
Cameron Dane: Oh, for a lot of years. I always loved writing assignments when I was a kid. Yep, that geek in the corner of the classroom was me. I’ve been dabbling with writing romance novels for probably close to twenty years. Back then I wasn’t writing every day, though; I would just tackle a story when it felt like inspiration hit me. I got serious about writing about eight or nine years ago. Then about five years ago I buckled down and went full throttle, balls to the wall (so to speak) and set myself a one year goal to have a contract to show for all of the hard work I’d been putting into this thing I loved so much. I met that goal with a month to spare when Loose Id offered me a contract for Falling.

OV: What made you want to start writing erotic romance?
CD: I’ve adored romance novels my whole life. It’s the broad genre I’ve always read, even when I was a young girl. The first romance novels I wrote (never published) were actually geared to be mainstream contemporary romance novels. But as I looked back through the books I’d written I realized I spent pages and pages on one sex scene, and that they were more explicit than most mainstream romance novel sex scenes were at the time. I also found myself interested in writing male/male love stories, and there really wasn’t a place in traditional romance publishing for me to submit a love story between two men. At that point I reevaluated where I was trying to get my foot in the door and started looking at e-book publishers. Once I started looking through the titles available at publishers like Loose Id I felt in my gut that I’d found a world where I could write the stories that lived inside my head. From that point on I didn’t try to censor what I wrote in any way — particularly the sex scenes.

OV: Your stories are a mixture of paranormal and non-paranormal stories. Which do you prefer to write?
CD: This will sound like a cop out of an answer, but I love writing both. Although I tend to think of my paranormal books more along the lines of having what I call ‘paranormal elements’ rather than a full out paranormal world where I set my characters to fall in love. Anything otherworldly in my paranormal books takes a supporting role to the romance.

OV: You write all types of erotic stories: M/F; M/M; menage. Which is the most fun to write?
CD: I like mixing it up, and I love them all, but I admit that I am a sucker for two men falling love. But while I adore the m/m genre, I can’t imagine never writing a m/f story again. I had a blast with Lucien and Sophie in A Perfect Storm Rising, and I’m very much looking forward to eventually writing Maddie and Wyn’s story from the Seeking Redemption series. And while ménages are a challenge, because I’m always trying to stay mindful of making each person in the trio feel loved, needed, and important to the group, I’m always extremely satisfied when I tackle one and feel like I successfully put into words what I saw in my head. Each one gets me excited in its own way, and I’m thankful that so far I’ve had publishers who are open to all of them.

OV: Have you ever written a scene, reread it, and thought, “Wow. That was perfect.” Something that was an unexpected surprise?
CD: Hmmm… There are scenes in every book that make me happy when I go back to read them, but I’m anal and so I guess there are always a few small things I’d like to tweak if given another shot at it, even if it is only rearranging a few words here and there so that a sentence feels like it reads more smoothly. But even though technical things I might want to tweak irk me a bit, I always feel good about my characters in the end. I never wish I’d gone back in and made them behave differently or do something different or just be different in some way other than which I wrote them. They speak to me pretty loudly, and I feel like I have a clear sense of who each person is, and so I never second guess or wish I could have a second shot at showing who a character is. And that feels good.

Scenes that stick out for me in each book and make me happy when I go back and read them… In Falling when Cain tells Luke he loves him always gets to me when I reread it; When Connor tells Cassie how deeply he loves her in Demon Moon feels good when I read it; in ReneCade, I like the first time Cade and Ren kiss on the side of the road, and I like how Cade is with his puppy Crash; I pretty much love everything Mack says in Quick to the Hunt (and although it wasn’t meant to be, I would have adored if Mack could have met Hunter and they could have talked); in Ride I like how hard Duke fights his feelings for this younger woman, and how he succumbs to her the first time they kiss; I also loved the scenes I got to write in Risa’s POV when she’s riding a bull; there is a moment in A Fostered Love, where Jonah is vulnerable and standing by the front door, and Christian can see it and runs straight into his arms — I like that bit quite a lot; for some reason it hits me in the gut when I read it; in Becoming Three I love the first time Jace and Sarah have sex, and then I love the moment where Sarah presses Jasper and he admits to admiring and having feelings for Jace, as well as once feeling an attraction to Caleb; and finally I like when Jace and Jasper are still working out their feelings for each other and Sarah, and because of that the two men each try to stake claims on this woman they both want and have a heated discussion about it one morning; I really love the kitchen scene at the end of Grey’s Awakening; in The Sweetest Tattoo I like how gentle John is when he takes care of Kelsie’s sunburn; when Adam comforts Rhone through his bedroom door in Finding Home makes me smile, and then in Saying I Do right at the start when Adam asks Rhone to marry him makes me happy; I get misty over the emails Marek sends to Colin in Dreaming in Color; in A Perfect Storm Rising I like when Lucien thinks he’s revealed too much, and he’s vulnerable, and to hide it he has Sophie do something sexually aggressive to him; In Aidan & Ethan I like the first flashback to when they officially meet as teenage boys, when Ethan sees Aidan in a tough situation and not only come to his aid but offers him a chance at friendship; for Devlin & Garrick I get hot flashes the final time the two men have sex in the flashback scenes in the motel room, before Devlin has to leave San Francisco; I still get tingles the first time Jake takes Caleb, exposing such raw vulnerability in each of them, in Knowing Caleb; I love the absolute openness of Nate in Breaking Logan’s Laws when he starts to crack and show Logan how much he cares by giving Logan the therapy pillow he’d purchased for Logan so long ago; I still smile when Kasey gets Canin over the hood of a car and pleasures him in a sex club parking lot in The Ultimate Kink; in Something New I really like the moment where Rodrigo cracks a bit and opens up to this new father he’s only recently learned existed, and I like when Abby is able to confront the murderer of her parents, and I love the two scenes that show how much Braden still loves and values his previous boyfriend Ben even though their relationship didn’t work out.

