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Book-vs-Movie: The Dresden Files

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on August 26, 2011

5 of 5 stars
Genre(s): Fantasy, Sci-Fi

I’ve read a few of Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files books and have thoroughly enjoyed them.  I recently discovered The Dresden Files was a TV show on the Sci Fi Channel in 2007, and had to watch it.  I wish they had made a second season of this TV show, because I thoroughly enjoyed this, too!  It was light, funny and extremely entertaining.

I thought Dresden and Murphy were perfectly cast, and loved the chemistry between them.  Dresden was very quirky, and always annoying Murphy just as he does in the books.  Dresden was always making sure that Murphy was paying him for his time.  It was great to see these two characters come to life on TV.

I really enjoyed Bianca, even though she was only in one episode.  She looked just as I pictured her, and was absolutely fabulous as the infamous vampire.

Bob’s character is another story.  I know, he lives in a skull and that’s hard to portray on screen, but I expected him to be… younger, and dirty, and less helpful like he is in the books.  I was also upset that Susan was only in one episode.  I know the show was only on for one season, but c’mon, it’s Susan!

I liked how some of the episodes were pulled directly from the books.  The story line of Harry’s past with his Uncle was a favorite of mine.  This was played out very well on the show.  It was also funny to watch light bulbs and video cameras spark if Harry got too close.  Unfortunately he drove a Jeep instead of a Beetle, but it was extremely run down.  There were also lots of jokes about his ad in the phone book (“No, I do not do love spells.”).

If you’ve ever read any of The Dresden Files books, I would definitely give this TV series a chance.  I thought it was awesome, and highly recommend it!


6 Responses to “Book-vs-Movie: The Dresden Files”

  1. I think saw one or two episodes right before end of shows run. The books are hard to beat though and even though have not gotten all of them the ones read loved to bits so far. Harry is just some kind of whacky awesome!

    • I agree, the books are definitely hard to beat. The TV show is a pretty good adaptation, compared to others I’ve seen. But you are right, Harry is just some kind of whacky awesome! I like his quirky and hilarious personality.

  2. Aurian said

    I still have not read the books, but this show is something I will download and watch! Thanks for the tip.

  3. twimom227 said

    Excellent recap. I actually haven’t read the books or seen the show, but I have heard good things about both. Thanks!

  4. deathhound991 said

    i was extremely prejudice to the show, i think i was expecting something closer to the book, i was looking forward to all the characters i know from the books it was still a great show but nothing quite compared to the series.

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