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TV Review: Alcatraz S1E3

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on January 24, 2012

Alcatraz Season 1 Episode 3
Kit Nelson

Kit Nelson, an inmate from Alcatraz in the 1960’s, shows up present day and kidnaps a kid. In the past, we learn that Nelson was beat up in the prison yard and accused of being a ‘child killer.’

Diego Soto hears about the kidnapping on his police scanner and knows that it’s Nelson because of the clues that he left behind. Soto meets up with Rebecca and shows up at the kidnapped child’s house.

They show Kit Nelson’s picture to the family and they mention how he’s done work on their house. The younger brother confirms that Nelson was in their bedroom the night before and saw him take his brother.

In the past, the warden tells Nelson that his father is at Alcatraz to see him. His father accuses Nelson of killing his younger brother, and he denies it saying bis brother died of scarlet fever.

Later, the warden shows up in Nelson’s cell asking if he killed his brother. After some interrogating, Nelson admits that he killed his brother in a bomb shelter at their house.

Nelson is bringing the kid around to places that he liked to go: a lake to go fishing, movie theater. Soto knows that Nelson takes the kids he’s killed for a piece of cherry pie. Soto is looking at diners because he knows that the next step for Nelson.

While searching a diner, Nelson and the boy walk in. Soto tells Rebecca and she shows up just as Nelson is holding the kid at gun point outside the diner. Nelson and the kid get away, and Soto blames himself for not stopping Nelson.

Soto finds out where Nelson used to live, but the house is no longer there. However, the bomb shelter is.

The kid distracts Nelson by throwing something in his face, and escapes from the bomb shelter. Nelson is chasing him when Rebecca and Diego show up. Nelson holds the kid in front of him, and Emerson puts a bullet in Nelson’s head before he can harm the boy.

Emerson picks up Nelson’s body and brings the first body bag back to his fake Alcatraz.

Back at Alcatraz, Emerson talks to Soto and tells him that he needs the ‘adult Soto,’ not the ‘traumatized 11-year-old Soto.’ From what they allude to, it sounds like Soto was kidnapped at 11.

This episode was not nearly as compelling as the last two, and didn’t really hold my attention as well. It seemed like a filler episode creating back story for Soto and showing more of Emerson’s fake Alcatraz. I hope next weeks episode is better.

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