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Author Interview & Book Review: Dearly, Departed by Lia Habel

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on January 26, 2012

Dearly, Departed by Lia Habel
Genre(s): urban fantasy, young adult

What’s the Dearly series (usually referred to, in jest, as Gone with the Respiration) about? Basically zombies, pretty dresses, and guns. Set a few hundred years in the future, the series follows the adventures of an unlikely group of teenagers as they navigate a world monumentally altered by time, climate change, war, and the ravenous dead. Told with a sense of humor, equal parts paranormal fantasy and sci-fi, the story stresses the importance of loyalty, trust, and the quality of a person’s soul over the condition of his or her body.

This book sucked me in from page one, and I could barely put it down! I loved how Lia Habel threw zombies, teenagers, the Victorian Era, and World War III into a blender and made it work.

Nora, a teenage orphan home from school for vacation, suddenly finds her home over run with zombies attacking her. As she’s on her roof shooting them with a shot gun (awesome scene!), one of those zombies ends up being a ‘good guy’ and saving her life. Bram, a zombie that is now part of the army, was sent to save Nora because of a special tie she has to saving the zombies.

At first Nora is scared and doesn’t know what is going on; she didn’t even know that zombies existed. Bram slowly earns her trust  and the two become friends. Bram helps Nora adapt to the new world she was brought into it, and over time Nora accepts, and enjoys, her new life.

Lia Habel does a fabulous job of explaining the history of the world since the story begins in the 22nd century. She beautifully explains how and why people are dressed in Victorian era clothing, using carriages, and steam trunks.

There are many twists and turns along the way for Nora, and I loved every minute of it. If you are looking for a refreshing, edgy new read, definitely pick up this book!


Lia Habel was nice enough to do an interview to go along with this post. Lia is so sweet, and such an awesome chick.

Hope you enjoy this interview with Lia Habel!

Lia Habel was born in Jamestown, NY, and has lived there the majority of her life. Her first book, Dearly, Departed, is a sweeping tale of zombie-living romance set in a cyber-Victorian/steampunk future. When Dearly, Departed sold, Lia was swimming in debt incurred from her studies and years of un- and underemployment, with only a few dollars to her name. Miss Habel enjoys attending anachronistic and steampunk events, watching zombie movies (she has watched over a hundred of them), commissioning ball gowns, and collecting Victorian and Edwardian books. She is incredibly grateful for the opportunities she has recently been given.

Obscured Vixen: I’ve never read a book with interactive zombies before. They’ve always been mindless, just wanting to eat people. What made you choose zombies for your story?
Lia Habel: Zombies are really unique monsters in that they are us. I try to avoid using the term “human” to mean “a living person” for that reason – zombies are human. They’re just dead bodies with a certain amount of autonomy – folks who’re rotting a lot faster than the rest of us. I think this is why they’re so frightening, even just to look at (all other threats removed), and also why they’re really effective for tragic and emotional use, as well. It’s that aspect of them that I most enjoy, and why I wanted to write about them – and why I’m so determined to keep my zombies “zombies,” to let them rot, to let their minds go.
In Bram’s case, especially, I think the fact that he’s got such a weird exterior makes his interior shine all the brighter. This isn’t a guy that gets the girl in five minutes, that puts her under a physical spell – but once he DOES get the girl, he’s got her for life, because she’s just emotionally overwhelmed by how good and strong he is.

OV: Dearly, Departed takes place in the future, but resembles the Victorian Era. If you had the choice, would you go back in time to live in the Victorian Era?
LH:In a heartbeat! I’d take it warts and all. In fact, if I’m ever propelled back in time, I’m going to make my fortune by putting my Disneyfied childhood to use – I’ll recreate movies like Beauty and the Beast and Little Mermaid as spectacular-spectaculars. Dibs on the idea.

OV: After meeting you at New York Comic Con, I see a lot of yourself in Nora. Do you live vicariously through her while writing?
Sometimes, but she’s a lot more reasonable than I am! I actually see a lot more of myself in Bram and Vespertine. (Yes, Vespertine. All will become clear in book two.) I definitely share a temper and a tendency for snarkiness with her, though – I’m really shy in public, and I tend to keep to myself even when I feel comfortable (I never think I have anything interesting to say), but oh, the sarcastic thoughts and bits of dark humor flying through my head…

OV: I love your sense of style. I wish I could pull it off! How many wigs and gowns do you own?
LH:You can, and you should. But oh…gosh. I don’t even know how many wigs I have. At least thirty. As for dresses, I think I’m up to 16 or so, now – a mix of day and evening. And then I have various separates. I’m horrible about buying things. I need to have the Internet taken away from me. All too often I’m up at three a.m. and I end up telling myself, “But THESE bloomers are PINK!”

