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Book Review & Author Interview: Our Eyes Met Over Cantaloupe, by Anne McAneny

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on October 17, 2011

Our Eyes Met Over Cantaloupe by Anne McAneny
Genre(s): Romance

A wedding order at The Secret Lives of Cupcakes Shop is always reason for Millie Morris to celebrate – except when the groom is her ex-boyfriend and the bride is the woman he dumped her for. Still, it’s business for her mom’s shop. Millie even makes a good-faith effort to shoo the groom away when he confides his doubts about marriage. But when Millie’s job as a crime reporter finds her covering a big court case, she must choke down her unresolved feelings like a burnt cupcake slathered in bitter frosting – because the bride is the lead lawyer on the case.

Unexpectedly intertwined on multiple levels with both her ex and his fiancée, Millie must choose to either remain in her half-baked state of existence or finally rise above it.

Book Review
This story was not your typical romance. There was humor, more than a love triangle (is love square a phrase?), and a non-traditional ending.

Millie is introduced as a reporter that is still heartbroken over her ex that is getting married to a popular brat. Millie is awesomely sarcastic, and had me laughing out loud. I appreciated how Millie continually made fun of the ‘popular chick’ and were thoughts that we all really think! I appreciate that Anne McAneny put that down on paper. Millie is also representing all of us tall chicks out there!

McAneny writes a wonderfully, fast-paced story with characters that you can’t help but feel connected with (love Josh!). There was no dwelling on details, and once I started this book almost could not put it down!

Without giving away the ending, I will admit that I was not happy with who Millie ended up with. But that made me appreciate this book that much more. The ending was refreshing and unexpected because you do not know who the heroine will end up with.

For all you romance lovers out there, I highly recommend this book!

Interview with Anne McAneny

The Obscured Vixen: In your story, Millie’s mother owns a cupcake shop. What made you choose this as the main locations for your story?
Anne McAneny: I love all things cake and happened upon Stuffed Cupcakes of Nutley, N.J., while on a quick trip to the beloved Garden State (that’s NJ, by the way). They were the first Stuffed Cupcakes of my life, let alone the best cupcakes, period. When considering shops where CANTALOUPE’s characters could hang out and converse, I knew it had to be a place I’d enjoy occupying for many months while working on the book. The stuffed cupcake shop presented itself in a wonderful Eureka moment. Plus, the “secrets” hidden within each cupcake lend themselves well to metaphors.

TOV: Are you more like Millie (reserved but sarcastic), or her best friend Betty (loud and open)?
AM: Depends how many beers I’ve had. No, seriously, I’m the rare shy extrovert. I can be the person shouting out a joke at a meeting that’s gotten too serious, or be a total mute, intimidated by the idea of starting a conversation. But usually, I’m a curious person so I have no qualms asking people what they do or what they think about different things. It’s equally interesting to me if they say, “I’m an astronomer” or, “I mow grass.” I want to know details.

TOV: Throughout the book, you have ‘love ads’ that are published in Close Encounter. Where did this idea come from?
AM: My friend called as I was sifting through ideas for a new book, and I said, “Tell me what to write!” She launched right into, “I’ve always wanted to know what happens after people place those ads, you know, the ones where they see each other but don’t quite connect.” I literally replied, “Oh, like, ‘Our eyes met over cantaloupe?'” And even though I rarely go with my first idea, I couldn’t get the visual of cantaloupe out of my head. So it stayed!

TOV: Do you often have entertaining dialogues in your head like Millie does? Which are hilarious!
AM: Always – and I fear it’s snarkier than other people’s internal dialogues. Would be nice if it came with a shut-off valve but I have to believe everyone else is doing the same thing. (If not, I’m odder than I thought.)

TOV: You’re not odd at all! I do the same. How long have you been writing?
AM: I started writing screenplays twelve years ago and still do, hoping one of them will make it to the big screen. Some have come close. About seven years ago, I moved to children’s books, which my desk drawer enjoys reading, and then to chick-lit and mysteries.

TOV: Do you write any genres besides romance?
AM: I have a humorous chick-lit book out, CHUNNELING THROUGH FORTY, and a fast-paced mystery thriller, FORETELLER, with a sprinkling of romance. I’ll probably write more of both because I enjoy the humor of chick-lit as well as the intricate plotting of high-concept mysteries. I’m tempted to turn a couple of my screenplays into novels because I have the stories completely worked out.

Author Bio

Anne McAneny lives in Virginia with her husband, children, two ferrets and a cat who currently answers to Mythical Flarb or Food. In addition to three e-books, Anne has written several screenplays that float through Hollywood on a regular basis. Her latest chick-lit novel, OUR EYES MET OVER CANTALOUPE, features Stuffed Cupcakes and Belgian beer… she really should have called it “Personal Nirvana.” Her previous chick-lit novel, CHUNNELING THROUGH FORTY, sold well enough to gain the interest of literary agent April Eberhardt, who now represents her. Not limited to one genre, Anne has also written FORETELLER, a mystery-thriller that takes readers on a heart-pounding journey into the past with a doomed archaeologist who must fight to ensure her own future. Anne loves to hear from readers and wishes everyone HAPPY READING!

Facebook Fan Page: Books by Anne McAneny
Kindle Author Page:
Twitter: @AnneMcAneny


5 Responses to “Book Review & Author Interview: Our Eyes Met Over Cantaloupe, by Anne McAneny”

  1. aurian said

    This sound like a good read, but I do get a bit of cozy mystery vibes from it. Will it be a series, or a stand alone?
    Thanks for the interview, I enjoyed reading it.

    • Hi Aurian,

      Anne McAneny here. Thanks for checking out the Obscured Vixen’s review! In answer to your question, OUR EYES MET OVER CANTALOUPE is a standalone book, but you have given me some food for thought. If you read it and see potential for additional stories (there are plenty of characters to choose from), I’d love to hear your ideas. Happy Reading!

  2. Thanks for the fun review! Glad you enjoyed the book 🙂

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