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TV Review: The Vampire Diaries S3E3

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on October 1, 2011

Lots of stuff going on this week on The Vampire Diaries!  I love in vampire stories, movies, or TV shows when they go back in time and show characters from another time period.   This weeks episode showed Stefan’s lifestyle in the 1920’s.  And that he and Klaus were actually friends back then.

Stefan and Klaus used to spend nights in a speakeasy in Chicago.  Stefan used to spend a lot of time with Klaus’ sister, Rebecca.  They used to be a couple, but Stefan never remembered either of them since Klaus erased their existence from his memory.  Klaus releases Stefan’s memories, and all their history together.

I was wondering when we would see the rest of Klaus’ family.  We last saw them ‘all stacked up’ in the season two finale.

Stefan, Klaus and Rebecca also used to spend time with a singer of the speakeasy, Gloria.  When Stefan shows up to the speakeasy in 2011, he notices Gloria looks exactly the same.  Turns out Gloria is a witch and is taking a mixture of herbs to stay young.  Not to state the obvious, but why are all the witches in the world black?

Anyway, Gloria is helping Klaus to figure out why he cannot create more hybrids.  The biggest flaw is Klaus’ theory is that he has not killed the doppelganger (but he thinks he has).  Gloria tells Klaus that if he finds the original witch, she may be able to help him.  The way to find the original witch is somehow connected through the necklace Stefan has given Elena.

Once Klaus finds out that not only is Elena alive, but has the necklace that he needs to find the original witch… shit is going to hit the fan!

Elena and Damon travel to Chicago to try and get Stefan to come home (again).  Elena is hiding in a closet in Stefan’s old apartment when he and Klaus enter.  Stefan finds Elena, and the two of them see each other for the first time since Stefan has left Mystic Falls.  I’ll be the first to admit, the moment between the two of them brought a huge smile to my face.  You could see the pain, and love, and longing in their eyes.

As much as I enjoyed this scene, wouldn’t Klaus know that she was hiding in the closet?  He would smell her, or hear her heartbeat, or something, right?

I’m all one for helping a damaged male, but Elena, sweetheart, take the hint. I mean, we all know Stefan still loves you, but can’t you understand he’s trying to protect you? If Klaus finds you, he’s going to destroy you!

Leaving Chicago and traveling to Mystic Falls, poor Caroline is being tortured by her own father!  He thinks he can condition her to stop craving blood by shining sunlight on her.  I’m assuming he has done this in the past with previous vampires, because of the whole set up in the basement.

So how does Caroline get saved?  Cue Mom!  She shows up with a gun and keeps it on her exhusband to stop torturing their daughter.  She’s even called Tyler as back up  to help get Caroline out of the holding cell.  The moment Tyler lifted Caroline to safety, I almost got teary eyed.  And when he cuddled with her at the end of the episode?  What a sweetie!  I’m really liking Tyler and Caroline together.  The perfect couple that should not be together: a vampire and a werewolf.  I’m really interested to see where there relationship goes.

I’m also excited to see what Katherine is up to.  She briefly showed up in Chicago following Stefan and Klaus.  Katherine was also at the speakeasy back in the 1920’s.  Intrigue, anyone?

I was a little upset that there were no Jeremy or Matt in this episode. However, the previews showed both of them when Bonnie returns to town.

Can’t wait to see what happens next week!


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  1. I LOVE TVD. Won’t read the recap bec I haven’t seen the episode yet. Need to ASAP.
    Stopping by to tell you that an award is waiting for you here:

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