Actually, what Something New became was the biggest unexpected surprise of any story for me. When I first introduced Abby and Rodrigo in A Fostered Love I thought they’d be a duo. But then Braden showed up, and he looked at them both with such heat I immediately realized they were supposed to be a threesome. Then, up to the point of writing the first words of Something New, I thought there would be a completely different plot. I’d written down some notes about what I’d thought was Abby’s history, and I thought I had a pretty good idea of how her story would unfold. Then, literally with the first words of the prologue I typed, I saw an entirely different childhood for Abby and a completely new story started coming out with each word I typed. That was surreal, but I just went with it, and by the end I had the story that became Something New.Which of your stories are you most proud of?
That’s a tough one too. I’m proud of all of them in different ways. I’ll always have a soft spot for Falling and Cain and Luke because I got my first contract offer for that book, even though Demon Moon is the first in the series. I had to wait a long time for Caleb to open up and tell me his story, so when he finally did it was extremely rewarding to write. Dreaming in Color was the first (and only) book I ever wrote where I had a contract without a word of the book being written; that was terrifying and exhilarating. I lived with Marek and Colin on that little island in Fiji nonstop while telling their story. I wrote that book with a deadline in record time. I’d never tackled a ménage or such a complex plot for a book before writing Becoming Three, so I think back on Jace, Sarah, and Jasper with lots of fondness.

But I think if I had to choose one book that still gets me in the gut, even when I just think about it, it would be Quick to the Hunt. The subject matter was dark and intense and stayed with me for a very long time after finishing the book. I still think about Alex and Hunter, but most particularly Hunter. I could so feel Hunter’s pain and struggle in my head and heart, and I didn’t want to minimize it or make it feel trivial. I still think about and wonder if I successfully conveyed everything he lived through fighting in two wars, as well as the emotional and psychological toll it took on him in the aftermath as he tried to assimilate back into a normal life. I hope I did, but I don’t know for sure.

OV: Have you written any stories or scenes based on personal experiences, or things you would like to experience?
CD: Afraid not. At least not in a literal sense I can pinpoint. I think things I love are often used in stories, such as cabins tucked away in mountains or sprawling ranch properties with cowboys with the land etched into their souls. I like mysteries so I create one every so often when it feels like it makes sense for the story. The house Christian and Jonah are renovating in A Fostered Love is based on my late grandmother’s house; she had a Cuban heritage and an accent I can remember to this day, and so the foster mother Mari is very loosely based on my memories of my own abuela. I’ve never been in the military but my father served for a quarter century, and so I guess I can relate more to Sarah’s position as a sister to Hunter than to Hunter himself; her pride in how he served with honor is familiar to me. I think maybe something of Abby’s view/evolution regarding her feelings/thoughts about religion are similar to mine, but not exact — and I definitely didn’t have the childhood relationship with God/church that she did.
Then I’ll throw small little nuggets in, such as a baseball cap for a sports team I might like, or an animal that has a connection to one I once had, or maybe a food I like…stuff like that. But always in connection to a character where it would make sense in his/her life.