OV: Have you ever reread a scene that you wrote and thought, “Wow, that was perfect!” Something you were very proud of?
LH:I just did that for the revamped opening to D,B! I wanted to start with Bram and Nora right off the bat, get them alone for a few moments before things explode. It ended up being really cute, I think. They’re disgustingly cute together.

OV: The second book in this series, Dearly, Beloved, is scheduled to come out later this year. How long after the ending of Dearly, Departed does this book take place?
LH:In my first draft, the story picked up hours after book one. My editors advised pushing it back, and the most they could get out of me was two weeks. With the shelf life some of my characters have, I can’t have months-long periods between books – I need to wring all the life out of them that I can. But in the first chapter, we’re immediately dealing with the epilogue from book one.

OV: Any information that you can share with us regarding Dearly, Beloved? I can’t wait to read it!
LH:I don’t want to give anything away! But there’s a whole new cast of characters, living and dead. It’s definitely a little darker than book one. Lots of gun-at-the-head, zero-hour-we-have-ten-separate-threats-to-deal-with stuff. Things are insane. It’s a bit of a complicated plot, but I can never do things simply.

OV: How long have you been writing?
LH:All my life, but only for my own amusement. I never dreamed things would get this far!

OV: Do you usually write steampunk?
LH:This is the first series I’ve ever written. I’m working on a few other non-zombie projects right now, and although I wouldn’t categorize them as steampunk, they both definitely have a touch of steampunk influence. Even the more cyberpunky thing I’m working on has elements of Victorianism woven into it. The Victorian aesthetic is just in my blood; it’s hard to get away from it. Even if I wrote a contemporary high school novel, I’m sure the prom dress would have a bustle.

OV: As an Author After Dark (AAD) featured author, what are you most looking forward to?
LH:BEIGNETS. Okay, AAD people – if you want me to love you? Cafe du Monde. Beignets. Those little doughy things. I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER AND POSSIBLY NAME A ZOMBIE AFTER YOU.

OV: Consider it done : ) Are you planning on getting all dolled up for the AAD ball?
Absolutely! My spring stuff is shipping now (I usually order my spring clothes in the winter, and vice-versa – sometimes the dresses take a while to make), and I can’t wait to wear all of it. Most of it is suits and “I have to appear in front of normal people” clothes, but I got the cutest formal lavender Gothic Lolita dress that I’m going to wear over a shimmering underskirt. I might take that. : D

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TV Review: Alcatraz S1E3

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on January 24, 2012

Alcatraz Season 1 Episode 3
Kit Nelson

Kit Nelson, an inmate from Alcatraz in the 1960’s, shows up present day and kidnaps a kid. In the past, we learn that Nelson was beat up in the prison yard and accused of being a ‘child killer.’

Diego Soto hears about the kidnapping on his police scanner and knows that it’s Nelson because of the clues that he left behind. Soto meets up with Rebecca and shows up at the kidnapped child’s house.

They show Kit Nelson’s picture to the family and they mention how he’s done work on their house. The younger brother confirms that Nelson was in their bedroom the night before and saw him take his brother.

In the past, the warden tells Nelson that his father is at Alcatraz to see him. His father accuses Nelson of killing his younger brother, and he denies it saying bis brother died of scarlet fever.

Later, the warden shows up in Nelson’s cell asking if he killed his brother. After some interrogating, Nelson admits that he killed his brother in a bomb shelter at their house.

Nelson is bringing the kid around to places that he liked to go: a lake to go fishing, movie theater. Soto knows that Nelson takes the kids he’s killed for a piece of cherry pie. Soto is looking at diners because he knows that the next step for Nelson.

While searching a diner, Nelson and the boy walk in. Soto tells Rebecca and she shows up just as Nelson is holding the kid at gun point outside the diner. Nelson and the kid get away, and Soto blames himself for not stopping Nelson.

Soto finds out where Nelson used to live, but the house is no longer there. However, the bomb shelter is.

The kid distracts Nelson by throwing something in his face, and escapes from the bomb shelter. Nelson is chasing him when Rebecca and Diego show up. Nelson holds the kid in front of him, and Emerson puts a bullet in Nelson’s head before he can harm the boy.

Emerson picks up Nelson’s body and brings the first body bag back to his fake Alcatraz.

