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Book Review & Giveaway: Envy, by JR Ward

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on September 24, 2011

3 of 5 stars
Book 3 of the Fallen Angels series
Genre(s): Paranormal Fantasy, Suspense

As the son of a serial killer, homicide detective Thomas DelVecchio Jr grew up in the shadow of evil. Now, on the knife-edge between civic duty and blind retribution, he atones for the sins of his father. Hired to monitor Veck is Internal Affairs officer Sophia Reilly, whose interest in Veck is both professional and arousingly personal. But Veck and Sophia have a common interest. He’s Jim Herron, a mysterious stranger enlisted to save the soul of a killer’s latest victim, one precariously hovering between heaven and hell. Before Herron’s job is done, Veck and Sophia will be inexorably drawn into a battle of good against evil, where the risk is nothing less than total damnation.

Thoroughly enjoyed this book!  Each of the Fallen Angels books keep getting better and better.  This story took off right from the first page, and didn’t stop until the last page. The suspense, action, and (woot, woot) romance was off the charts.

Veck was first introduced at the end of Lover Unleashed, which was great segue into this novel.  Veck discovers a body in the woods, and can’t remember what happened (vampire mind fuck, anyone?).  Veck calls 911, and his partner, the infamous Jose de la Cruz, appears on scene.  An internal affairs officer, Sophia Reilly, is also notified to look into Veck’s background to make sure he did not commit the murder.

In typical romance book fashion, Veck and Reilly hit it off, and I love the dynamic of their relationship.  Reilly is Veck’s supreior until he is cleared of the crime, and allowed back to regular duty.  Since they must spend all this additional time together, this book gets real steamy.  JR Ward does love her bathroom counters ; )

Uh, Eddie?  Did that really happen?  I kept waiting for something to happen so he could come back to life.  Eddie has to be coming back. There’s no way he can ‘die.’  And why would Colin offer to protect the ‘vessel’ if not to help ‘repopulate’ it?

As much as I am enjoying this series, there is one thing that is stopping me from fully enjoying it: Sissy.  I still don’t understand how Jim is so obsessed with Sissy.  They’ve barely met, he’s spoken to her for a total of minutes before she had to ‘go back into Devina’s wall.’  I get that he feels guilty because he couldn’t save her and she was the first sacrifice, but really? Getting choked up and walking around her bedroom? Besides being stalkerish, it feels forced. I’m not exactly buying it.

Veck’s father being a serial killer influenced by Devina was such a great addition to the story.  I liked Veck having evil in his veins and shadows following him.  Until I found out that Reilly was the body hanging from the ceiling, I thought Devina was going to win this round.  Masking Reilly as Kroner was ingenious on Devina’s part, and I never saw it coming.  I just hope each book isn’t Jim wins, Devina wins, Jim wins… because then it will start to become too predictable.

It’s hard not to compare the Fallen Angels and Black Dagger Brotherhood series since they’re both fantasy worlds created by JR Ward, but I think I finally understand why the BDB stories are more compelling: Ward is trying to do too much with the FA series.  There’s Jim’s story, Veck and Reilly’s relationship, Devina’s story, Eddie and Ad’s story, and Nigel and the angels.

However, this series does keep getting better and better.  This book was extremely enjoyable and I definite recommend!

Giveaway time!

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While at a JR Ward book singing, I grabbed extra bookmarks to give away to my awesome followers!  The bookmark  is double sided promoting Envy on one side, and the hard cover collector’s edition of Dark Lover on the other.  Seven winners will receive a double-sided Envy and Dark Lover bookmark.  Giveaway ends September 29, 2011.

Giveaway winners!  Congrats!

Marlene, Shari, Ruby, Michelle W, Barbara Jean,
Amanda of BookLove101, Aurien of boeklogboek


8 Responses to “Book Review & Giveaway: Envy, by JR Ward”

  1. aurian said

    Great review, I love the BDB but never could get into Covet. But if those worlds collide, I really have to give it another try. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Marlene H said

    I love the BDB have reread them quite a few times. Covet I have read didn’t like it as muc,h but I have Crave and Envy in my tbr pile. I’m hoping I will like them better. Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. twimom227 said

    Thanks for your review. I actually enjoyed the first book, bought the second and still haven’t read. It’s good, but I just can’t seem to find time to squeeze it in. Maybe I’ll wait for them all to come out and read at once!

  4. Ruby said

    WOW, I received my bookmark yesterday in the mail. You are fast. I look forward to placing the bookmark in my signed copy of Dark Lover.

  5. I was to receive my book marker’s, but they never arrive 😦 I am so disappointed.

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