OV: Have you had any issues with publishes or editors trying to censor your work?
CD: I’ve been very blessed in that I haven’t had to deal with anything like that. And I had a few moments in a number of books where I was worried I might. There is an extended violent scene of torture in Falling. With it being my first book I was terrified that as part of the contract I might be asked to dial it back. I had settled in my head and heart beforehand that I’d have to refuse the contract if I was asked to do such a thing, because I saw the scene as incredibly important to the story, but thank God Loose Id never even commented on it, let along suggested I tweak it. I had the same worry with ReneCade and the infidelity in the story. That is pretty darn taboo in romance novels, and I was worried it would not be okay. I again knew I couldn’t take it out, and I sat chewing down my fingernails while waiting to hear about a contract, but as before Loose Id was awesome and never mentioned it. Then just recently I was concerned about the detailed violence in Quick to the Hunt, and that it might be too much and too explicit. But I should know better by now, and Loose Id was fine with it. I guess I’m a worrier by nature, or I like to look ahead and plan for the ‘what if’s’ but so far I haven’t had to choose. I’ve always been able to keep the darker and more violent parts that exist in some of my books.

OV: What genres do you enjoy reading?
CD: I admit that more than twenty years later I’m still a sucker for a romance novel the same way I was when I was a kid. I still like a mix of mainstream romance (I lean toward the Regency set historical genre in the traditional print world) and erotic romance in all genres, but I lean toward the cowboy stories or the historical or the opposites attract or the friends to lovers type tale the most.
I like Linda Howard, JL Langley, Lisa Kleypas, KA Mitchell, Lorraine Heath, Lynn Lorenz, Anne Stuart, Qwillia Rain, Kate Douglas, Ava March, Gaelen Foley, TA Chase, Julia Quinn, Hank Edwards, Sabrina Jeffries, Evangeline Anderson, Suzanne Enoch, Laura Baumbach, Karen Hawkins, Tere Michaels, Julie Garwood, and Emma Holly to name a few. There are many more, but I always draw a blank on some and then kick myself for not remembering afterward.

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TV Review: The Walking Dead S2E9

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on February 20, 2012

The Walking Dead S2E9

Last weeks episode was awesome! I couldn’t wait to watch this week.

Lori wakes up on the side of the road after crashing her car. There is a walker trying to get into the car through the broken window that she stabs in the face with the car shifter.

I loved how when the walker was pressing his face through the broken window, his skin was peeling off. What else can I say  : )  It looked awesome.

Hershel, Glenn and Rick try to leave the bar and the dead bodies when a car stops in front. There are men outside looking for the two men Rick killed. The men yell into the bar and ask if their friends are inside. Rick, like a dumbass, says that he had no choice because his friends pulled their guns on them!

Why did he open his mouth? Just keep your mouth shut and they probably would have left without an issue.

They begin to argue, and the men outside open fire on the bar. Glenn tries to sneak out the back and sees the doorknob beginning to turn. He raises his gun and fires. Hershel meets up with Glenn and goes out back to cover Glenn while he goes to get the car.

When Glenn walks out the back of the bar into the alley, one of the men shoots at him. Hershel takes him down, making it possible for Glenn and Rick to sneak behind a dumpster. When they try to go for the car, there’s more gunfire.

They hear a car skid to a stop in the middle of the street, and it’s the getaway driver for the other men. He’s screaming at them to hurry up, but one is being attacked by walkers and another is staked on a fence post. The getaway driver takes off leaving his friends behind.

Rick’s conscience gets the better of him and tries to save the man that is stuck on the fence. Hershel tries to amputate his leg, but the walkers are getting too close and there’s no time. Hershel and Glenn take off towards their car, but Rick feels like he has to help this man. Rick pulled his leg back through the fence post and carries him back to their car. A total oh-my-god-that-must-have-hurt-like-hell moment.

Back on the farm, the rest of the crew is sitting down to dinner wondering where everyone is. No one knew that Lori left to go into town, so they look around the farm for her. Carol asks Daryl if he’s seen Lori, and he admits that Lori asked him to go into town and find Rick, Hershel and Glenn. Everyone comes to the conclusion that Lori must have gone into town herself.

I really miss Daryl’s character, and wish that they would give him more screen time. He was awesome in the beginning of this season.

Shane takes a car and goes to look for Lori. He finds her car empty on the side of the road with the two dead walkers she killed. Shane eventually finds her and tells her that she has to come back to the farm. Lori won’t go back until she knows that Rick is safe. Shane lies and says that that everyone returned safely earlier that day.

When they get back to the farm and Lori finds out Rick still isn’t back, Lori turns to Shane for an explanation. Shane says that he had to make sure her and the baby are safe. He makes this exclamation in front of everyone, and none of them knew she was pregnant.

Shane apologizes, but I think he made the announcement on purpose. He wants everyone to know that Lori is pregnant, and that he believes the baby is his.

