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In My Mailbox #5

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on October 2, 2011


Advanced readers copy with personalized bookmark of The Wedding Affair by Leigh Michaels. The Duke of Somervale’s sister’s wedding brings together three couples who must sort themselves out to avoid scandal. The handsome Duke persuades Lady Reyne to pretend to be his fiancée so he can avoid the matchmakers but falls in love with her anyway. Lady Reyne’s friend Kate discovers how much she has in common with adventurer Andrew Carlisle, and Lady Penelope Townsend discovers new love with her estranged husband.
Huge thanks to Joan Swan!

Autographed copy of PineLight by Jillian Perry. “I loved him – that was my torment. And I was losing him all over again.” Walls crumbled all around me. An undeniable force pulled at my core. I tried to fight it, I tried to deny it the power, but I was weak. I felt pain in my side, and I knew that this dark force was winning. My veins started to burn, and I screamed, but it didn’t stop.
Huge thanks to Refracted Light!

Bookmark for The Vespertine by Saundra Mitchell.
Thanks you, Refracted Light!

The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance edited by Trisha Telep. If love transcends all boundaries then paranormal romance is its logical conclusion. From the biggest names around, here are 24 tales to take you to another time and place. Within these pages mythical beasts, magical creatures of all shapes and sizes, heart-stoppingly handsome ghosts, angels, and mortals with extra-sensitive sensory perception play out the themes of extraordinary desires.
Huge thanks to Into The Morning!

The Memory of Love by Aminatta Forna. Aminatta Forna has established herself as one of the most breathtaking writers out of Africa today, winning readers’ hearts and critical acclaim. Now, in her newest novel, The Memory of Love, she evokes the haunting atmosphere of a country at war, and the powerful stories of two generations of African life. In contemporary Sierra Leone, a devastating civil war has left an entire populace with terrible secrets to keep.
Thank you, Groove Atlantic.

Drummer Boy at Bull Run (Bonnets and Bugles series #1) by Gilbert Morris. Jeff Majors and Leah Carter share a sorrowful goodbye as the Civil War brings a heartbreaking separation of friends. Despite being on opposite sides of the War, Jeff and Leah vow to stay friends forever and see each other through battle after battle, both on the field and off.
Thanks to Moody Publicity.


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2 Responses to “In My Mailbox #5”

  1. NICE!!!! Soo many books!!

    Also congrats to you Obscured Vixen! I just nominated you for the Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Award. You guys are so awesome. so I am spreading the love. For the details visit here:

    Congrats again!!
    ❤ Samantha

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