Back at Alcatraz, Emerson talks to Soto and tells him that he needs the ‘adult Soto,’ not the ‘traumatized 11-year-old Soto.’ From what they allude to, it sounds like Soto was kidnapped at 11.

This episode was not nearly as compelling as the last two, and didn’t really hold my attention as well. It seemed like a filler episode creating back story for Soto and showing more of Emerson’s fake Alcatraz. I hope next weeks episode is better.

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TV Review: The Vampire Diaries S3E12

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on January 22, 2012

TV Review: The Vampire Diaries S3E12
The Ties That Bind

Bonnie has been having dreams that she is locked in a coffin by Klaus. Each time a woman opens the coffin and saves her. The woman in Bonnie’s dream is her mother.

Bonnie interprets this dream as believing her mom can help open the coffins. Bonnie finally tells Elena about the coffins, and Elena offers to help find her mom in Maryland. Klaus makes a phone call to one of his hybrids, and that hybrid knocks on Bonnie’s mothers door.

Bonnie and Elena show up to her mothers house and there’s no answer. A young man, Jamie, answers the door and lets them in. Bonnie’s mom returns shortly after. Bonnie’s mother left Mystic Falls because a vampire came looking for Elena and she led him away. That vampire ended up being Michael, one of the original vampires. Bonnie’s mother casted such a strong spell that it nearly killed her. Her magic hasn’t returned since. Bonnie’s mother didn’t come back to Mystic Falls because she had a chance to be a new woman. She didn’t have to be a ‘witch’ any longer. Bonnie wants to talk to her mother alone, so Elena goes outside for a walk. And runs into Stefan.

Stefan is talking to Elena when Jamie shows up. Stefan tries to compel him to leave, but Jamie returns with a shotgun and shoots Stefan with wooden bullets. Turns out Jamie and Bonnie’s mother were compelled by the hybrid to stop them if they showed up. Elena gets tied up and Bonnie is put in the back of their car. They drive Bonnie to the hybrid.

Elena breaks free from being tied up and helps Stefan by pulling out the wood that was shot into him, saving his life. Stefan tells Elena that she seems stronger since they broke up. Elena needs to be honest and tells Stefan that she kissed Damon. Stefan initially has no reaction, then apologizes for kidnapping her and driving to the bridge. He also tells her that she’s better than both him and Damon.

When Stefan returns to Mystic Falls, Damon asks how Elena is. This causes Stefan to punch Damon in the face. Damon says, “Guess you and Elena had a heart-to-heart,” knowing she told him about their kiss. Before Stefan can walk away, Damon shows Stefan that he pulled the stake out of Elijah’s heart. Elijah then shows up at Klaus’ doorstep.

Bonnie’s mother believes that she knows how she can get her magic back and needs Bonnie’s help.

Tyler shows up at Caroline’s house to apologize for biting her. He brings Caroline’s father with him to help him fight the sire bond against Klaus. Caroline’s father chains up Tyler and tells him he must learn to change at will. Tyler is having trouble changing, so Caroline’s father begins cutting him with an axe.

Alaric tells Damon about the doctor he is seeing, and Damon goes to the hospital to look into this mystery doctor. Damon accuses her of knowing how her boyfriend really died, being staked like a vampire. When Damon tries to leave, she stabs a needle in his neck with a needle full of vervain causing Damon to collapse.

Caroline’s father shows up at the hospital with an ‘animal attack’ and the mystery doctor gives him vampire blood to heal him. That’s how she helps critical patients. She doesn’t like her patients dying knowing she can help them with an injection of vampire blood. Alaric then tells the doctor that he was a vampire hunter and can’t be killed because of his magic ring.

I wanted to slap Alaric for telling her the secret about his ring! He barely knows this chick and Damon already said she was “psychopathic crazy.”

Klaus shows up at the old house with the coffins and screams at the witches protecting the house that he will kill the last of the Bennett line if they do not show him the coffins. Only three coffins appear because Damon has hid the fourth.

This episode was just okay for me.  Seemed to be a filler episode for next week. Best part of this entire episode? Damon talking to Bonnie about Elena: “We Kissed. Now it’s weird.”

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Author Interview & Book Review: Blood Rights, By Kristen Painter

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on January 21, 2012

Blood Rights, by Kristen Painter
Genre(s): Urban Fantasy, Romance

Born into a life of secrets and service, Chrysabelle’s body bears the telltale marks of a comarré—a special race of humans bred to feed vampire nobility. When her patron is murdered, she becomes the prime suspect, which sends her running into the mortal world…and into the arms of Malkolm, an outcast vampire cursed to kill every being from whom he drinks.  Now Chrysabelle and Malkolm must work together to stop a plot to merge the mortal and supernatural worlds. If they fail, a chaos unlike anything anyone has ever seen will threaten to reign.