Shane tries to also apologize for lying to her about Rick being back at the farm, and they begin to argue. Lori confronts him about what happened with Otis because he’s never been the same since that night. Shane evades the question by saying he’ll do whatever it takes to protect Lori because he loves her. Lori admits to Shane that she told Rick about their affair. Shane becomes very angry and almost territorial over Lori and Carl saying they belong together. He gets very controlling and it makes Lori uncomfortable.

Lori tells Rick about her conversation with Shane said, and how she’s scared of him. She says that Rick has to talk to Shane and convince him to back off. Lori knows that no matter what the situation, the baby is Rick’s.

The episode started off amazing… and then just slowed to a stop. There was just too much drama involved in this episode. I hope next weeks episode is better.

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Book-vs-Movie: Little Women

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on February 19, 2012

Book-vs-Movie: Little Women
Book Release: Part One – 1868; Part Two – 1869
Movie Release: 1994

I saw this movie when it first came out and absolutely fell in love with the March family. I wanted to be one of the sisters, live in that house, and spend time with them.

I’ve never read the book until now because I’ve always been intimidated by the size of this book. It took me a while to read, but was definitely worth it.

I’ve read books that are considered ‘classics’ before, and some don’t hold up the test of time. This story definitely does. Although I couldn’t stop myself from laughing when they called their boots ‘rubbers.’ It was funny to see Amy running through the house shouting, “I can’t find my rubbers!”  : )

The movie keeps the girls characteristics exactly like the book: Meg is longing for nicer things and a new life; Amy wants to feel accepted by popular and wealthy people; Beth’s quiet and accepting nature of how things are; and Jo is just as vivid and lively.

I absolutely love the costumes in this movie. The soft fabrics, elegant styles and classic looks makes me want to go buy a gown from the 1800’s right now. Although I can’t image how woman actually dressed like that every day!

Seeing the movie, I knew how people lived over 100 years ago, but reading the book seemed to solidify it somehow; I guess because it was written during that time period. I can’t imagine spending my days sewing and worrying about simple things like they did. I definitely would have acted like Jo and pushed the boundaries of life just because of how simply life seemed back then.

The book is split into two parts: part one ending once Meg gets married. The movie follows part one of Little Women almost exactly. Both start out on Christmas eve with the girls singing before going to bed. On Christmas morning, Hannah makes a wonderful feast that the girls bring to the Hummel’s.

The party that Jo and Meg are invited to is exactly like the book. Jo burns off a piece of Megs hair, which is done so well in the movie. Jo dodges a male that wants to dance with her at the party and lands her in an alcove where she meets Laurie for the first time. Laurie tells Jo all about his time abroad. Jo and Laurie dance in the hallway where no one can see them so Jo will not be embarrassed by the burn on her dress. They run into Meg who has sprained her ankle, and Laurie offers to take them home in his carriage.

Jo and Laurie’s friendship feels just as effortless in the books as it appears on screen. And who can’t love a baby faced Christian Bale?

In the movie, the March girls play in the snow with Laurie while Mr. Brooke approaches Marmee and Meg. Mr. Brooke is not introduced this early in the book. We do not meet him until about a quarter of the way into the book. The girls also do not spend as much time with Laurie so early in the book.

This makes sense for the movie because of having to cram so much information into 2 hours; it’s understood that they have to speed up the story. However, I really enjoyed in the book how Laurie stayed a mystery for a while.

In both the book and movie Amy is struck by her teacher for the limes, Jo writes about her inner struggles for having to conform to the ways of society, and the March girls have their secret society of plays and the Pickwick Portfolio. They accept Laurie as a member and he gives the girls a ‘post office’ for them to share “their most appalling secrets.”

Beth and Mr. Laurence have a much larger part in the books. Beth is often going next door to use Mr. Laurence’s piano, and plays the music that he secretly places out for her. Beth reminds Mr. Laurence his daughter that passed away at a young age, so he dotes upon her.

Amy is just as jealous in the movie as she is in the book that Meg and Jo get to go to the theater with Laurie and John. Amy burns Jo’s manuscript that she’s been writing for years. Jo lashes out and yells at Amy saying she never wants to see her again. Amy apologizes, but Jo ignores her because she’s so upset. Amy gets jealous again of all the time that Jo and Laurie spend together. She follows them when they go ice skating and Amy ends up falling through the ice.

Meg and John do not become close until later in the book; not until after their father comes home. Even then, they do not have much interaction together.

