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New York Comic Con (NYCC) Costumes & Decorations Photos

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on October 20, 2011

In October 2011, I went to New York Comic Con and had an absolute blast! I took hundreds of pictures, most of which I will be sharing over the next week.

I got to meet some amazing people: other bloggers, authors, editors, and tons more.  I sat on panels, and I’ll be sharing detailed information throughout the next week.

A huge part of NYCC is fans getting dressed up to celebrate their favorite show, book, movie, etc.  Here are some awesome pictures of fans who really took their time to put together awesome costumes.


Every time I looked up, there was another hilarious banner that I just had to take a picture of!



8 Responses to “New York Comic Con (NYCC) Costumes & Decorations Photos”

  1. Great pictures! But no Gumby? 😉

  2. Aurian said

    What a great post and such lovely pictures I am looking forward to your next posts!

  3. I was there Saturday! It was fantastic, and your pictures came out great : )

  4. Great pictures!

  5. Awesome pics! I was there Friday and Saturday and I didn’t see any of them. I did see a chicken dressed as Boba Fett. For real.

  6. […] New York Comic Con (NYCC) Costumes & Decorations Photos […]

  7. Elisa said

    This looks like sooo much fun!

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