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TV Review: Alcatraz S1E1&2

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on January 17, 2012

Season 1 Episode 1, Pilot
Season 2 Episode 2, Ernest Cobb

First impression? Please don’t cancel this show! It is right up my alley and a show I can see myself getting into. I usually don’t say that after only seeing two episodes, but this show was good!

In the 1960’s, Alcatraz shut down and all of the prisoners were moved to other prisons. Or so that is what the public was told. In the opening scene of the show, all of the prisoners suddenly disappear.

Prisoners begin to turn up committing murders and they’re no older than when the prison shut down in 1963. The catch? None of the prisoners know where they’ve been all this time, or why they’re killing specific people.

This show reminds me of The 4400 and FlashForward. If you liked either of those shows, definitely give this show a chance.

Alcatraz is very well cast. Sarah Jones plays Rebecca, a detective from San Francisco. She believed that her uncle and grandfather were guards at Alcatraz, until she chases down her grandfather while on a case. She didn’t know it was him at the time because he looked like a man in his twenties. She then realizes that her grandfather was a prisoner, and wants to join Sam Neill, Emerson Hauser, and his task force tracking down the Alcatraz prisoners.

Emerson was a young guard at Alcatraz the night all the prisoners went missing. He knows more about what happened to the prisoners than he is letting on, and won’t tell anyone the truth. When the Alcatraz prisoners are arrested, he brings them to his ‘new Alcatraz’ facility that he had rebuilt as a bunker underground.

Lucy, Parminder Nagra, is Emerson’s partner and also knows what happened to the prisoners. At the very end of the second episode, we learn that Lucy was actually a doctor at Alcatraz in the 1960’s. Besides the prisoners, the employees of Alcatraz are also returning.

When Rebecca needs more information about a certain inmate, she discovers an author that has written multiple books on the Alcatraz inmates. Dr. Diego Soto, Jorge Garcia, ends up being Rebecca’s partner and helping her track down the returning prisoners.

I loved Jorge Garcia as Hurley on Lost, and he is the same exact character on Alcatraz! He’s the comic relief shouting out funny one liners.

There are so many different directions in which this show could go. I’m curious to see what Sarah’s uncle has up his sleeve, and what her grandfather has to do with all of this. I also want to know what secrets Emerson isn’t sharing with Rebecca and Diego.

Can’t wait until next week!


2 Responses to “TV Review: Alcatraz S1E1&2”

  1. Anne said

    I wanted to really like this one too. I watched the first episode then started the seond, but it just didn’t interest me enough so I went back to my book. May go to the Fox website and watch the whole second episode to see if it perks up for me. Your comment about Lucy makes me a bit curious to finish the episode.

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