When Meg prepares for Sally Moffat’s coming out party in the book, she is there for days and we see all of the activities the girls do together. Meg feels embarrassed because of her status and how poor she is. All the other girls have gorgeous silk dresses and jewelry. In the movie, Meg is dressed up because the rest feel bad for her. In the book, Meg is dressed up because the rest of the Moffat family has grown fond of Meg and wants to do her a favor.

A telegrams arrives from Washington Hospital that Mr. March has been injured and Marmee leaves to go see him right away. Jo is supposed to ask Aunt March for money for her mothers train ticket, but can’t bare to ask her, so she sells her hair. Mr. Brooke offers himself as company to Mrs. March as she travels. This is the same in the movie as in the book.

A small difference between the book and movie is when Jo wins the money for her story being published. In the book, we see Jo submitting her stories and the entire writing process; not just her winning the money. She struggles with what to write, where does she go to get it published, etc.

Beth comes down with scarlet fever because the Hummel’s baby has it. Hannah says that Amy must stay with Aunt March because she hasn’t had scarlet fever. In the book, Amy fights tooth and nail and will not go. The only way Amy agrees to goes is when Laurie tells her he’ll visit everyday; which he does. This is where we first see the relationship between Laurie and Amy blossom.

While Amy is staying with Aunt March, we see the two women growing closer together. Aunt March takes the responsibility of making sure Amy because a suitable lady since she believes none of the other girls have a chance of marrying a suitable man. This makes more sense later when Aunt March chooses Amy to go to Europe instead of Jo.

In the book, Beth’s health improves better before Marmee gets home from Washington. In the movie, Marmee coming home is what makes Beth better.

When Meg and John agree to marry, Jo gets visibly upset because she doesn’t want to lose her sister. In the books, this is a huge struggles for Jo. She does not like the way things are changing, and tries her best to deal with it. Jo has many internal struggles throughout this story that are beautifully written throughout the books.

The speech that Laurie makes to Jo after she turns down his proposal is almost verbatim from the book. However, in the book Jo doesn’t tell anyone but Marmee that she’s refused Laurie’s proposal. In the movie, we see Jo telling Beth, Amy and Marmee. This is an impossibility in the book since Laurie proposes while Amy is abroad with Aunt March.

No one ever tells Amy that Laurie has proposed to Jo, but she eventually figures it out when she runs into him in France. Laurie is so heartbroken that he begins to throw his life away until Amy confronts him about it. We see the relationship between Laurie and Amy develop over a year or so, where in the movie it seems like their relationship is forced. Their romance is much more natural and their marriage not so much a surprise because of all the back story. Laurie also never promises to kiss Amy before she dies.

Jo feels the need to get away and needs a change in her life. Jo moves to New York to live with one of Marmee’s friend who runs a boarding house. She keeps to herself at first until running into Mr. Friedrich Bhaer. In the book, Jo secretly watches him around the boarding house finding an attraction to him. He’s unlike anyone she’s ever met. He even teachers her German.

In the movie, we see Jo having a hard time selling her work to publishers. In the book, Jo writes romance stories and has no problem selling them to magazines. Never in the book is she turned down for writing because she is a woman, or does she write under the name of a man.

Friedrich comments on the stories that she’s writing saying that she’s basically selling herself out and not writing what she really wants. Although it hurts for her to hear it, she knows that he is right and should write what she wants. This is similar in the book and movie.

As Jo and Friedrich grow closer in the movie, he takes her the opera. This never happens in the book. The timeline in the movie is also rushed. Jo does not begin a relationship with Friedrich until after Amy and Laurie are married and return home to Connecticut.

Another major difference between the movie and book is Meg and John’s relationship after marriage. We see all about their troubles as husband and wife. How Meg tries to run her own household, deal with John’s imperfections, and really learn one another. Since they never spent a lot of time together before they were married, it’s very hard for them to live together at first. We also see Meg and John’s children grow to be toddlers, talking and running around. In the movie, we only see them as newborns.

In the movie, Jo gets a telegram and rushes home when she hears Beth is ill. In the book, Jo is already home when Beth is ill and takes her on a vacation. Beth admits that she hasn’t been feeling well and knows that she will not be living much longer. We slowly see Beth becoming sicker, as supposed to the movie when Jo arrives home and she’s suddenly deathly sick. It’s more of a progression in the book. Beth’s death hits Jo a lot harder in the book and she is completely shaken by it.

Side note: At this point of reading the book I couldn’t help but think of the Friends episode where Joey is reading Little Women and has to put the book in the freezer because Beth is really sick  : )

One thing that I love about this movie, that you just cannot do in a book, is the montage of Jo writing about her life putting together her novel. This is done extremely well, and is such a touching moment in the movie.

