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Book-vs-Movie: The Da Vinci Code

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on September 17, 2011

Book by Dan Brown: 3 of 5 stars. Published in 2003.
Movie: 4 of 5 stars. Released in 2006.

Yes, you read that correctly. I liked the movie better than the book (ducks to avoid getting hit by fans).  When books become extremely popular, I try not to read them right away because they tend to get too hyped. Then I read it and feel let down because it’s not earth breaking… which is exactly what happened with The Da Vinci Code. I will admit that I watched the movie first when it had come out, and just recently read the book (so I might be slightly biased).

I was surprised how similar the book and the movie were. The movie and book both start out exactly the same: Sohpie Neveu’s grandfather is murdered in The Louvre by the albino. Robert Langdon is abroad and is contacted by Interpol to look at the body. Sophie gives Robert her cell phone to listen to her voicemail message telling him to meet her in the bathroom. Sophie tells Robert about the tracker in his jacket pocket, and she attaches it to the soap and throws it out the window. The two sneak back into the museum to look at the body. They find the clues in black light writing, then the fleur-de-lis key. They are then chased out of the museum by security, and must run for safety. Simultaneously, the albino monk has killed the final living members of the primary guardians of the grail.

The safety deposit box scene at the bank was extremely similar as well. The scene at Lee’s house is almost verbatim from the book, which I thought was great.

I’m getting a little confused with the cryptex. I believe in the book there were two, one embedded within the other; and in the movie there was only one. (book and movie were starting to merge!) But both words to open the final clue were Apple.

The major difference between the book and the movie was Sophie. In the book, the story revolves around Sophie, her family, and her past. In the movie, the story is about how Robert helps solve the crime. I wish that the movie would have made Sophie more of the lead character she was in the book.  But I understand how Hollywood works, and how Tom Hanks had to be the movie lead. However, I don’t think it would have made much of a difference if Sophie has the larger role she did in the book.

Another difference was the man at the church at the end of the movie.  We are led to believe that he is just someone that works at the church, however in the book he is Sophie’s brother.  Sophie was led to believe that her parents and brother were killed in a car crash, but it was a rouse to split up her family to help protect the bloodline.

The book was more detailed, which is always the case when a book is turned into a movie. Some of the background in the book was extremely interesting… however some of the content is very ‘textbook like.’ I had a flashback to a college art history class, and felt some of it was unnecessary and too much. But I understand and respect why it was included.

The ending of the book and movie were the same: Robert discovering that Mary’s body is being held in the Louvre.  However, I feel the movie has more impact. Listening to the score build, and Robert following the Roseline is much more compelling than simply reading the words on paper.

I know many people are not going to agree with me on this, but that’s what blogging is all about right? These are my personal opinions. Have you read the book and seen the movie? What are you opinions? I’d love to hear them!


8 Responses to “Book-vs-Movie: The Da Vinci Code”

  1. As both an actress and a writer I tend to look at each venue within it’s own catagory and leave it there- unless a movie has so terribly mangled the oringinal story from the book – and I’ve seen a few do that- I don’t compare them.
    DIrector’s have thier own visions and some are good at keeping to the story and some are not- If I know the director is a “Changer”( rearranges or alters the story greatly/ often) then I put the book completely out of my mind when watching-
    This one however was awesome in both forms.

  2. miss_janet_a said

    I missed the fact that she found her brother-having lost her “last” relative that wouldve been nice.

    It was also unclear why the chauffeur died … Left 2assume it’s poison (vs the peanut allergy!)
    I wouldve appreciated more of the freaky bois (woods) in Paris as it is one heck of a real place!

    Can’t wait for you to compare “Angels and Demons” … That one lost much in translation (ie priest was her “father”, Langdon being in the helicopter but MOST…the plane that got him to Rome so quickly…even my mom said “how’d they get to Europe so quickly?)

  3. This is one of the examples where I liked both the book and the movie for different reasons, a lot of which you stated above. I’m glad I read/watched both, because it is a great story, and I think each offered something a little different, giving me a better overall story to enjoy.

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  5. Melissa said

    I saw the movie first..then read Angels and Demons and then after that The DaVinci Code. I wanted to read them in order even though the movies were not made in order. I thught both were great…the movie was very faithful to the book…I just always tend to prefer the books due to the extra background, character development etc that they include which movies have to gloss over due to time constraints.

  6. Zain said

    Are you serious i came on here to find out if i can still read the book after seeing the film and you’ve spoiled the only differences
    Thanks allot.

    However there isnt many so Im not to bothered, wont be reading what ever you have to say about angels and demons thoe.

    • I apologize if you did not understand the point of this post, but all my comparison posts talk about the differences between the books and movies. If you did not want to know the spoilers, you should have stopped reading.

  7. Reapahgam said

    I’ve read the book and have seen the movie. I’m at a split decision, I can’t really decide which is better because they are both good in their own ways. The book goes into more detail, just like any other book, but the movie added scenes that would have been great in the book. For example, in the movie they find the sang real documents, that never happens in the book. I didn’t like the fact that the book had 2 cryptex, but that’s probably because I saw the movie first. In the book each character gets a more detailed background story, readers actually get the “why?” Answered when they talk about Teabing, Sophie and her family. Also within the book Landon’s manuscripts was given as the purpose for sauniere contacting him, which we don’t get in the movie, and also it tells us what was in the drink that killed Remy.

    Ok enough of the spoilers, go see the movie and read the book they’re both good.

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