This book has been on my TBR list since it came out, and I finally got a chance to read it.  I inhaled this book and just could not put it down!

We meet Chrysabelle, who recently left her sheltered life as a comarre to a wealthy, noble vampire, Lord Algernon, after his death. As a comarre, she was at the mercy of Algernon and could not live her life freely. Chrysabelle tries to blend in with the human world, but is being hunted and accused of killing Algernon.

Tatiana, a power-hungry vampire, is looking for a magical ring that Lord Algernon owned before his death. She searches his entire estate and cannot find the ring. Tatiana assumes that Chrysabelle took the ring after she killed Algernon.

While on the run, Chrysabelle needs help and is sent to Malkolm, a cursed vampire that was cast out of noble society. Malkolm is surrounded by secrets that are slowly revealed throughout the course of this story. He is intriguing, and you can’t help but fall in love and feel for him.

The sexual tension between Chrysabelle and Malkolm oozes off the page. Whenever he scents her or hears her heartbeat, he’s almost hypnotized by her. You want these characters to get together so badly, but life keeps getting in their way. Malkolm is helping Chrysabelle stay off the radar while Tatiana and others come after her. Eventually, they make a stand for Chrysabelle to prove her innocence.

This story has many other loveable characters along the way, and lots of twists that you do not see coming: Who killed Lord Algernon? What is haunting Malkolm in his past? What are the magical powers of the ring? Why is Tatiana so power hungry?

I definitely recommend this book to any reader who loves urban fantasy and a good story with hidden twists.  I’m glad that the next two books in this series are out, because I cannot wait to read them!

I had the honor of meeting Kristen Painter at NYCC, and she has a wicked sense of humor.  She was so kind, and I cannot thank her enough for allowing me to interview her about her book Blood Rights. I can’t wait to meet her again at Authors After Dark (AAD).

Enjoy this great interview with Kristen Painter!

Obscured Vixen: First things first: “Never judge a book by it’s cover.” However, the cover for Blood Rights is stunning! Did you have any input?
Kristen Painter: I didn’t really have any input until after the first draft of the cover was produced and even then it was fairly minimal since it was so beautiful. The fab team at Orbit Books and the artist Nekro get all the credit.

OV: Did you research houses of vampires, fey, and other creatures for your story? Or was the world created in your mind?
KP: I did a lot of reading about vampires, digging into some old legends, origin tales, that kind of thing, but most of my world came straight out of my head.

OV: I love how vampires believe that commare/comar are just nutrition, but they are secretly vampire killers. How did you come up with the idea for commares/comars?
KP:I’ve had the idea of Chrysabelle since college, I just didn’t know what to do with her until Mal came along.

OV: You have a few wonderful twists in this story that I did not see coming. Was it fun to write knowing you were purposely misleading the reader?
KP:As a reader, I love a good twist, especially if it’s not something I guessed. As a writer, it’s even more fun to see if I can produce the same moments for my readers.

OV: Why did you set the story in the future?
KP:I set the story in the future to give myself a little artistic license and also to show how little the world has changed due to war and strife and human machinations.

OV: If you had the chance, would you like to travel to the future?
KP:Sure! But only if I could come right back to the time I left. Extra points if I get to travel in a Tardis.

OV: Have you ever reread a scene that you wrote and thought, “Wow, that was perfect!” Something you were very proud of?
KP:I don’t know that I’ve ever thought a scene was perfect, but there are many I’ve worked hard on and am proud of. Writing is hard work, but sometimes you end up with a scene or a moment that makes it all feel worthwhile.

OV: As an Author After Dark (AAD) featured author, what are you most looking forward to?
KP: Well, it’s hard not to love the fact that AAD is in New Orleans this year! I love that place. It holds a real magic for me. I’m also really looking forward to meeting so many great readers and bloggers. Last year was a blast!

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Giveaway: Shameless Giveaway Hop

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on January 19, 2012

This giveaway has now ended.

Congratulations to Yadira for winning this giveaway!

Welcome to the Shameless Giveaway Hop!

This is an awesome giveaway set up by Jen at Red Hot Books, Brie at Romance Around the Corner & Michelle at Michelle’s Book Blog.  Awesome chicks, and I definitely recommend following them!