When Friedrich comes to visit Jo in the book, it is not because her book is being published. He has business in the area and wanted to see her. Friedrich stays a friend to Jo for a while and eventually over time they agree to marry.

In the book, Jo and Friedrick turn Aunt March’s house into a boarding house and school for children. They even have children of their own.

I love watching movies that have been made about books just to see the differences between the two. I enjoyed both the Little Women book and movie for different reasons, and didn’t mind the differences that were made for the movie. I haven’t watched this movie in years, but I still loved it just as much as I did when I first saw it.

Have you also read the book and watched the movie? What are your take on the differences?

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TV Review: The Vampire Diaries S3E15

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on February 16, 2012

The Vampire Diaries S3E15
All My Children

Talk about another action packed episode. And holy cliffhanger ending, Batman!

Elena tells Damon about the spell that she helped Ester cast on the original children. Elena feels guilty because she knows Elijah doesn’t deserve to die. Damon tells her that she’ll have to get over it because they all need Klaus dead.

Elijah stops by Elena’s and asks her if she would go somewhere with him. He takes her to where he grew up over 1,000 years ago. Elijah is being all reminiscent, then suddenly turns on Elena. He accuses her of lying to him about what his mother did and demands to know the truth. Eventually, Elena tells Elijah about Ester’s plan to kill all of her children.

Elijah grabs Elena and takes her into the caves he used to play in as a child. Elena can’t get out, and has no signal to call for help. She’s trapped.

Elijah sends Rebecca to the caves to use Elena as a hostage. Elena tries talking some sense into Rebecca, but she’s just not having it. Rebecca claims that they’re not girlfriends and she doesn’t care what she has to say.

I LOVED when Rebecca tells Elena to shut the hell up. I didn’t care for her at first, but her character is really growing on me.

Elijah blackmails Stefan and Damon to stop Ester from killing her children if they want to see Elena again. Elijah wants them to kill Bonnie and her mother so Ester cannot complete the ritual. If they are not dead by the rise of the full moon, Rebecca will kill Elena.

Stefan and Damon are trying to find another way to get Elena back without having to kill Bonnie and her mother.

Ester visits Bonnie and her mother because she needs to channel their bloodline for power to kill her children. Ester is going to harness the power of the full moon and asked Bonnie and her mother to help her for extra umph.

Alaric and Meredith are together at The Grill when Alaric gets a call from Damon. They form a plan to trap the originals, but need Meredith’s help.

Kol begins to hit on Meredith while she’s playing pool, and she does her best to keep him distracted. Alaric sneaks up behind Kol and stabs him with the stake and ash from the white oak tree to put him out of commission. Kol and the rest of his siblings begin to collapse… except Klaus.

Klaus finds Alaric and Damon bringing Kol’s body out of The Grill and shoves them out of the way, causing Alaric to crash into the side of the building. Klaus pulls the stake out of Kol causing them all to come back to life.

When Rebecca collapses, Elena runs away through the caves. When Rebecca comes back to life, she chases after Elena. Just as Rebecca is about to catch up to Elena, Elena runs into the part of the caves where the sealed coffin is placed. Bonnie case a spell that no vampire can pass the threshold so Rebecca cannot enter.

Because Rebecca can’t cross the threshold, she finds a can of gasoline and throws it all over Elena and the cave. The only choices Elena has is to stay and burn, or leave the cave.

Stefan confronts Bonnie and says that he has to kill Ester and stop the ritual. Bonnie knows that Ester is channeling her and her mother’s power and she can’t be stopped. Stefan warns Bonnie that Ester can only channel their power while her and her mother are still human. Damon forces his blood on Bonnie’s mother then snaps her neck causing her to begin her transition into a vampire. This breaks the connection between Ester and the witches power, stopping the ritual.

Later when Damon and Stefan get home, Damon accuses Stefan of not drinking human blood anymore. He knows that Stefan is still in love with Elena and wants her back. Damon admits that he tried to win Elena’s love but she just didn’t want him. Damon says that he’s better as the bad guy anyway.

Yes you are, Damon! Welcome back evil Damon, we’ve all missed you  : )  I was so not a fan of evil Stefan.

While in the cave, Rebecca reads the marks on the wall and realizes that 300 years after they brunt down the original white oak tree a new one grew. They are no longer safe because there is more ash that can be created to immobilize them.

Alaric has a cracked rib and a concussion from stabbing Kol, and Meredith says she’ll take care of him. They go back to her place and she patches him up. Later when he wakes up, Meredith is still asleep. Alaric goes through her things and finds police case files on Caroline’s father and her ex-boyfriend, along with the murder weapon. Meredith walks in while Alaric is snooping, pulls a gun on him, and shoots him.

