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TV Review: Dexter S6E1

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on October 4, 2011

TV Review: Dexter S6E1
‘Those Kind of Things’

Quick recap of what I think of the latest seasons of Dexter…

Absolutely LOVED the season four finale when Rita was killed. It was a total shock and something I don’t think anyone saw coming. It was the best season (Trinity killer!) that led into what I thought was the slowest season yet. I wanted to like season five, but just couldn’t. I thought there was a lot of potential that wasn’t used.  The story moved so slow and wasn’t like any of the previous seasons.  I felt like it was too far removed from the typical feel of the show.

Opening scene for season six? Dexter is back!

Dexter pretends to the stabbed so he can kill the two paramedics that show up to his rescue.  It was awesome! (Is that too morbid of me?)

We meet Angel’s sister who is helping babysitting Harrison while Dexter is ‘working late.’  I’m not sure what her angle on the show is yet, but she’s definitely going to be tied to something.

Since this season starts one year later, it’s time for Harrison to start preschool.  We don’t see Astor or Cody, so I’m assuming their still living with Rita’s parents.

Maria LaGuerta is promoted to Captain, but not because of her wonderful police work.  She blackmails her superior into getting promoted and is now “playing with the big boys.”  Not sure what she’s into yet, but she’s starting trouble.

Couldn’t be happier that Angel and Maria are officially divorced!  I never liked them together. It was just so… awkward.  Their relationship felt way too forced.  They’re both better off (and so are we!).

I’m still not sure if I like Deb and Quinn together. I understand why they hooked up, but now as a relationship, I’m not sure if I’m feeling it.  Although next week Quinn is going to propose, so I’m not sure where things are going to go from there because Deb freaks!

The main running story line of this episode is Dexter going to his 20 year high school reunion.  He has been in the news for putting away famous serial killers, and also for Rita’s death.  Everyone knows who he is, and he’s not used to being so popular; he was the dorky lab geek in high school.  Funniest part of this episode? Dexter trying to dance.  Absolutely hilarious!

Dexter hunts down a popular jock he went to high school with that killed his wife a few years ago. Before taking a sledgehammer to his head, Dexter wraps him down to the scoreboard, which I thought was a nice touch!

Then we have Masuka.  Ahh, Masuka.  How can you not love that short, Asian, hornball?  Masuka is teaching a course at the local university and is selecting an intern.  Everyone in the office knows which one he’s going to pick: the hot chick that looks like a model.

Behold, Masuka chooses a Jonah-Hill-lookalike.  However, that intern doesn’t last through the first crime scene: He passes out when he sees the dead body (not a good sign for a forensic scientist).  So Masuka must go back and choose the hot chick!

The team is called to a scene where they find large intestines on scale at an empty fruit stand, but no body.  The next day, the body washes up on the beach… with a few extra decorations.  There is a symbol cut open and stitched shut on the victims stomach… that is moving.  Dexter cuts the stitches and seven water snakes come pouring out.

Earlier in the episode, we see Colin Hanks catching a pregnant snake with an older guy in the marsh.  Apparently these two are performing some kind of ritual, and the old man is teaching Colin Hanks everything he knows.  No idea where this is going to go for the rest of the season, but they’re both creepy!

I try to be as unbiased as possible with life situations on my blog. But that’s now going out the window.

What’s with all the religious references this season? The religious preschool, Dexter asking the jock why he believes God will save him, and others. As an athiest, it’s really creepy to be honest. But it makes Dexter’s comments even funnier since I agree with him!

This season is off to an awesome start, and is already better than last season.  Can’t wait to see where all this intrigue goes!

Deb quote of the episode: “Holy friggin fuck, snakes!”


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