The winner of this blog will be able to choose from one of the following books:
Hunted, PC & Kristen Cast [hardcover]
Leah and the Bounty Hunter, Elaine Levine
Triangles, Ellen Hopkins
Tantalize: Kieren’s Story, Cynthia Leitich Smith
End of Days, Robert Gleason [advanced readers copy]

This giveaway will end on January 27, 2012 and is for United States residents only.  To view all terms and conditions for this giveaway, click here.

Best of luck for all who enter!

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TV Review: Alcatraz S1E1&2

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on January 17, 2012

Season 1 Episode 1, Pilot
Season 2 Episode 2, Ernest Cobb

First impression? Please don’t cancel this show! It is right up my alley and a show I can see myself getting into. I usually don’t say that after only seeing two episodes, but this show was good!

In the 1960’s, Alcatraz shut down and all of the prisoners were moved to other prisons. Or so that is what the public was told. In the opening scene of the show, all of the prisoners suddenly disappear.

Prisoners begin to turn up committing murders and they’re no older than when the prison shut down in 1963. The catch? None of the prisoners know where they’ve been all this time, or why they’re killing specific people.

This show reminds me of The 4400 and FlashForward. If you liked either of those shows, definitely give this show a chance.

Alcatraz is very well cast. Sarah Jones plays Rebecca, a detective from San Francisco. She believed that her uncle and grandfather were guards at Alcatraz, until she chases down her grandfather while on a case. She didn’t know it was him at the time because he looked like a man in his twenties. She then realizes that her grandfather was a prisoner, and wants to join Sam Neill, Emerson Hauser, and his task force tracking down the Alcatraz prisoners.

Emerson was a young guard at Alcatraz the night all the prisoners went missing. He knows more about what happened to the prisoners than he is letting on, and won’t tell anyone the truth. When the Alcatraz prisoners are arrested, he brings them to his ‘new Alcatraz’ facility that he had rebuilt as a bunker underground.

Lucy, Parminder Nagra, is Emerson’s partner and also knows what happened to the prisoners. At the very end of the second episode, we learn that Lucy was actually a doctor at Alcatraz in the 1960’s. Besides the prisoners, the employees of Alcatraz are also returning.

When Rebecca needs more information about a certain inmate, she discovers an author that has written multiple books on the Alcatraz inmates. Dr. Diego Soto, Jorge Garcia, ends up being Rebecca’s partner and helping her track down the returning prisoners.

I loved Jorge Garcia as Hurley on Lost, and he is the same exact character on Alcatraz! He’s the comic relief shouting out funny one liners.

There are so many different directions in which this show could go. I’m curious to see what Sarah’s uncle has up his sleeve, and what her grandfather has to do with all of this. I also want to know what secrets Emerson isn’t sharing with Rebecca and Diego.

Can’t wait until next week!

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Giveaway: January Mystery Envelope

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on January 15, 2012

This giveaway has ended.

Congratulations to Juana for winning the January Mystery Envelope Giveaway!

Juana has chosen Fragile by Shiloh Walker as her prize.
This giveaway also includes a True Blood/Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris bookmark, Sherrilyn Kenyon Born of Shadows postcard, The Mortal Instruments: City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare bookmark, CE Murphy Raven Calls postcard, and Gini Koch Alien in the Family magnet.

Welcome to the January Mystery Envelope Giveaway!

Every month I am going to be doing a two week long giveaway… with a twist. The winner of this giveaway will choose one of the books listed below, as well as any other items added before the giveaway is over.

For every ten entries, I will add another mystery item to this giveaway. It could be another book, magnet, bookmark, swag, etc. Best of luck to all who enter!

Each month I will be selecting a new set of books. However, if there is a book that you want to win and would love to see it until it is selected, let me know in the comments.

Item 1:
Book of winners choice
Shaedes of Gray, Amanda Bonilla
Audrey and the Maverick, Elaine Levine
Shadowfever, Karen Marie Moning
Shadow’s Lure, Jon Sprunk
Marked, PC Cast & Kristen Cast
The Time in Between, Maria Duenas
Fragile, Shiloh Walker
The Visions of Ransom Lake, Marcia Lynn McClure
Storyteller, Sherry Isaac
Only Time Will Tell, Jeffrey Archer
The Twilight Companion, Lois H Gresh
Falling Together, Marisa de los Santos
Turn of Mind, Alice LaPlante
Another Broken Wizard, Colin Dodds
The Fox Inheritance, Mary E. Pearson