How can you end an episode like that?!  And now we have to wait four more weeks for another episode. *sigh* I’m so hooked on this show.

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Giveaway: Naughty After Dark Blog Hop

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on February 14, 2012

Naughty After Dark Giveaway Blog Hop

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Giveaway: Valentine’s Day Books with Love

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on February 14, 2012

Valentine’s Day Books with Love Giveaway

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Happy Valentine’s Day to all you hopeless romantics out there! This blog hop is where we share all and any books that have to do with LOVE. It doesn’t have to be only romance books; it can be a story about family, friends, anything… as long as there is some kind of LOVE story in it.

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Giveaway: I Heart YA Hop

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I Heart YA Giveaway Hop

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TV Review: The Walking Dead S2E8

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on February 12, 2012

The Walking Dead season 2 episode 8:

After a two month hiatus, The Walking Dead is back! This has been one of my absolutely favorite TV shows since it first aired, and I could not wait for this to come back.

In the last episode before the break, Rick and Shane killed the walkers that Hershel and his family were hiding in their barn. Along with their family members, Sofia was also in there.

After the slaughter, Hershel yells at Rick and Shane and kicks them off his land. He cannot stand what they just did and cannot stand the sight of them any longer.

Shane is still a hot head that yells at Hershel and accused him of knowing that Sofia was in the barn. Shane continues yelling at Rick, Dale and anyone else that gets in his way.

Dale tells Lori that Shane believes he sacrificed Otis. He said it’s only a matter of time before he kills someone else.

Maggie confronts Glenn and asks him if he’s going to stay if everyone else leaves. Glenn knows that he can’t stay because he has to stay with the rest of his crew. Maggie tells Glenn that she loves him and wants him to stay.

Rick is struggling with shooting Sofia. Knowing that he was sending people out looking for her endangering their lives, when she was in the barn the entire time.

Carol shuts down once she sees Sofia shot. She becomes quiet and distant, not wanting to interact with anyone. Carol claims that Sofia died a long time ago and doesn’t want to go to the burial ceremony that the others have planned for her.

Hershel disappears after the slaughter, and Rick and Glenn head into town to find him. Lori doesn’t want Rick to go, telling him that he doesn’t need to solve everyone else’s problems.

Rick knows that they need Hershel for when Lori’s baby is born. He knows there is no other way to successfully deliver this baby.

However, I really hope they’re still not on that farm when the baby is born because this storyline is really getting old. I need to see a new background and have new things going on.

Lori asks Daryl to go into town and get Rick and Hershel and bring them back. Daryl snaps and said that he is not spending anymore time looking for people. He spent every day looking for Sofia, even took a bullet and an arrow in the process.

Lori takes a gun, a map, and borrows a car and heads into town on her own to bring back her husband, Glenn and Hershel. When she looks at the map for directions, a walker steps in front of the car that Lori runs over. She looses control of the car and flips the car in a ditch.

When Rick and Glenn arrive in town, they find Hershel at a bar drinking his miseries away. Hershel is feeling guilty for keeping the walkers alive in his barn. He knew that there was no hope for them.

While in the bar, two men that none of them have seen before walk in. After talking, Rick and Hershel quickly determine that these two men are no good.

As men begin talking non stop saying about how they are going to go with Hershel back to his farm. They won’t give up and keep pushing. Rick’s had enough and knows that they can’t come back to the farm, so he shoots them in cold blood.

This scene was incredible. It was totally unexpected, and one of those scenes that you rewind and watch over again. One of the men that walk into the bar is Michael Raymond-James, who played Rene on True Blood. Poor guys always getting whacked!

I can’t wait to see where the rest of this season goes. I’m not sure what is in store for Andrea and T-Dog because they don’t have much of a story line. It seems that they’re just being strung along and doing whatever just to be in the scene. Carl is becoming colder as he grows up, and I hope the writers keep that up. It’s very realistic for a child to act that way if they’re growing up in that kind of atmosphere.

Excited for next week!

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In My Mailbox #11

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on February 12, 2012

Settling (Solid #2) by Shelley Workinger. At the beginning of the summer, Clio Kaid was one of a hundred teens brought to a secret Army installation. But it was no ordinary camp and they weren’t ordinary kids. Picking up where “Solid” left off, Clio and her friends realize that they aren’t ready to go home; they’re determined to stay on campus and continue their journey of self- discovery. But someone doesn’t feel the same way and will do anything to drive them away – even kill.
Thanks you, Me, My Shelf and I!

