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TV Review: The Vampire Diaries S3E2

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on September 26, 2011

The reason why I am so obsessed with this show (besides the paranormal element and hot guys, of course), is because the story is constantly moving and never gets stale.

Last season, we barely saw Klaus, and when we did he annoyed me for some reason. This season? It’s only two episodes in and I am loving him! He is such an awesome bad guy.

I was never much of a Stefan fan (team Damon!), so I don’t mind that Klaus is overshadowing Stefan. Paul Wesley is just not cut out to play an evil character. He is much better as the loving, doting boyfriend. I feel Stefan is being pushed more towards a background character, giving a chance for other characters to step up.

Cue Matt and Jeremy. I cannot stress how much I love the two of them working together to help bring Vicki back. I loved her character and was surprised when they killed her so early on. I’m not sure how Jeremy can help bring her back, but I am definitely intrigued to find out. But what is the deal with Anna saying not to trust Vicki? I also really liked Anna, and thought that her and Jeremy were so cute together.

However, where is Bonnie in all this? I want to know what she is going to think of all this. And as a witch she’s going to either figure out what is going on, or Jeremy may need her help. That may be a sticky situation…

If I were Bonnie? I would fight two dead girlfriends for Jeremy. Each episode he keeps getting hotter! And it’s so wrong! I should not be thinking about such adult thoughts about a guy his age…

*cough* so uh, how about Carol Lockwood slipping vervain into Tyler’s coffee? For some reason, I thought she knew he was a werewolf (as Tyler did, too). Now that she knows, Carol Lockwood has a change of heart just the way Caroline’s mother did. Although Carol Lockwood tried to save Caroline, it doesn’t seem that Caroline’s father shares the same heartfelt emotion. He is such a mysterious character and I’m curious to see where his storyline leads.

Elena… ohh, Elena. Did she really have to pull the dumb bitch move in the woods falling and tripping while running? Can some female represent and run through the woods without falling? Seriously?

Anyway, no matter how much Damon spends time with Elena, her heart will always be for Stefan. Even Alaric knew that when he asked Elena if she knew what she was doing.

Side note: So happy Alaric is moving back in with Elena and Jeremy. Although does anyone else think the little chat between Alaric and Elena in the car was a little… crossing the line with a minor? I’m not sure what that was supposed to be about.

All of the story lines are opening up and new story lines are being created. I cannot wait to see where the next episode leads!


2 Responses to “TV Review: The Vampire Diaries S3E2”

  1. I would love to read this post and know why you’re so obsessed with the show, but I’m not.. Why? Because my local CW station sucks. They’ve been showing high school football instead. Ugh, now I have to see if I can catch up on it online. :-\

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