Item 2 (10 entries):
True Blood ___________

Item 3 (20 entries):
_________ Sherrilyn Kenyon

Item 4 (30 entries):
The Mortal Instruments __________

Item 5 (40 entries):
_________ CE Murphy

Item 6 (50 entries):
__________ magnet

Giveaway Entry

  • This giveaway will end January 29, 2012 at midnight EST
  • United States entries only
  • One entry per person
  • Click here for full giveaway terms and conditions

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TV Review: The Vampire Diaries S3E11

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on January 14, 2012

The Vampire Diaries – Season 3 Episode 11: Our Town

Any episode of The Vampire Diaries that starts off with Damon in the shower, then ripping out a hybrid’s heart is a good episode for me! (see image exhibit A)

Once Damon was finished cleaning up, we see Bonnie casting a spell on the coffins housing Klaus’ family. They’re sealed shut and when Bonnie tries to open the coffins they all suddenly disappear. I’m really getting frustrated and want to know what the deal is with these coffins already! Who or what is in the fourth coffin?  Why are the witches in the house trying so hard to protect them?  I hope they don’t drag this out much longer this season. I need to know!

Caroline is back! It’s her birthday and Matt, Bonnie and Elena throw her a surprise party.  At first she’s angry because her birthday is now a reminder that she’s dead and not getting any older. And what would a party in Mystic Falls be like without some drama?

During Caroline’s birthday party, Tyler shows up.  She’s angry at Tyler for almost killing Jeremy. Tyler apologizes and explains that he will never being able to put anyone first because Klaus sired him.  He then continues to tell Caroline how much he loves her.  Total “aww” moment, and I got all warm and mushy inside.

Then Tyler had to go and spoil the moment it by biting Caroline!  He doesn’t do it on purpose, but Tyler knows that a hybrid bite is fatal to a vampire.  The only way she can avoid dying is for her to feed on Klaus. Which she does.

The next time we see Caroline, she wakes up with an expensive bracelet from Klaus next to her.  What’s up with that?  Are Caroline and Klaus now going to get together?  I really liked Caroline with Tyler. But guess there is no way that’s happening now!

Stefan confronts Klaus and tells him that his hybrids are “annoying” and to get them out of town. This story line was kind of weak, and seemed like a reason just for Stefan to kidnap Elena.

Stefan grabs Elena while she’s out in the woods looking for Caroline. He forces her into his car and throws her cell phone out the window.  I’ve said it every episode this season, and I’ll say it again: Stefan is a terrible bad guy. I’m getting tired of him being mean to Elena and her whining about it. Damon just kissed you! He’s hotter anyway… forget Stefan.

Although the scene with Stefan feeding his blood to Elena while speeding his car almost going off the bridge was pretty badass.

What would an episode of The Vampire Diaries be like without another Founders function? Alaric hits it off with the female doctor that saved his life when he ‘died’ last episode. Later, Alaric sees the doctor with her ex arguing when he grabs her arm.  Alaric steps in to stop the argument.

The next day the doctor and Alaric run into each other at a bar and she asks him for a drink.  The show then fades to the woods where the doctors ex is dead with a stake through his chest.

I’m not sure who this doctor and her ex are, but I hope this is explained soon. It was just kind of thrown into the show and brought up from no where.

Jeremy leaves for Denver and Bonnie shows up to say goodbye. But Jeremy can’t leave!  I really like his story line this season.  And he’s getting so good looking (stopping those thoughts right now, he’s too young). There’s no way that Jeremy can be gone for more than a few episodes.

I really enjoyed the closing scene with Matt and Elena on the bridge where her parents died. With them being the only two humans left, who knows what’s going to happen!  Caroline and Tyler are hybrids; Bonnie is a witch; Jeremy was brought back from the dead and now sees ghosts… Please leave Matt and Elena human!

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Happy Birthday to me!

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on January 10, 2012

That’s right!  Today is my birthday : )

So what am I doing today?  Nothing!  I’m going to work, coming home, and having dinner… just like any other day.  I’m not one for a big celebration for my birthday.

However, this year I got an awesome present from my family: registration for BEA!  In June I will be attending Book Expo in NYC, and want to know who else is going to be there.  I’d love to meet any of my online friends that are going to be there, and possibly go out to dinner.

If you are definitely going, or planning on going, leave a comment or send me an email.  That is if you’d like to meet me and my crazy self!

Who could have asked for a better birthday present  : )

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Poll: What is your favorite genre to read?

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on January 9, 2012

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