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TV Review: The Vampire Diaries S3E11

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on January 14, 2012

The Vampire Diaries – Season 3 Episode 11: Our Town

Any episode of The Vampire Diaries that starts off with Damon in the shower, then ripping out a hybrid’s heart is a good episode for me! (see image exhibit A)

Once Damon was finished cleaning up, we see Bonnie casting a spell on the coffins housing Klaus’ family. They’re sealed shut and when Bonnie tries to open the coffins they all suddenly disappear. I’m really getting frustrated and want to know what the deal is with these coffins already! Who or what is in the fourth coffin?  Why are the witches in the house trying so hard to protect them?  I hope they don’t drag this out much longer this season. I need to know!

Caroline is back! It’s her birthday and Matt, Bonnie and Elena throw her a surprise party.  At first she’s angry because her birthday is now a reminder that she’s dead and not getting any older. And what would a party in Mystic Falls be like without some drama?

During Caroline’s birthday party, Tyler shows up.  She’s angry at Tyler for almost killing Jeremy. Tyler apologizes and explains that he will never being able to put anyone first because Klaus sired him.  He then continues to tell Caroline how much he loves her.  Total “aww” moment, and I got all warm and mushy inside.

Then Tyler had to go and spoil the moment it by biting Caroline!  He doesn’t do it on purpose, but Tyler knows that a hybrid bite is fatal to a vampire.  The only way she can avoid dying is for her to feed on Klaus. Which she does.

The next time we see Caroline, she wakes up with an expensive bracelet from Klaus next to her.  What’s up with that?  Are Caroline and Klaus now going to get together?  I really liked Caroline with Tyler. But guess there is no way that’s happening now!

Stefan confronts Klaus and tells him that his hybrids are “annoying” and to get them out of town. This story line was kind of weak, and seemed like a reason just for Stefan to kidnap Elena.

Stefan grabs Elena while she’s out in the woods looking for Caroline. He forces her into his car and throws her cell phone out the window.  I’ve said it every episode this season, and I’ll say it again: Stefan is a terrible bad guy. I’m getting tired of him being mean to Elena and her whining about it. Damon just kissed you! He’s hotter anyway… forget Stefan.

Although the scene with Stefan feeding his blood to Elena while speeding his car almost going off the bridge was pretty badass.

What would an episode of The Vampire Diaries be like without another Founders function? Alaric hits it off with the female doctor that saved his life when he ‘died’ last episode. Later, Alaric sees the doctor with her ex arguing when he grabs her arm.  Alaric steps in to stop the argument.

The next day the doctor and Alaric run into each other at a bar and she asks him for a drink.  The show then fades to the woods where the doctors ex is dead with a stake through his chest.

I’m not sure who this doctor and her ex are, but I hope this is explained soon. It was just kind of thrown into the show and brought up from no where.

Jeremy leaves for Denver and Bonnie shows up to say goodbye. But Jeremy can’t leave!  I really like his story line this season.  And he’s getting so good looking (stopping those thoughts right now, he’s too young). There’s no way that Jeremy can be gone for more than a few episodes.

I really enjoyed the closing scene with Matt and Elena on the bridge where her parents died. With them being the only two humans left, who knows what’s going to happen!  Caroline and Tyler are hybrids; Bonnie is a witch; Jeremy was brought back from the dead and now sees ghosts… Please leave Matt and Elena human!

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  1. i love this show whoot ha ha

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