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TV Review: The Vampire Diaries S3E4

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on October 8, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 4
‘Disturbing Behavior’

This episode starts out with Rebecca shopping for clothes with Stefan and Klaus in Chicago. It’s funny to hear her comments on life today since she’s been ‘asleep’ for 90 years. “Why do women today dress like prostitutes?”

Stefan steps outside to get away from Rebecca’s ranting and sees Katherine across the street. Katherine wants to know what Stefan’s plan is, since no plan he comes up with is ever any good.

See! Everyone knows Stefan isn’t a good bad guy!

Katherine admits to Stefan that she knows the necklace Klaus is looking for is around Elena’s neck. Stefan evades Katherine as best as he can, and walks away.

Back in Mystic falls, Jeremy wakes up with Anna in bed next to him. Jeremy freaks out because he’s not expecting her there, but Anna is thrilled that he can actually hear her. The two of them are able to have a conversation and are so happy together! They’re smiling and laughing like they used to.

That happy feeling doesn’t last too long because shortly after Bonnie comes back. Anna later confronts Jeremy about why he hasn’t told Bonnie about him seeing her yet, and he doesn’t have an answer. He still cares for Anna, but doesn’t want to tell Bonnie.

Jeremy finally tells Bonnie the truth after their looking through books and the pages suddenly burst into flames. He admits that weird things are happening and that he’s seeing Anna and Vicki. Jeremy then shuts out Anna and she returns to ‘the other side.’ The poor girl is a ghost and the only person she could connect with is purposely ignoring her. I wanted to cry with her!

Caroline’s mom brings Damon to her exhusband who is bound in the basement he was holding Caroline in. Damon confirms that he is vervain free and compels him to leave Mystic Falls.

However, the compulsion does not work. Later Caroline’s father threatens Damon by risking to tell the rest of the council that Damon is a vampire. Somehow he is immune to compulsion, but no one knows how.

Damon tries to kill Caroline’s father to avoid being ousted, but Caroline shows up and totally kicks his ass. It was an awesome scene! But poor Caroline got twat blocked by Elena’s phone call giving her a heads up about her father. Tyler will still be there waiting for ya girl, no worries ; )

Back in Chicago, Gloria is helping Klaus by trying to locate the necklace that is tied to the first witch. When Gloria initiates the location spell, Elena gets burnt by the necklace. Elena quickly takes off the necklace to avoid more pain. Bonnie asks to see it, and she can’t even hold it. Bonnie knows that the necklace has it’s own power and tries to figure out what it is.

Gloria ‘sees’ the necklace and a bunch of teenage girls talking about Stefan. Gloria tortures Stefan and goes through his brain to find out what he’s hiding. She figures out that Stefan is still in love with Elena, and that she’s still alive. Gloria was a total badass torturing Stefan: she sliced his wrists open and held them open with clamps, she coated her hands in vervain and pressed them to his chest… that’s one tough cookie! Too bad Katherine showed up and stabbed her in the throat. I guess Gloria filled this weeks we-need-to-kill-someone-every-episode quota.

Although I guess you could say that Damon killed Alaric (sigh, again). Earlier in the episode Alaric takes a fatherly role towards Elena, and tells Damon to back off. Alaric then gets in the way when Damon wants to kill Caroline’s father, so Damon temporarily kills him by snapping his neck. By this point, Damon is sick and tired of people telling him what to do and getting in his way.

Later when Alaric comes back to life, he shows up at Carol Lockwood’s home to speak to her and Liz. He claims that he is now part of the council. When Carol protests, he claims that her son is a werewolf and Liz’s daughter is a vampire… so who’s protecting the humans? I’m curious if this is him being pissed at Damon, or if he’s going to play both sides just to see what the council is up to.

As always, this episode left a lot of questions: Who are Klaus and Rebecca afraid of? Where are Damon and Katherine taking off to? And what is she going to do now that she has Elena’s necklace? What is Stefan going to do now that Klaus has brought him back to Mystic Falls?

Cannot wait until next week!! This was a great episode.


3 Responses to “TV Review: The Vampire Diaries S3E4”

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  2. melissa said

    i am so behind on these its not even funny!

  3. love the chemistry between Caroline and Tyler they are my new favorite couple and yes Caroline kicked Damon’s fine ass!

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