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Book Review: The Host, Stephenie Meyer

Posted by The Obscured Vixen on August 6, 2011

1 of 5 stars – Couldn’t finish.

So it seems like since I started this blog, all my book reviews are pretty low rated!  Hopefully my next reviews of my TBR list will be better… cause to be honest I need a good read!

In this fictional world that Stephenie Meyer has created, there is a species that needs to find a human host in order to survive. The human’s mind is completely taken over when being used by this foreign species. To the human, their mind is shut down and their body is being used by this foreign species.

Sounds like a very cool concept, right? I thought so. And one of my biggest issues with books is when it has potential that is not used.

One of the foreign species clings to a host named Melanie Stryder. After some time, the foreign species begins to access Melanie’s memories, and is soon speaking with her through her mind.

The story then goes into Melanie’s entire back story and the scientists that monitor the ‘hosts body’, somehow causing the story to be severely disconnected from the foreign species living in the host. It’s like the story took a right turn and had no intention of coming back.  It might have, but I gave up about a quarter of the way into the book.

The story seemed very disconnected causing it hard for me to follow. It almost is like an outline with a bunch of different ideas put down on paper, without ways to connect them.

I don’t mean to be harsh… but I rarely but a book down without finishing it. This book? I tried, and tried… but just couldn’t get through it.


2 Responses to “Book Review: The Host, Stephenie Meyer”

  1. Rain Maiden/ Jen E said

    For me this story was slow until about half way thorugh, then it picks up. It was different..I will give it that. Im like you in that I try to push through to finish a story. Hope you find a great read soon 🙂

  2. wow i am suprized you couldnt finish it. I had trouble in the beginning of this one..i found it slow. But I think it did get better and by the end I enjoyed it.
    It sucks when you cant find a book you like I feel that way about most dystopian style type books.
    I hope you find a GREAT READ SOON!

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