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TV Review: The Vampire Diaries S3E12

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on January 22, 2012

TV Review: The Vampire Diaries S3E12
The Ties That Bind

Bonnie has been having dreams that she is locked in a coffin by Klaus. Each time a woman opens the coffin and saves her. The woman in Bonnie’s dream is her mother.

Bonnie interprets this dream as believing her mom can help open the coffins. Bonnie finally tells Elena about the coffins, and Elena offers to help find her mom in Maryland. Klaus makes a phone call to one of his hybrids, and that hybrid knocks on Bonnie’s mothers door.

Bonnie and Elena show up to her mothers house and there’s no answer. A young man, Jamie, answers the door and lets them in. Bonnie’s mom returns shortly after. Bonnie’s mother left Mystic Falls because a vampire came looking for Elena and she led him away. That vampire ended up being Michael, one of the original vampires. Bonnie’s mother casted such a strong spell that it nearly killed her. Her magic hasn’t returned since. Bonnie’s mother didn’t come back to Mystic Falls because she had a chance to be a new woman. She didn’t have to be a ‘witch’ any longer. Bonnie wants to talk to her mother alone, so Elena goes outside for a walk. And runs into Stefan.

Stefan is talking to Elena when Jamie shows up. Stefan tries to compel him to leave, but Jamie returns with a shotgun and shoots Stefan with wooden bullets. Turns out Jamie and Bonnie’s mother were compelled by the hybrid to stop them if they showed up. Elena gets tied up and Bonnie is put in the back of their car. They drive Bonnie to the hybrid.

Elena breaks free from being tied up and helps Stefan by pulling out the wood that was shot into him, saving his life. Stefan tells Elena that she seems stronger since they broke up. Elena needs to be honest and tells Stefan that she kissed Damon. Stefan initially has no reaction, then apologizes for kidnapping her and driving to the bridge. He also tells her that she’s better than both him and Damon.

When Stefan returns to Mystic Falls, Damon asks how Elena is. This causes Stefan to punch Damon in the face. Damon says, “Guess you and Elena had a heart-to-heart,” knowing she told him about their kiss. Before Stefan can walk away, Damon shows Stefan that he pulled the stake out of Elijah’s heart. Elijah then shows up at Klaus’ doorstep.

Bonnie’s mother believes that she knows how she can get her magic back and needs Bonnie’s help.

Tyler shows up at Caroline’s house to apologize for biting her. He brings Caroline’s father with him to help him fight the sire bond against Klaus. Caroline’s father chains up Tyler and tells him he must learn to change at will. Tyler is having trouble changing, so Caroline’s father begins cutting him with an axe.

Alaric tells Damon about the doctor he is seeing, and Damon goes to the hospital to look into this mystery doctor. Damon accuses her of knowing how her boyfriend really died, being staked like a vampire. When Damon tries to leave, she stabs a needle in his neck with a needle full of vervain causing Damon to collapse.

Caroline’s father shows up at the hospital with an ‘animal attack’ and the mystery doctor gives him vampire blood to heal him. That’s how she helps critical patients. She doesn’t like her patients dying knowing she can help them with an injection of vampire blood. Alaric then tells the doctor that he was a vampire hunter and can’t be killed because of his magic ring.

I wanted to slap Alaric for telling her the secret about his ring! He barely knows this chick and Damon already said she was “psychopathic crazy.”

Klaus shows up at the old house with the coffins and screams at the witches protecting the house that he will kill the last of the Bennett line if they do not show him the coffins. Only three coffins appear because Damon has hid the fourth.

This episode was just okay for me.  Seemed to be a filler episode for next week. Best part of this entire episode? Damon talking to Bonnie about Elena: “We Kissed. Now it’s weird.”

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