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Book Review: When the Wind Blows series, by James Patterson

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on August 27, 2011

When the Wind Blows: 4 of 5 stars
The Lake House: 5 of 5 stars
Genre(s): Fantasy, Suspense

When the Wind Blows blurb: Set against a sinister backdrop of genetic engineering and illegal scientific experimentation, When the Wind Blows dares readers to test their notions of human evolution and medical science. Frannie O’Neill is a caring young veterinarian living in the Colorado Rockies, trying to erase the memory of her beloved husband’s mysterious murder. It is not long before another neighbor suddenly dies, and FBI agent Kit Harrison arrives at Frannie’s doorstep. Frannie stumbles upon an astonishing discovery in the nearby woods, and their lives are altered in ways they could never have imagined. Simply knowing the secret of Max — the terrified 11-year-old girl with an amazing gift — could mean death.
The Lake House blurb: Six extraordinary children are trying to lead normal lives in the Rocky Mountain countryside. The only time they’ve ever felt safe was when they were together in the waterfront cabin they call the Lake House. And the only people they’ve ever trusted are Frannie and Kit, the couple who rescued them from unimaginable evil once before. When that evil resurfaces, the kids reconnect with Frannie and Kit and set off on an astonishing adventure. They flee to the Lake House, but even that haven may no longer be safe. Dr. Ethan Kane is chief of surgery at Liberty General Hospital, one of the most esteemed hospitals in the nation. It is here that terrible secrets lie, secrets that will change the world for all of us.

My Review
I read The Maximum Ride series before even knowing this series existed. Normally I’m a stickler for reading a series in order.  But in this case, I’m somewhat glad that I read Maximum Ride first. It made me appreciate these books so much more. To get to see the kids in The School and how they manage to escape was extraordinary. There are wonderful characters in this series that are not included in The Maximum Ride series, but now I understand more of what and who the kids were talking about. I wanted to read The Maximum Ride series because I thought the idea of kids with wings was very refreshing from other things I was reading at the time. Turns out it was well worth it!

We get to see how the kids escape from The School and live with Frannie and Kit in the woods. The breakout is shown all across the world on the news, and everyone now knows of their existence; including their biological parents.

There is a custody trial and the kids must leave Frannie and Kit to live with their real parents. This is also interesting to watch because we get to see the kids become integrated with the real world for the first time. They’re eating home cooked meals, going to public school, and watch TV; all things they couldn’t do in The School.

However, some of the parents try to make money off their children. They accept money offers for interviews and TV advertisements. The older kids are unhappy and want to go back to living with Kit and Frannie.

Max hears rumors about “The Hospital.” Apparently not everyone that worked at The School were killed or imprisoned. Anyone that speaks of or knows about the hospital ends up dead. So Max keeps the information of The Hospital to herself.

Eventually people from The Hospital find where the kids are living and go after them. There are still experiments and studies that need to be done. The kids manage to escape, but now without injuries or causalities. A main character that died was Oz. Oz is the love of Max’s life, and they know that they are each other mates for life. When he dies, I was so heartbroken for the kids and poor Max. But I loved that James Patterson killed off Oz. It added such a dynamic shock, and sets the stage for Max and the rest of the series. Throughout these books it was great to see Max mature (this series starts with Max as 12 years old). You can also see how Max rises to become the leader of their group.

The happy part of the series? Custody of the kids are given back to Kit and Frannie. A judge states that they are better equipped to care for and protect the kids.

The most amazing part of this series? Max giving birth to her Oz’s eggs. We have no idea that Max is pregnant until the touching moment when Frannie finds out Max had two eggs. At that point my heart died for poor Oz.

If you’ve read The Maximum Ride series, or have any interest in reading it, definitely give these books a try! I greatly enjoyed them.


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