Melissa Schroeder book swag. Postcards, trading cards, bookmarks, and pens.
Huge thanks to Melissa Schroeder!

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TV Review: The Vampire Diaries S3E14

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on February 10, 2012

The Vampire Diaries season 3 episode 14: Dangerous Liaisons

After a two week hiatus, The Vampire Diaries is back with a vengeance!

Elena gets a letter on her doorstep from Ester, the original mother, inviting her to a ball to celebrate the reunion of her family.

Tyler calls Caroline and apologizes for everything that he did and says that he loves her. When she’s done listening to the voicemail, there is a knock on her door and nothing but a box on the doorstep. There’s an invitation from Klaus with a ball gown asking her to save a dance for him.

Seems everyone in Mystic Falls is invited to this ball when Rebecca shows up at The Grill and invites Matt to the ball. Caroline and Elena think Rebecca does this just to piss them off, but later it seems Rebecca’s got a soft spot for Matt.

Elena shows up in a gorgeous ball gown. Guess she just happened to have it in her closet? *cough* bullshit *cough* Although it was a stunning dress that I would kill to wear.

And amazingly everyone at the ball knows a century year old waltz! Guess they just didn’t show episode when they learned that in high school…

Klaus cleans up nicely looking stunning in his tux. The more I watch this show the more attractive he gets. Must be the accent  ; )

Elena sneaks away from the party with Stefan to ask for his help. She wants to get near Ester, but Ester is surrounded by bodyguards. Also, Damon won’t let Elena anywhere near Ester.

Stefan agrees to help Elena by distracting Damon so he can’t go after her. Turns out that means Stefan snapping Damon’s spine, although I doubt that is what Elena had in mind.

With Damon down, Elena makes her way to Ester.

Elena has so many questions for Ester, and asks her how she’s alive. Before Ester ‘died,’ a witch cast a spell on her so that when she ‘died’ she would be forced to spend time on “the other side.” The witch did this as a punishment for turning her entire family into vampires. Since the coffin Klaus buried her in was sealed, she’s been on the other side for thousands of years.

Ester asks Elena for her help. Ester admits that the ball is a cover for a ritual she has planned. In order to kill Klaus, Ester needs blood from the doppelganger. Elena freely gives her blood to Ester since it will help kill Klaus.

Ester is casting a spell that creates a link between her children. If one of her children dies, they will all die. She admits that when she turned her family, she created abominations. She feels they are horrible and do not deserve to be alive.

Later, Ester proposes a toast to everyone at the ball. Elena watches all of Ester’s children drink the champagne that has been tainted with her blood.

Damon and Elena argue over how she went behind her back, and in the heat of the argument Damon tells Elena that he loves her. Elena says that that’s a problem, and immediately regrets it.

Klaus has been coming on to Caroline all night, and she finally confronts him about it. She tells him she is dating Tyler and to back off. Caroline yells at Klaus to give Tyler his life back. She throws the bracelet he gave her for her birthday in his face.

Klaus wants to run after her, but knows that everything she said to him is right. It seems he truly likes her, but doesn’t know how to show it.

Rebecca and Kol, another one of Ester’s children, have a plan to kill a human outside. Rebecca asks Matt to go outside for fresh air and they take a walk. He is kind to her and now she doesn’t want to kill him. She quickly ushers him back inside and leaves Kol waiting.

This makes Kol angry and he wants to get back at Rebecca. He lures Matt onto a balcony and is determined to kill him. Damon shows up, pulls Matt away, and throws Kol off the balcony causing a scene at the party.

When Caroline gets home and walks into her bedroom, there is a black velvet box on the bed. She quickly assumes Klaus is showering her with more gifts. When she opens it, it’s a drawing Klaus made of Caroline.

Still not sure how I feel about Caroline and Klaus getting together. That’s obviously where their relationship is going… but it still feels forced for me.

Stefan walks Elena home after the ball and she tells him about the spell she helped Ester cast. Elena admits that she feels guilty about it.

Stefan is starting to show the loving boyfriend that he used to be and admits that he hates himself for how he’s treated her. Elena begs him to show that he cares for her, but Stefan says he doesn’t want to feel the pain. He walks away leaving Elena alone on her porch.

Later that night Rebecca approaches Matt at the bar while he’s having a drink. He tells her that he’s had enough, and to leave him alone. Damon shows up and pours her a drink and tells her she needs someone more durable. They end up tearing each others clothes off and what I’m assuming is steamy vampire sex before the credits kick in.

This was the best The Vampire Diaries episode I’ve seen in a long time. Lots of juicy stuff going on! Can’t wait for next week. Hopefully Jeremy will be back…

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